First and foremost introduce yourselves to our readers and let them know where
you from and where you reppin.

Bulletz – First off, they call me Bulletz aka
(The Juggernaut). Originally from South Philly. Reppin’ Hoodlum Gang/DPG

Biz- They call me Unky Bizzle, El Cappy, And I
do what I want, Born in Chester, Raised in Woodlyn South Side Reppin’ C-Ave all

Ace- I’m Young Ace I’m from Newlin Ave and
that’s my home even when I’m gone you dig me… We made this happen from the
muscle and if that’s not being a boss I don’t know what is.  

Z- Boy-Z or Z, reppin Woodlyn C-Ave to Darby
Township C-Ave. Southside Hoodlum Gang all day! 


me a bit about you got into the music business and how it came about that you
joined Hoodlum Gang. 

Bulletz- I was hand picked by Roscoe and Young
Ace. Once I met Kurupt and he heard me, he welcomed me to the family and named
me “Dahmer”.  Together Young Ace and I started Hoodlum

Biz- I did dvd’s, made mixtapes, been to the
westcoast with the Dogg Pound, started Armory with Roscoe, AK, and Bulletz.
They joined Hoodlum Gang when I came back home. I’ve been rappin’ since I was

Ace- When I was about 16… Foxy Brown started
fucking with Kurupt! I was on house arrest and she saw a videotape of me
rapping. Kurupt’s sister Angie and my lil homie Avery brought her to my house,
I ended up getting tight with Kurupt and we formed Y.A. (The Young Assassins)
I’ve been blessed to have went on the Snopp Dogg Puff Puff Pass Tour and to
have been signed with Floyd Mayweather’s Philthy Rich Records. 

Z- I Known Ace since forever, and he linked me
up with Bulletz, we all laid a track and it’s been Hoodlum Gang ever since!


would you describe your style and in your opinion what do you feel makes you guys
jell and work good together. 

Bulletz- My style is unique to put it in one
word. U never know what Ima say next. I think we jell and work good together
because we were friends before this music thing. 

Biz- Raw, explicit, humorus, catchy. I am the
inspiration, live energy, make you wanna start a revolution.  

Ace- I really can’t describe our style but if
I had to say one thing about our camp right now it would be that loyalty
amongst the 4 of us is what helps us stay in our lanes an play the positions that
we play! It’s like Hov said nobody would fall cause everyone would be each
others crutches.  

Z- Cause they my niggas! My style is whatever
I want it to be at the time we laying the track.   


me a little about the new album coming out May 18th Under Affiliated
Entertainment Group / E1 Entertainment 

Bulletz- 100% smokin’. 19 bangers, no skits,
interludes, nothing. Everything straight raw n’ uncut. We have features like
Nate Dogg, Kurupt, n’ Lil Wayne. You never heard an album like this

Biz- We got it done in 3 months, it was very
inspirational how we put it together with the team, Tek, Neff, P-City, Scoot
Rock, Rick Nyce, and Cartel Sons, and Streetz. Then with the features Lil
Wayne, Nate Dogg, and Kurupt. It was official, every song is so dope, best
album in awhile.  

Ace- It’s called Molotov music 20 songs of
explosive content (LoL) real talk tho we have Lil Wayne, Kurupt, and Nate Dogg
featured on the album… It’s a bumpy ride so hold on tight!  

Z- It’s the bizness man! We love to do this
and hopefully we surprise everyone with what we want to surprise them with.
It’s 100% Momentum! Cop dat! Yes God!


Did Yall Link Up With Kurupt and Tell Us More About DPG East

Bulletz- Unky Bizzle and Kurupt started DPG

Biz- Kurupt came back home to Darby Township
looking for talent so me and Bulletz went to his mom’s house and met up. We
spit, then we was on TrackAddicts, threw the beats on an we started trashin’
shit. Then the DPG East started when I asked Kurupt if it was cool and he said
“YES!” so we went home and started it. 

Ace- I’ve been with Kurupt since ’97 DPG East
was Bizzle’s idea he had that poppin  when he left L.A. in ’06  and
came back home. That’s gonna be a huge movement, quote me on that!  

Z- Through my niggas, they knew all about it,
I’m just ridin’! Now I’m part of the Fam, DPG East.  

your opinion what separates you from other rap groups out right now

Bulletz- We are winning! People listen to our
whole cd w/o skipping a single song. And we giving ya’ll bars. 

Biz- We really passionate about what we do,
it’s our life. We really in the grind putting our life in his. 

Ace- We separate ourselves from anything that
isn’t real or deals with reality. We got’em listening to this real life shit we
talking bout right now! 

Z- Our creativity, we Hoodlum Gang but we
still have the ability to bring the streets to the club.  


aware you guys just did a show with Kurupt, Daz and Snoop In PA. What would you
say was your favorite show you performed at so far. 

Bulletz- We did not perform with the Big
Homies at the Unniversity of Penn show, we were just there for support. My
favorite show we did is Bootlegger’s.


Biz- Bootlegger’s was my favorite performance
so far. We did not perform with them we was just supporting the Big

Ace- Nah, we were onstage but we didn’t
perform we were just there supporting the Big Homies! Way to many to name but
if I had to I’d say Phx, Arizonia because it was the 1st stop on the Snoop
Tour, Sept. 13, 2001. 

Z- We didn’t do the show, we were just
invited. But shout out to the Dogg Pound!



the Group Project is there any plans in the works for solo projects or mix
tapes that you are currently working on individually.  

Bulletz- I just recently dropped The Best of
Bulletz (The Juggernaut) Vol. 2 and I’m working on a Solo Album with Mark
Sparks right now.


Biz- Yea, I got the Back By Popular Demand (I
am El Cappy) Vol. 1 Mixtape and I am working on an album.  

Ace- Of course solo albums, production
companies, solo mixtapes, group mixtapes make sure to check for the “Get
Some Vol.1” The Molotov Mixtape that’s the mixtape we’re releasing with
the album… Bizzle and Bulletz are dropping their mixtapes. So it’s a good
look right now! 

Z- I’m about to start working on
“Dragonball Z” so get ready to hear that! 


can the fans expect from Hoodlum Gang’s new album.

Bulletz- Whatever they wanna hear. We got
something on there for everyone.  

Biz- Greatness!  

Ace- That N.W.A group type shit we don’t hold
no punches and we have songs that have no business being in the club but you
wanna party to it! And on May 18, 2010 you can get acquainted! 

Z- It’s the truth it’s gonna hit ya’ll from
all different angles. Go cop that and see for yourself, I’m positive you’ll
like something! 


Before we check out let the fans all over the
world and online know where they check out more music from Hoodlum Gang stay on
top of show dates and everything!  let them know about any new  stuff
you guys working on and where they can go to check your stuff individually as