24: Your new single, “I Get Doe” is doing quite well. Can you tell us about the song and how it came about?

Really man just working with The Cataracs, they brought something out of me, we did some work and they brought some stuff and that’s just one of the records we did. Them dudes real magical and like I said, they brought the best of out me and we made some shit that continuously growing slowly but it’s growing none the less.

24: Tell us about your new EP you just released, “Drive-By Muzik”.

It’s just a in-depth look at the mind-state that you have when you gangbangin’ and the whole mentality that go along with it. The drive-bys, the whole feeling you get, the reason you feel like it’s cool, the actual action itself so the EP is really in detail. It’s just a real in-depth look at gangbangin’; It’s real hard at times so it just talks about all the elements that go into that and into drive-bys and what it’s about. I have a song on their called “Emergency Room” which is a story about when one of my homeboys got shot and how it was sitting in the emergency room waiting to see if he was going to make it or not so its songs simple as that compared to other songs like “Still In The City” and its talking about how people want to get at me and say they want to hurt me from the same city I’m from. I don’t give a fuck what I’m doing, when or on this rap shit, it don’t matter; I’m still right here. I’m on a mission so it’s just a real range of the whole mentality of a gangbanger and that real aggressive attitude that you have and I just went into it with details.

24: How is this separate from your upcoming debut album “Beach Cruiser”?

Beach Cruiser is a compilation of what it’s like to be in California. Beach Cruiser is me taking my role in the rap game as the official reporter of what’s going on in California from Sacramento down to San Diego, talking about this lifestyle out this way compared to Drive-By Muzik which is an in-depth look at Los Angeles period.

24: Speaking of Beach Cruiser, what is the actual hold up on the album?

Hit records man. It’s all about hit records. Having a hit record to make sure the world is aware of Glasses Malone. That’s what singles do. Singles are an awareness so people can know of Glasses Malone and that you need to check out his music. I haven’t had a song that’s big enough yet to be honest. I have a lot of popular songs but I don’t have huge songs and who I’m playin for, I play for Cash Money Records so it’s like the biggest team to play for so with the best team, come high expectations so its all about fulfilling expectations. I have an official date now but it ain’t official until it come out so I’ma let it get closer before we start talking about it but I’ll definitely get back to y’all when I’m definitely 100% concrete about it.

24: Which producers and artists did you work with on the project?

It’s all family. It’s either people I dealt with on a personal level and production-wise, it was new people. This album is a lot better because it’s all me. Its Cash Money, Hoo Bangin’ and people from where I’m from in Watts. It was all a close knit record. Wasn’t no reaching out crazy but really just dope shit.

24: In the past, you’ve done a lot of records with fellow West Coast MC Jay Rock. Is there a possibility of a joint mixtape or EP in the future?

We’ve been talking about it. We definitely need to do it we just ain’t did it yet. It’s a great chance. We need to do it that’s for damn sure. We just gotta sit down and do it. We work so good together and like I say, Jay bring the best out of me all the time, anytime I go to Top Dawg period, that whole camp bring the best out of me because those dudes, the whole Black Hippie camp are real lyricists and MC’s so I go over there and really have to put on a show and let em’ know. I’m that fifth member of Black Hippie that no one talks about.

24: Tell us about Blu Division and what’s to come from your label and artist Quiz?

Quiz is the man. Period. Y’all hear his music, y’all see what he’s about. It ain’t nothing to it. It is what it is. That dude is hot. He got a hot project, hot video and we looking to put his record out independently at the top of the year. As a whole, Blu Division is puttin’ out records period. We putting out albums independently so it is what it is. We on our shit right now and ready to deliver and if you wanna get your shit put out, then this gon’ be the place to be. In the L.A. area as a matter of fact. Hip hop in general, that’s what we on right now.

24: In your opinion, how would you describe the changes in the music industry from when you first started til now.

It’s like night and day. You got all the things that happened to radio that changed the game, the internet has changed. It became more relevant. Technology with videos, everybody has videos. It’s just changed completely. It’s just crazy. If you a hustler you gotta adjust what your willing to adjust. A lot of the gangsta shit ain’t really in right now. It’s more about everything else so I watched that happen while being in the industry too.

24: Your label-mate Brisco has a hit record out called “On The Wall” featuring Lil Wayne and the record is doing quite well. How do you feel about his success right now?

That nigga deserve it! When I first came to the label that nigga been working hard. E-Class always believed in that dude. Birdman believes in that dude. Brisco stays on his grind. You can’t do nothing but be happy for niggaz like Brisco. That’s like B.O.B., I was so ecstatic for him because I watched these dudes grind like me and they finally got it. Its like a blessing. It’s unbelievable. I’m so happy for that dude, that nigga deserve everything he gets.

24: So can we expect a Glasses Malone/Brisco record(s) in the near future?

We got a few songs together. We was down in Miami recently working on some new stuff now. We didn’t get a chance to start on it but we got records together already. Bris is a good dude, I fuck wit him, guaranteed you gon’ hear some Brisco/Glasses shit real soon. We just gotta get in there and make some shit.

24: With music being so accessible to the consumer with free downloadable music, what do you feel is needed for you to become a household name?

Hit records from me. Everybody just needs to hear my music. It’s not just in one song your going to understand what I’m about and that makes me different from everybody else. I haven’t been able to figure out one song since “Certified” that could really give you all of me and “I Get Doe” is the closest thing after that. I just gotta make sure everybody hears my music. That’s the thing, if everybody heard it, it would be different but you just gotta keep working. It’s a work in progress.

24: What are your thoughts on the music industry and it’s current state?

It’s wonderful. It’s back in the hands of the independent businessman. That’s always wonderful. It’s a lot less out of the hands of people who aren’t into hip hop and more into the hands who are into it so its always a wonderful thing.

24: What’s the current status of your relationship with The Game and Black Wallstreet?

I fuck with everybody at Black Wallstreet. I was just with Kanary [Diamonds] recently doing some stuff with MTV and I got records with Menace. X.O. is somebody I been fuckin’ it. Me and Chuck [The Game] just cool. It is what it is. I definitely been rooting for his whole roster for a long time. From when I was a part of it to the new niggaz that’s on it now, I’ve been rooting for that roster forever so Black Wallstreet always been good. Joe Crack and all the niggaz that’s been down over there. I been fuckin’ with them. Chuck did a lot for me and my career so we always gon’ be good. I ain’t got shit negative to say because everybody deserves to win in this business especially some of the people on that label that’s been trying and that’s been at it. Chuck is very instrumental in what everybody is doing on the West Coast. As long as he’s hot it keeps the light here. We just gotta stay hot. That’s the key for him. He’s really like the leader of the new school. That’s the truth.

24: What else are you working on?

Mac & Malone. That’s me a Mack 10 collab album. It’s called “Money Muzik”. It’s finished now. It’s crazy. We gon’ shoot a lot of visuals. We taking it to a whole new level. That’s what I’ve been working on.

24: How can your fans get in contact with you?


24: Thank you for providing 24hourhiphop.com with this exclusive interview, do you have any last words for your present and future fans?

I’m glad y’all fuck wit me and I ain’t gon’ let you down.