24: Introduce yourself to the fans that don’t already know who you are.

Chuck Teezy:  My name Chuck Teezy, I’m from Ft. Lauderdale. You can find me on Twitter, Chuck Teezy baby, you know, C-H-U-C-K T-E-E-Z-Y B-A-B-Y, yea you already know

24: Alright before we get into your music, where did everything start for you, you know music side, business side.

Chuck Teezy: On the music side, I grew up listening to Tupac, Biggie, Big Pun, Eazy-E, Hot Boyz, Trick, you know …..so I just knew I had to live a big life .

24: Business side?

Chuck Teezy: Business side, I just watched Fifty and Diddy do they thang and this whole damn time these people making too much damn money  (Chuckles)

24: Continue…..

Chuck Teezy: I ran the streets, I learned the hard way you feel me, but, two kids you know time and time ago, I’m dropping these beats, um, you feel me so just beats whatever

24: Where did the name Chuck Teezy come from? I mean you gotta let the fans know.

Chuck Teezy: Chuck cuz I don’t give a shit (chuckles) Teezy cuz I freestyle everything like Weezy

24: Let’s get into your music now, when you sit down to write a song, I heard a lot of artists over the years say that when they sit down they listen to the beat, the beat speaks to them and tells them what to write, does the same element go for you or do you have a whole different way of writing?

Chuck Teezy: When I write, I just try to beat the beat up that’s good, you gotta punish the beat when you write.  See free styling that’s when you let the beat talk to you, you feel me, that’s where I get better at freestyle and I know how to write you gotta pay me to write….Straight up.

24: So, no matter what beat it is you on the beat and you mark it on a freestyle level, am I correct?

Chuck Teezy: Whatever, whatever kind of  beat you start of  with I’m a eat it.

24: So, what’s the songs about? I know it’s about rock star mentality so what exactly do you spit in your song? What is the concept?

Chuck Teezy: It go like this, I’m a do it like this “Baby ima trap star, baby ima rockstar, baby ima rock star , ima banger real hard, baby ima trap star” and I aint gone give you all of that. Just hit me up on twitter man. That song right there I just kept…….i probably look like a rock star too.

24: So, with that song did you perform at any clubs with it lately ?

Chuck Teezy: Yeah, I perform at Calle Ocho.

24: Alright, alright so how was the crowd reception? How did they feel?

Chuck Teezy: Loving it (laughs) it was lovely, straight up, I got it on camera its gone be up for…ladies were loving it though man.

24: So, getting into your mixtape, the mixtape is called FortLauderdalien. Explain to the fans what you mean by that title and what you planning on incorporating into the mix tape?

Chuck Teezy: “FortLauderdalien” that’s just mean I’m from Lauder-dale you feel me, I don’t be feeling like I’m an enemy, straight up. That’s where I get thatde Lauderdalien from, I’m just dishing that out showing what I got.
24: What are you planning on putting into the mixtape, like concept wise? What are the tracks you got in the mixtape?

Chuck Teezy: I got a song called “Smooth fly,” I plenty of songs. I got new shit ……freestyling man, I could make like 4 new mix tapes.

24: Who produced the beat rockstar mentality? And what other production teams are you looking for right now?

Chuck Teezy: Well really on a beat level, my manager take care of all that, you feel me he found out who made the beat I believe that B planet makes the beat.

24: There’s no hometown production you messing with right now?

Chuck Teezy: Yeah, there is Gangsta Administration. Since I started rapping like in 2008, I came since I…that’s who I been with you feel me that’s who is my certified team. I’m not tryna cause no drama man but you know that’s my home base team, if I make ima try to put some up to.

24: So, right now with any other artist, how would you get signed, what do you think it takes for an up and coming artist right now to get someone to look at you?

Chuck Teezy: The hardest thing to get someone to look at you, it’s your character , it’s just you can’t decide, beside someone like this they aint gone want you, you gotta do different things to the game man and have a different swag to the game. You can’t have a swag like this person you feel me and have a swag by yourself. I would say just be yourself and find the rest.

24: This goes on to my next question how do you feel about the music now and what type of swag you planning on bringing to the game?

Chuck Teezy: Music now, you know you gotta step it up sometime and talk about some real shit.

24: How would you characterize your style, I know it’s Hip-Hop, Southern Hip-Hop, what is your forte to be exact?

Chuck Teezy: Beat, whatever you throw I can snap on it. That’s all I can say….I tried to freestyle on everything, just cause of the crowd wanting it you feel me and I give the crowd what they want. I was killing it and they was loving it.

24: So it wouldn’t be hard to catch a Chuck Teezy on a rock beat or anything out of that style?

Chuck Teezy: Like the hip hop swag on its all good you feel me,…I didn’t grew up on rock or none of that. It s just my swag, my beats that I can just jump on…..so I just try new things

24: Let’s say if the people or the promoters wanted to book you, who would they contact, I mean I know you have manager and everything, do you want to say who they are and how they can contact you?

Chuck Teezy: Just send them to my e-mail Caseyanderson87@yahoo.com that is my name Casey Anderson.

24: How would the people go about getting in contact with you? You have a website you want to push?

Chuck Teezy: http://www.reverbnation.com/TeezyBaby954