24: Introduce yourself to everyone and let them know where your representing?

Grim 2 Da Reapa: What’s the Prophesizin, World? This is your boy, Mr. Grim 2 Da Reapa. My fans consider me to be Miami’s 1st Conscious Rapper, but I’m not just limited to one particular hood. I’m reaping for  the whole universe.

24: What do you feel your bringing to the music world and what separates you from the next new artist?

Grim 2 Da Reapa: I’m bringing Enlightenment on a versatile level. Most rappers don’t try to step outside the box. Myself on the other hand, I talk about all subjects whether it’s about the streets, the club, relationships, GOD, love, hate, etc. On top of that, whatever I do rap about, I make sure I take to a whole deeper level. When you listen to one of my records, you’re either going to relate to it or end up in deeper thought about “Life” as a whole.

24: Who were some  artist that you would say influence you musically?

Grim 2 Da Reapa: Everybody from Outkast to 8ball & MJG, Mystikal, 2pac, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, etc. Artists that spoke from the heart and had a message hidden in their music. That’s what music used to be about and that’s what my real influence is behind doing music. My motivation is “Life” with all the good as well as the bad that comes with it.

24: Tell about some the projects your currently working on?

Grim 2 Da Reapa: Well, right now I’m bout to drop my well-anticipated “Inner Galactic” CD hosted by Sam Sneak & DJ Rhymer. It’s all original beats, pretty much just like a real album, but I just decided to do something different and  have it Co-Signed by DJs like how mixtapes are done. Besides that project, I’m also working on a Wave Camp album, which is a collaboration album with me, Young McFly, Peazy Li’jon, & Wilameana Jones. It basically all started out as each of us featuring on each others individual CDs and than it transformed into a whole project. So look out for the Wave Camp album coming out soon as well.

24: Who are some of the producers you have been working with and who would you love to work with in the near future?

Grim 2 Da Reapa: Wow, I have a whole a lot producers that give me great music so hopefully I can remember them in this interview(lol). I’ve worked with Young McFly, RocNFreeze, DJ IKNOSO, Diioia Beats, Raw the SpaceMan, RJ Da Beat Kidd, ReeseHead, Rinnessy, Dashius Clay, Skip of We Loose, JDoe, Sleezy Al, The Real Iceman, Kingg and  a  producer from Ireland named SlickBeats just to name a few. I’ve been in communication with Gorilla Tek lately, so I am definitely looking forward to that collaboration. I’m really down to work with anyone, though as long as they’re not afraid to step outside the box with me.

24: At a time when the music industry is at an Up & Down state which would you what to sign to an Indie Label or a Major?

Grim 2 Da Reapa: It all  really boils down to if I have a positive connection with that label. As well as if the Money & Marketing of the company is on point. But in the meantime this independent grind has been getting me pretty far and I’m happy with that.

24: What should the readers look out for from you in 2009?

Grim 2 Da Reapa: Well, I’ve got a lot of shows coming up in Georgia, Tennessee, New York and Cali as well. As far as Florida, you can catch me at The Medical Marijuana Benefit, the MLK Parade, Sistrunk Festival, etc. Plus, I also got a “Keep The Peace Tour” I’m bout to be on with Ms. PR Diva, Empress Raw, AJ the R&B General, McKlezie from GrindMode and a few of the more well-known artists from South Florida. We’re supposed to be going to schools across the state, speaking to the kids about real life issues and of course doing our own performances as well.  

24: How can someone find out more about to and check out your music?

Grim 2 Da Reapa: Of course I’ve got a Myspace, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook(lol). So just add Mrgrim2dareapa to the end of each of them and you’ll find me. I also have a Blog that keeps my fans updated.