What made you want to become an artist and pursue this as a career?

I just loved the Hip Hop culture, and what it stood for. Having the freedom to
speak what I feel when I feel and how I feel was amazing to me. My big brother
Roy was my greatest inspiration. I remember being in elementary school and
being reprimanded for having Dr. Dre’s album ‘The Chronic’ in my book bag! So I
thank my brother for introducing me to real Hip Hop at such an early age.

With so many artists coming into the industry these days, what is it about your
music that you think separates you from anyone else?

I’m just me when it comes to my music. I’m neither afraid nor embarrassed to
just be me. I see a lot of these guys trying to be someone that their mother
didn’t give birth to. I can wake up in the morning and be totally comfortable
with myself when I look in the mirror Cause I know what I am building with my
fans is all based on truths.

Miami recently has been making major moves in the music industry but every time
I interview an up and coming artist they tell me for them there is no movement,
it’s still a small circle and no one seem to be opening their doors. How do you
feel about that statement?

I say if the doors are closed pick the lock! I make people respect me. Not by
force but by hustle. I don’t look for a handout or for anyone to open a door
for me. Nobody owes me shit so that statement doesn’t apply to me.

What’s your relationship with DJ Ideal because he really doesn’t co-sign many
artist but he told me about you a while back around the time Rick Ross’ single
“Hustlin” started to take off and signed to Def Jam?

DJ ideal is a good dude. I see him as a brother. He showed me a lot of love. We
even partnered up to form BLACK LYON MUSIC GROUP, but we went our separate ways
due to some internal issues but he’s my people. If he needs me I’m there, but other
than that I am DOING ME!

Tell me about some of the projects you have been working on lately?

GhostWridah:  Well, I have been working on my project
titled MY Wallstreet Journal, The Dream edition. I’m looking to put together a
classic. Hip-hop needs artist who are eager to make great albums, and my focal
point is just that! Why put out something with your name on it that isn’t your
best. So I’m taking my time with this one. It’s special to me, yeah this ones

What are some of the things the people should look forward to from your company
Black Lyon Music Group? 

Good music my brother. Got a few surprises in near future. Black Lyon is not
just a music company. It’s a Brand. We stand for something, and it shows in our
music, as well as our business. So expect BIG things bra.

24: How
important is it to be a businessman as well as an artist?

Being a boss in this day in age is very important. Black Lyon music group was
created because I felt the labels I sat down with didn’t understand me and what
I stood for. So who better to understand me than me! So I started the company
on the basis that I would move on my own mark, by my own standards and that I’d
become successful in doing so. I’m still looking for talented acts to try my
business side out on. Right now I’m in artist mode but once I get my project
complete then it’s on to the next Black Lyon artist.

Anything outside of music you would like to get into?

Yeah I got a few other ventures in the works. I’m currently working on a DVD
series titled “Fresh or Die” which spotlights the Fly Society in
America. Won’t go to deep into it but if you are fashion freak then you’ll
respect it.  Also doing this magazine
Called BMM (Brilliant Mind Magazine) doing some writing for a few reality
shows… “So You Wanna Date”, and “THE VIP”. Just staying busy
my brother.

What’s next in line for you?

Just looking to get this CD out. Put together a classic album, and get the
ventures off the ground I told you about. Also about to start filming “The
Making Of Me”. A DVD for my listens to show my Transformation from nothing
to what I plan to become. I try to handle everything a step at a time. Even
Jesus took six days to create earth, so how I’m a do everything in one you

there any label out right now that you know you would fit perfect with and
actually get your album released with the right marketing & promotion?

Yeah, Rick Ruben is at Sony now, so that would be a great look for me. You know
if anybody knows hip-hop its Rick. He co founded Def Jam with Russell Simmons.
I think I’d be all right over there.

Where should someone go to get in contact with you and stay tune with
everything your doing?

and my blog, which is currently under construction. You can also look for the
Black Lyon music website coming soon Expect excellence! I Love to those who got
love for me, 24HourHipHop.com I appreciate the love. Free my big brother ROY!