24-First and for most please introduce yourself to our readers around the world online.

What up yaw this is J.West representing Southern Cali!

24-Tell me a bit about how you got into the music industry.

I started doing music real young my entire family sings, but me personally I began to love it when I was about 7.

24- Your new single which is prod by Jazze Pha & features Ray J “She Bad” has been making allot of noise as of late. how did that record come  about? And I’m aware there is already a video out as well tell me a bit about both the song and video.

Well I met Ray and Jazze through my man “Wack”. I recorded Bad wit Jazze, and when Ray heard it he jumped on it. The video is bananas you can check it out on Worldstarhiphop.com or YouTube.com

24-In your opinion what separates you from other artist in the music industry right now

 I think my vocal tone is what separates me from a lot of the other singers in the industry.

24-I’m aware you have toured and have touched the stage with many major artist please tell everyone some of the artist you have had the pleasure of performing alongside of

So many to think of let’s see…Ok my first big gig I opened up for KC and JoJo on tour. After that I been on wit people like Dave Holloster,Case, Jamie Foxx, Mary J…..yeah man a whole lot!-

24-Are you currently working on an album? If so speak on the project and who you are currently working with

 I got so many album songs, but right now I’m focused on singles. I got people on my tracks like “Game”, “Dub C”, “Twista”, “Maino”, my man “EP”, and my DOG “DJ Kayslay”. So it’s gone be fire works!!!!

24-Who are some of the artist’s that have inspired you in your career past or present

I grew up listening 2 singers like Stevie Wonder, Jodeci, H-town, and Boyz II Men so I had a good mix of great singers 2 go off.

24-Aside from music is there any other business ventures you are currently involved in or want to dabble in the near future

Next for me is to take the industry by storm..lol, but really I plan 2 keep grindin in 2011…just made a new video called “My Shawty’s Gone” coming soon, and just puttin out great music. I’ve always wanted 2 be a big time business man, so I been thinking about starting my own website and really be serious about it! So u know….we’ll see.

24-Before we conclude this interview please tell everyone online and your already fans where they can hear more music, check out videos and stay in touch with everything JAY WEST!!!

To check out more of J.West u can go 2:
www.datpiff.com for my mixtape.