24: What is the significance
of your name, DJ Chino?

everyone called me Chino since I was a little kid, kind of like a nickname, so
I decided I might as well use it because everyone knew me by that name already.
I just added the
“DJ” in
front of it (laughs)


24: Why did you first get
into DJing and how long have you been a DJ?

got into DJing because I would always go to family parties, and coming from a
Hispanic family, they always wanted loud music, so I decided to buy equipment
for those family parties and how it started. That was about 7-8 years ago.


24: What first drew your
attention to hip-hop?

think it was my passion for music. I always wanted to be related with music. I
use to see the music videos, TV shows and movies about rappers and producers so
that influenced me as well.


24: Who have been your
biggest influences?

biggest influences have been all the DJ’s that came before me that I grew up
listening to on the radio and watching in videos like DJ Laz, Jazzy Jeff, DJ AM
DJ Irie, etc.


24: What was the first hip-hop
equipment that you ever bought and when did you start scratching and mixing on
the turntables?

1200 and CDJ’s when I first started like seven years ago

24: When you are up there do you have a
play list or do you read the crowd?

always try to get a vibe, read the crowd and adapt to it. Something that I
learned through the years, and like my brother DJ Irie says “a good DJ
always knows how to read his crowd”


24: Best DJ experience so far?

would have to say Calle 8 Miami Music Festival. I had the opportunity to DJ and
host on some of main stages. It’s a great experience because you have all types
of people from different countries in one place. 15-20,000 people in front of


24: Do you prefer playing at
clubs or bigger events like arenas?

like to play at clubs and areas. Both are great experiences.


24: When did you start
producing your own tracks?

have been producing for almost two years with my production partner. I’m still
learning and taking it more as a hobby than like a career. I definitely take my
DJ career more seriously!


24: What images and emotions do you want your music to invoke in the

want my audience to have a great time while they are listening and partying
their asses off while I’m spinning


24: What do you look for in
a beat?

and solid drums. A sound that has hit potential like with horns, synths, etc.


24: Who would you like to
work with in the future?

a DJ I would like to work with new and upcoming artists and DJ’s to help them
grow and develop their careers.


24: What are your future

would like to travel and rock for different audiences from different cities,
states and even different countries! I wanna take my career to the net level.


24: How can fans get in
contact with you?

me on twitter! www.twitter.com/MIADJCHINO or on


24: Any last words?

a couple of shout-outs to some of the people that have helped me throughout the
years; Mike Caleron, Pitbull and the Team Pitbull family, DJ Irie and the
artist related family. My dawg Pancho and some of the promoter and friends that
believed in me when I was just coming up and gave me a chance to rock their