24: Since we last spoke you have definitely made me look like a genius for putting you in the “Next In Line” section because you have showed everyone and earned your stripes in your still very young career, so did you think you would be where you are now when you first shot your very first music video with up and coming artist Vito?

Dre Films: First off I really have to thank you for a second interview as well as the first. The VitoStreet Money” music video really did wonders for me. The response from the people was amazing and it motivated me to continue developing a fresh style that would attract artist as well as viewers. I have definitely worked hard to get where I am now. I’ve been able to work with some of Hip-Hop’s biggest names such as Lil Wayne(his performance scene in his video “I’m Single“(Directed by DJ Scoob Doo). But, yes I did see myself here at this point and I think no matter what your doing you have to invasion it before it even comes to life. I see myself continuing to grow as my career develops more and more. Seeing where Dre Films and my team can be in the future is what pushes me to work harder to get there.

24: Speaking of Vito I know you two guys got back together and shot a music video for his up and coming record called “Green Light” so how did that come out and what should the readers be expecting to see the finish product?

Dre Films: Yeah, me and the homey Vito linked up again. Vito wanted to take his single “Green Light” music video to the next level so we worked really hard to accomplish that. The video will premiere this month. It’s always great linking up Vito because he always strives to be different while being innovative and trying to set new standards at the same time.

24: You have done so many videos since than so tell me what would be your Top 5 Video’s if you had to choose in no particular order?

Dre Films: That’s hard to do(lol). I really love all of my videos. I go back and watch them all because each one has something different I like about them. It’s like have kids you never like one over the other. The viewers always let me know which are they’re favorite though from the feedback I get. Going by what people have told me I can mention a Top 5 based on that feedback: Streetz – Ready To Die, M.G.T feat. Iceberg – Let’s Go Get Em, Murph – Ha Ha Freestyle, Duce Pound – Deep Cover and Gunplay- Ham In The Trap. Some of my personal favorites are my more recent ones because it shows how I have developed as a director and editor. Not to mention it just has that quality that I can see on MTV or BET one day. For example the  Mass Pike MilesStill Hungry, JW- Whole Summer, Young Fi- If I Die and OhGinelle- Searching.

24: Talk about the other side of shooting music videos for a minute because a lot of people seem to think directing music video’s is easy and that director’s are just press record on the camera?

Dre Films: Well, first comes the treatment and prep. I got Jon J. on my team assisting me with fresh new concepts. But I also collaborate with the artist and yourself as well. Not sure if the readers at 24HourHipHop.com know but me and Jay Carter worked together on Murph ft Shonie- Tell It Like It Iz Music Video through his company A Carter Vision. It’s really more about having control of your set and being able to direct the artist in a fashion that he understands the concept you want to come across to the viewers. I also edit all of my videos. That alone I believe separates me from most directors. I’ve developed a unique style which many artist like and the viewers enjoy. Every video is tailored to each artist. No two are the same!

24: You and Gunplay seem to have a great relationship that shows on screen which has turned into a few Hot videos so talk about how you guys linked up?

Dre Films: Definitely myself and Gunplay have developed a great relationship. I would always bump into him at clubs and let him know to holla at me whenever he was ready to work. Fortunately for me, he made a cameo in Murph‘s “Money In My PocketMusic Video and he loved what he saw and it’s been on ever since. I’m a big fan first and foremost so being able to work with him has been dope. It also gave me the opportunity to work with other Triple C‘s members such as Torch and Young Breed not to mention Maybach Music Group Artist such as Masspike Miles, Duce Pound(Quise and Perle)and Scotty Boi. Every video me and Gunplay has done they’ve been his ideas and concepts. He’s is very clear on what he wants so I make sure I direct and shoot him right and kill it with the editing. I believe we make a great team. Shout out to the whole Maybach Music Group Family.

24: Who’s an artist you still have not worked with that you would love to work with?

Dre Films: I’d like to work with Rick Ross,Young  Jeezy, Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Three 6 Mafia. Shit, I wanna work with everybody homey(lol)!

24: Tell me about some of the current projects your working on now?

Dre Films: I will be working with Masspike Miles a lot now. I got two more videos off his “Superfly” mixtape that will be dropping this month and we are shooting a few more here in Miami,FL. I’m working with JW who is signed to Young Jeezy label CTE/Universal on a few visuals. You can see the Music Video Premiere of  “Whole SummerDir x Dre Films/Co-directed by Jon J. now on 24hourhiphop.com! Look out for a few more Gunplay videos from off of  his new mixtape coming called “Valkyrie”. Also a new Duce Pound ft. Magazeen Music Video for their single called “Just The Beginning“. Not to mention K-Kutta- “Pull Out Tha Stick“(this record is a “Hood Classic” in Florida) Music Video dropping soon. Stay tuned for STS(Sugar Tongue Slim)Muusic Video for “In For The Kill” directed by Dre Films and Last Rights. An last but not least look out for new videos from Colosus, G-Mash, Young Fi, Vito and D-League all dropping between September and October from Dre Films!

24: Outside of Music Videos do you have any interest in getting into doing Film in the near future?

Dre Films: Oh yeah, that’s already in the talks. I want to do something special. I mean, I do a lot of Hip-Hop videos so it’s kinda obvious I might do a hood movie but it’s gotta be right though. I want it to be classic on the level of “Boyz In The Hood” or “Menace To Society“. Some people might not agree with doing something to promote violence but I’ve always been a fan of that genre and I feel I can make a great movie. So anybody that’s interested holla at me.

24: How can the readers keep up to date with everything your doing and check out more videos, etc?

Dre Films: You can check me out at www.DreFilms.com for the latest videos. Follow me on Twitter for updates on new video releases @DreFilms. And catch me on your favorite sites such as 24hourhiphop.com, Worldstarhiphop.com and OnSmash.com.

24: What’s the best way for any Labels, Artist or Artist Managers to get in contact with you for a future video?

Dre Films: Contact Dre Films via email at drefilms@gmail.com or via twitter @DreFilms.
Shout-out to 24hourhiphop.com for the continuing support and all the blog/web sites that post my videos and everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with(too many to mention). Thank you!