24: Why did you first get
into DJing and how long have you been a DJ?

15 years old was when I started but professionally, since I was 19 or 20, and
that’s when I linked up DJ Irie and DJ Khaled.


24: What first drew your
attention to hip-hop?

probably have to say when I first saw “Disorderly’s”
with The Fatboys. I had to be around seven years-old when I saw that movie and
I been in love with the music and the culture ever since.


24: Who have been your
biggest influences?

2Pac, Biggie, Master P, 8Ball & MJG and the Wu-Tang Clan.


24: What was the first set of
turntable that you ever bought when you first started out?

had some bullshit-ass turntables. They were  a pair of Statons, it was a battle pack. I
bought it at Guitar Center (laughs).  It
cost me like $400. I saved up my lunch money and some other money that I was
getting to buy them. I think I was 17 years old.

24: When you are up there do you have a
play list or do you read the crowd?

read the crowd. I don’t believe in playlists because your never going to have
the same crowd. Not everyone likes the same type of music, it’s always


24: Best DJ experience so far?

so many, but I’d say the Radio One Afterparty at Prive, like four years ago. I
had everyone perform from Too $hort, Lil Mama, Jim Jones, Rich Boy, pretty much
everybody that performed at the concert, was at the club that night and got on
the mic as well. Then he called me to come to the studio one day and


24: How did you become
affiliated with Poe Boy?

first time I met E-Class was when he was first working the “Hustlin” record for Rick Ross and ever since then I
would always see him in the clubs. I think he called to come to the studio one
day and booked me to DJ at Flo Rida’s album release party last year. Since then
things have been slowly but surely been coming along.


24: Name your top 5 favorite
artists in Miami today.

Billy Blue, Brisco, Rick Ross, Maxamilli and Git Fresh.


What are currently your 5 favorite records to play when your DJing at a club?

1.       Brisco featuring Lil Wayne –
On The Wall

2.       Usher featuring Will.I.am – OMG,

3.       Maxamilli featuring Git
Fresh – I’ll Deliver

4.        Rihanna – Rude Boy

5.       DJ Khaled – All I Do Is Win


24: What are your future

definitely. The Poe Boy Grind
mixtape, I want to have that out soon. Pretty much stay on my grind and I want
to eventually drop an album within the next two or three years but I want to
make sure it’s done right.


24: How can fans get in
contact with you?

www.twitter.com/dj360, www.myspace.com/dj360music, www.reverbnation.com/dj360 and www.facebook.com/dj360 


24: Any last words?

out for me; I’m coming. I’m the future! Poe Boy 2010!