24: Introduce yourself to everyone that doesn’t already know who you are.
My name is DJ Young Cee, I’m from Brooklyn NYC and I represent Shadyville DJs, Niightbreederz, & G-Unit Records.

24: When did you first start geting into DJing and how long have you been a DJ?
For about 10 years, since I was 13 years old and I turned 23 this year so it’s been 10 years.

24: As a DJ, What is it about your job you love the most?
I get to control the crowd. Controlling the crowd, I get a rush from that. It’s an indescribable feeling.

24: How did you first hook up with G-Unit and Shadyville?
I was doing promo for G-Unit so I was always passing out posters and stuff when I was doing my shows. They were getting all these mixtapes I was doing and I was sending it to them at the same time. Then they were like “Yo Shadyville wants to know if you to be down with them” so I was like “of course!” so once they put me down with Shadyville/G-Unit, it was a wrap. I took advantage of that opportunity.

24: What has been some of your biggest accomplishments in your career thus far?
I’m not gonna front, my mixtape game has gotten heavy. I’ve gotten close to about 10 million downloads off of mixtapes alone and I’m just surprised because I didn’t know that many people downloaded mixtapes so when I sit back and look at the numbers, like with the Lloyd Banks mixtape I recently dropped, I’m already at 100,000 so I’m like “damn!” like “how many people really know who I am?” Like that’s shocking to me. Being able to do BET was another accomplishment that they set me up with or being able to do Shade 45 so G-Unit and Shadyville has helped me out a lot.

24: Who are some upcoming artists that you feel people need to start paying attention to?
Definitely Nonsense. I don’t know what it is about that dude, but I see a hunger in that guy. This dude name Cash Music out of Boston, he’s sick. In Miami, you got Swazy Styles. There’s a lot but I can’t think of everyone right now but those three just stick out to me.

24: What are some of your favorite records to play when DJing at a club?
This has gotten me in trouble but Becky from Plies. I don’t know what it is about that record (laughs). That Ludacris and Trey Songz Welcome To My Sex Room is one of my anthems right now. That Miley Cyrus record! I didn’t know so many people knew that record! I was in a club one night and DJ Bulletproof was like “Yo son play this record! Then T and Uptown were like “This is that record!” and I was like “Yo it’s Miley Cyrus! Fuck out of here!” and after I played it I was just shocked! Now that’s like one of my favorite records to spin at a club. Pretty much anything that makes girls go wild because I like seeing women do unpredictable things so you know when liquor and music mixes, anything goes down.

24: What’s next for DJ Young Cee
Production. I definitely want to try my hand at production. I went to school for mixing and mastering so I know how to audio engineer and now I want to get into the beat production side of things. I already make remixes for myself but I see that’s there’s so much much music out there that I haven’t touched yet. Like DJ Green Lantern, I’m not going to front, he did this one remix to this Jay-Z record called “Sweet” and I was like “I like this remix better then the original record” so if I can make that, then I’s a wrap. There’s a lot more stuff I want to get involved with like doing my own parties without having the owners trying to control what I say (laughs).

24: Do you think G-Unit has the ability to return to that mainstream spotlight that they once had a few years ago?
I think so, yes. With the overseas audience, it’s so different. Like when I go overseas, and I say G-Unit, the people go crazy! Their like “your apart of what?!” They drop jaws out there but here in the US, it’s gotten so southern based with artists with a lack of talent, or a lack of anything that you need but just come out with a record, that G-Unit won’t be a relevant so they will but I think they’re going to have to dumb down a lot to get that audience that they had because that audience that they had was so into mixtapes and freestyles and everything like that but now they might have to dumb down to Gucci Mane’s level to get that mainstream audience that they once had.

24: How can fans get in contact with you?
Twiiter! I live on that thing (laughs) www.twitter.com/djyoungcee or Facebook. Just google me! Anything that says DJ Young Cee on it, I should be able to get in contact with you with and everything comes straight to my cellphone so I’ll definitely hit you back right away.

24: Any last words?
Shout out to Breeze and the whole 24hourhiphop.com staff, Shadyville, G-Unit, It’s the mixtape champion DJ Young Cee and I’m out!