24: Introduce yourself to everyone and let them know where your representing?
G5-Gi: What up world it’s G5-Gi not G5-G1 for the record [laughs]. I come in peace by way of  Upstate New York, Buffalo to be exact. The second largest city in New York state by the way, but I don’t think the rest of world knows that yet(lol).
24: Do you feel any added pressure to be the first from your area to make it in the rap game because I can’t remember another artist being from your area and has your local fan base been extra supportive because of that fact?
G5-Gi: Rap wise, we really haven’t had anyone step out of the shadows of obscurity you know. However, I do rep the birthplace of the late great Rick James(lol). I don’t really feel pressured, I feel like I give the city hope. Although, I’m not where I want to be yet, I feel like I represent a generation of endless possibilities and they are looking to me for hope. It’s like I have to put us on but I like the challenge of it that’s ahead of me. At first it took a while to grab the home town crowd and it was difficult for me to understand. I would go out of town and get so much love so I wondered why my own home town didn’t embrace me like this. But as time went on, people started to see how serious I was about this and then they started to take it more serious. One person tells a friend and that person tells another, next thing you know they’re logging on and downloading and just like that and it all started clicking for me. So they see someone they actually know knocking on the front door of the industry and they are almost instantly in tune to what I’m and where I’m going. Almost like rooting for the underdog on a reality show. It’s dope!
24: What do you feel your bringing to the music world and what separates you from other up and coming artist? An what are some of the things you have done so far to start the separation already?
G5-Gi: Organic Hip-Hop is what I’m bringing. I’m separated from a lot of artist because I do me. I talk about real day to day shit that I go through and I stay away from cookie cutter music, while avoiding the machine’s gears. I’ve been recognized on a few top blogs from Globalgrind.com to Kevinnottingham.com and now you guys at 24HourHiphop.com(Shout Out to Jay Carter). I feel like I did this with the help of good friends who just want the best for me and my Mac Book. I never had the big co-sign, dope feature, a Don Cannon beat, or a big time DJ hosting my tapes. It’s just me, my team, and my Mac Book trying to make it happen.
24: Who were some of your musical influences growing up as well as today?
G5-Gi: My brother was my biggest influence and still until this day. He’s the reason why I rap because if it wasn’t for him starting to rap and putting out tapes in 2000 I wouldn’t be here today. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony was almost big for me, Notorious B.I.G. of course and S.D.E from Cam’ron(lol). Rick James, that was a no brainer right (lol). Right now I’m listening to a lot of everything to see what I don’t want to sound like and what I can learn from.
24: Tell about some the projects your currently working on?

G5-Gi: Ear Drum Kush was my first tape on this quality free music campaign I’m running with. Free Lunch was the second tape. Free Lunch has been the most talked about project thus far. Adult Swim is my most recent project, which is just all about my creativity and my love for Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network, if you listen you’ll hear Adult Swim inspired tracks. Right now I am working on my next project titled Weed x Hennessey x The Local Eatery, which will be my best project so far. Also, I’m working with a few familiar names on the Indie scene right now. I got this dope track that’s gonna be out soon with DGK’s Darren Harper called Impalas & Skateboards. Also, there has been talks of me hopping on a prominent tour for Indie artist, but I won’t jump the gun and throw it out there just yet. Really I’m just cooking up right now as usual and praying something dope comes of it all.
24: Who are some of the producers you have been working with and who would you love to work with in the near future that you think would help bring you to a whole different level?
G5-Gi: My homie Drupey Beats who made countless records for Curren$y. Johnny Juliano who made a few bangers for Wiz Kahlifa. Tony Core who’s a hometown producer and he’s the truth. My homie B.Corder out of Flint, Michigan and he just might be the best producer you don’t know of yet! I’ve also been working with big homie Crack Tracksout of New Orleans,  I learned so much from him in just a few days. I’m open to production, because if its dope I’m down. You don’t have to be a household name to rock with me. As long as its dope I’m down.
24: At a time when the music industry is at an Up & Down state do you have any plans of signing to a major or just keep building up your buzz at this moment?
G5-Gi: This independent run has been great for learning and allowing me to find myself. I like not having the suits control my music and the direction I want to go in. I’m not totally against the majors. I think it just has to be the right situation or a life changing situation. I want to build my buzz and turn it into a rumble! Then I can confidently walk into the major label office and show then this is what I’ve done and this is where I’m going. Now what can you do to help me get to my destination?
24: What should the readers look out for from you in 2010?
G5-Gi: YOUTUBE! I’m going to let everyone into my world. I want people to feel like they know me already when they come out to a show or download new music from me. Of course I’m gonna keep the music pumping through your speakers that’s no question! Look out for dope collaboration with a few names you have heard before. You can count on me taking everything I do up a notch.
24: How can someone find out more about to and check out your music?
G5-Gi: I am on the net trust me. Right now I’m going to just drop a few links for the readers to check out such as www.G5Gi.com, www.youtube.com/seancoreyworld, www.G5Gi.bandcamp.com(download/preview for free). An of course they can follow me on Twiiter  at www.twitter.com/G5Gi as well as Favebook at www.facebook.com/ITSjustG5Gi. There are more but we will rock like that for now(lol).
24: Is there anything you want to say to the readers?
G5-Gi: I just want to thank everyone that’s been showing love and support from day one. Also want to thank the new comers. If people weren’t listening I definitely wouldn’t be anywhere right now. I’m glad there are so many people that just feel my story. I appreciate you all. For the kid reading this that has a vision, act on it now forget the people who tell you what you can’t do, focus on what you want to do and do you. If I can do it, you can do it to.