24: Introduce yourself to all of the readers and let them know where your from?

DJ Kid Polo: I go by the name of the Kid Polo also known as Miami’s Comedy DJ and The R&B Mixtape Kid. I’m the DJ For The Miami Caliente(Lingerie Football League’s Miami Franchise Team), Poe Boy Music Groups ELITE DJs & of course, Miami’s Golden DJ. I’m originally from the DC/MD/VA area,
but as an Entertainer I was definitely “Made In Dade“.

24: What made you want to become a DJ and who were some of your early musical influences?

DJ Kid Polo: I had a hidden talent or a “Knack” for it. Growing up I was surrounded by a wide variety of music in my household, but what really caught my attention was my father’s sick record collection. I always wanted to play with them but I never could. He cared for them more than he did his own children(lol), but on a serious note he took great care of his records and it need up making me cherish my records even more then material things. An later on when I got my hands on Dual Cassette Player & Recorder with a brand new CD player that’s when I was introduced to making my compilation mixtapes. Then soon after that my own turntables and the rest was history.

24:  Which DJ would you say inspires you the most and makes you want to become better and take it to that next level?
DJ Kid Polo: I’ll name a few that inspired me in different aspects of what DJ’s have evolved into(slight laugh). First, DJ Q(from the movie “Juice”) aka Omar Epps and even though it was just a movie the DJ scenes amazed me. Secondly of course DJ Jam Master Jay(R.I.P.)for being the pioneer that he was(Thanks Jam Master Jay). Thirdly, would have to be DJ Kid Capri for his showmanship, and party rocking skills. The man is still ill to this day and a good friend if I might add. Fourth would be DJ Clue for putting the mixtape game entirely on the map and evolving it into actual albums with exclusive records. An lastly definitely(R.I.P. DJ AM)! He was the epitome to me of what the vessel between his audience and music should be. There was no genre he wouldn’t experiment with and he utilized actual skill with the true elements a DJ would acquire with dedication and real mixing.

24: Tell me about some of the projects you have out now and a few things your currently working on?

DJ Kid Polo:I just released my official generic mixtape series titled “Just Another Kid Polo Mixtape“, that will not only focus on the basic Hip-Hop/R&B/Reggae foundation of the mixtape game. But also cross over into different genres of music to cater to the multi-cultural/demographic audience I’ve acquired. Since I’ve release so many series as well as compilations I’ve decided to stick with one that whenever I release any the people would know or be used to the quality of the project that it’ll be “Just Another Kid Polo MIixtape“. That’s my thing over these other mixtape DJ’s, I prefer “Quality Over Quantity” any day!
24: Outside of being a DJ what else would you say you have a passion for because I know a lot of DJ’s eventually turn into producers and get into starting a label or managing artist etc?

DJ Kid Polo: Music Producing. It’s a milestone I wish to acquire later on, but marketing is another passion that moves me. I’ve learned and developed my skills through many Marketing Moguls in the industry. So I pretty much understand that it’s the foundation that will evolve into bigger endeavors such as my own Entertainment Group and the assistance of whatever entertainer I wish to help pursue their Goals & Dreams.

24: Tell me your favorite Top 5 records right now to play in the club?

DJ Kid Polo: 1.) Kanye West Ft. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz Power Rmx
2.) Flo-Rida Ft. Ludacris & Gucci Mane-Why You Up In Here, 3.) Lil’ Wayne Ft. Drake-Right Above It, 4.) Trey Songz Ft. Nicki Minaj-Bottoms Up and
5.) Drake Ft. Lil Wayne-Miss Me.

24: A lot of up and coming artist feel like it’s very hard to get to DJ’s play their music so what advice would you give to them on how to approach DJ’s and network better?

DJ Kid Polo: Cater to the DJ. DJ’s nowadays hardly use CD’s anymore due to Laptop. so keep up with the times and carry your music around in USB Jump Drive. Try to build with the DJ’s rather than just utilization.

24: What’s next for DJ Kid Polo with 2010 coming to an end and 2011 around the corner?

DJ Kid Polo: The constant growth of the Kid Polo brand. Not only as a DJ but an entertainer as well. I can not predict tomorrow but if I foresee the goals of being on radio and going on more tours(with or without artists)and attaining a broader fan base added with the ones I have now is definitely something on my agenda going into 2011. An speaking of my fan base I thank everyone for their loyalty and support from now until it’s over.

24: What’s the best way for the readers keep up to date with everything your doing?

DJ Kid Polo: Hands down Twitter. I admit I’m addicted to it(lol). It’s a great marketing tool as well. Follow me at www.twitter.com/djKIDpolo(or @djKIDpolo)and of course websites such as 24hourhiphop.com  not to mention my own personal website at www.DJKidPolo.com.

24: If someone wanted to find out more about  Booking you for parties, events, mixtape hosting  etc where should they contact you at?

DJ Kid Polo: Simply email me at DJKidPolo@gmail.com.

24: Any final words for the readers before we go?

DJ Kid Polo: Whatever it may be that you want to do in life do it for the love first and the rest will follow, kids. I appreciate this interview Jay. Shout out to Big Chuck and the rest of the 24hourhiphop.com crew(we’ll follow up soon enough).

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