24: Introduce yourself to
everyone that doesn’t already know who you are.

DJ Ace aka Krunkman, the realist in the business. I’m Billy Blue’s official DJ.
I was born and raised in North Miami and I’ve been DJing for about 8 years.


24: You mentioned that you
were Blue’s official DJ. How did you land that position?

I met Blue at Club Angels a couple of years ago. Back then Blue was DJing and I
didn’t know he was a rapper at first. Then he was playing some music and I was
like “who’s that?” and he said “that’s me”. The music was
hot so I told him “damn bruh you need to get your music out there”
but Blue was like “I don’t know man, there ain’t too many links out here
man” so I took it upon myself to help take his music to the next level,
getting it radio play, playing it myself in the clubs, getting the other DJ’s
out here to spin it so basically that’s how it got started with me and him.
With me pushing his music, it was natural for me to become his DJ.


24: What role do you play
when it comes to Blue’s music?

play a partial role. As soon as he does something, he’ll call me and be “listen
to this”. I’ll take my time listening to it and tell him what I think
about it. I’ll tell him if I think the record is a hit or not or what type of
record I think it is like if I think it’s a album filler or a single. My other
role is just to help get the music out there. Get with these DJ’s and these
clubs, get the record in there and get it some spins.


24: You’ve been with Billy
Blue since practically the beginning of his career. With his new newfound
success, has he changed along with his music or has he remain the same guy you
met all those years ago?

I first met Blue, he’s been a humble dude till this day. He’s still a humble
dude. He’s changed musically, like the flows better. It shocks me sometimes how
he’ll get a beat and 10 minutes later be laying down a verse. Musically I think
he’s become better but as a person, Billy Blue – my homeboy, the person I know,
he’s basically the same person.


24: Are you more of a Club
DJ or mixtape DJ?

more of a club DJ but I do have two mixtape series out right now. As a matter
of fact, I’m bout to get real heavy in the mixtape game right now but primarily
I’m a Club DJ and radio DJ. I do a lot of things on underground radio in Miami.


24: Are there any local artists in Miami that you feel need to get
some recognition?

First off would have
to be Jimmy Dade, he’s really making noise right now in the streets. 305 Fresh,
Reesehead and K-Kutta.


24: How do feel about the
Miami music scene in general nowadays? Do you think it’s going to get that same
national attention as Atlanta or does it still need more work?

feel Miami is getting some shine with Rick Ross and Flo Rida since they doin’
they thing real big on the scene but as far as getting that national shine like
Atlanta is getting, with Blue and Brisco coming up in the game, yes but I feel
like we need more. If it wasn’t for Poe Boy right now, Miami really wouldn’t be
sitting on anything right now. We need more artists and labels who are out
there to really search for this talent because it’s in Miami but it’s not
getting that shine. Hopefully this year it could happen but with all the artist
I named, it’s just a matter of time.


24: We’ve heard the name
mentioned in songs but we don’t know much about it. Can you tell us about Black Tee Music Group and what role do
you play in that?

Tee Music Group is the label that Billy Blue started. I play an executive role
in that situation. When it comes to finding talent for the label, we’re not
going to limit or box to just a hip-hop or rap thing, it’s just good music
period.  We are have a marketing and
promotions company called BDPS Entertainment. Be on the lookout for that.


24: If a artist wanted to
submit some music to the label, how could they go about doing that?

it to the email at
BlackTmusicgroup@gmail.com. Producers, writers,
artists, etc. hit us up!


24: What are the future
plans of DJ Ace?

bout to go in on the mixtape game. We got the Black Tee mixtape series coming
up and just basically moving the underground Miami scene to the forefront. You
can also catch me spinning at King of Diamonds, Club Secrets and Foxxy Lady.
Right now we just getting it in right now, tryna get this music out.


24: Any last words?

you want to holla at me, get at me on twitter at
www.twitter.com/DJAceKRuuuNKMAN and shouts out to BDPS, Jay Zoe Da Kidd & DJ P.T.


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