Recently got a chance to sit down with James $pencer recording artist and CEO and Founder of Dark Space Music Group. He talks to us about upcoming projects, what hes got going on at the moment musically and business wise and much more. Check it out and let us know what you think!

24HHH: Intorduce yourself to everyone that doesnt already know who you are?

JS: I go by the name James $pencer. I am President/CEO & Founder of Dark Space Music Group DSMG. I have a team of hard working passionate people, including my Vice President and Cofounder Darren Pierce. I was born and
raised in New Jersey, and went on to attend the Art Institute of Philadelphia after High School. I see myself as being extremely humble outside the booth. Yet, I am confident, as can be when it comes to my music.

24HHH: Before we get into your music, can you describe your history about how you got into the music business and what inspired you?

JS: Right, Growing up I was always around music. I know a lot of artists say that but I feel not too many were surrounded by it the way I was. My Pops was a DJ (DJ Tru) back in the day and gave it up to marry my mom and have a family while establishing a happy home. My dad kept his DJ setup and was always bumpin’ music in the basement and making his own mixes that he later bumped in the car. He not only made music mixes but hosted freestyle sessions from time to time where I just sat and watched as a youngin’ as I became quickly intrigued. That was more of the hip hop side of things. My grand parents always played jazz, including my grandfather that passed away which is why you’ll hear me incorporate jazz into my music now. Even in school, I was always writing rhymes in my notebooks instead of listening to lectures or taking notes. Eventually I got into recording, and started to realize what life was like behind the mic. I started out my life of rhymes as a poet first; but when I stepped behind that mic I saw a whole new world of expression. Time went on and I started to realize the bigger picture and what I could do for my loved ones as well as myself through music. Achieving better quality of life. That’s one of my goals.

24HHH: What was the hip hop scene like for you growing up where your from?

JS: The music scene overall back then was dope. A lot of Biggie, Tupac, Red & Meth, DMX, Ja Rule, along with Eminem, snoop dogg.- I could go on and on … Music was thriving with originality back then across all genre’s not just hip hop. Most of my family and friends loved hip hop as much as I did. It always felt like a lifestyle to me when I was growing up.

24HHH: What makes you Unique as a artist and different from other rappers out now?

JS: What makes me unique? To start off, I am Primarily half African American and half Puerto Rican. I plan to incorporate Spanish into my music more & more as I go. This feature alone I believe could guide me into my own lane in the game. On top of that, most new/upcoming artist aren’t getting deep enough subject wise. I’m aiming to make timeless music with my team. Music that will stick with you. You know, the type of music that hits your soul and sparks that random nerve in your brain that makes you sing the song at work or wherever you are. I can do the Shake your ass records. That’s not enough for me though. That’s too easy. I want to discover different topics that have rarely been discussed. I want to express emotions that have not yet been conveyed. I will expand on originality and make music for the people.

24HHH: Tell us about what you are working on?

JS: I am currently working on “The Shit I Don’t Write 2”. I have a few other artists on my squad that will all participate in making the “Dark Space Compilation” a collection of songs from all of us. DSMG will also be hosting a mix-tape series of various artist that are hungry for extra exposure. This series will be titled “No Shadows”, we will be taking submissions for it at . “Pieces to the Puzzle” is another project I am currently working on with my Executive Producer Forest Kid. He is also going to be producing the majority of work on the previous projects that I had just mentioned. The website is also under way along with videos and merchandise. We will also be having Chef videos from my boy Soufflé (Master Chef).

Check out James $pencer latest mixtape release The Shit I Don’t Write below

24HHH: What producers have you worked with and who would you like to work with in the future?

JS: Right now my focus is on Dark Space Music my main productions will stay within the family. We are developing a different sound that will be known as a Dark Space “thing”. Down the line though I would like to work with Pharrell, Mike Will Made It, Hit boy, Harry Fraud, Southside, and Bangladesh.

24HHH: Are you happy with the feedback you have been getting from people on material you have released?

JS: My first mixtape “The Parkway” I didn’t get the feedback I wanted. This second mixtape that I released “The Shit I Don’t Write” was an evolution of my craft and style. A completely different sound on my part. I stopped writing or typing my lyrics and this was the official mark of including that type of fluidity. The People showed it more love and gave it a higher value of respect. It started to spread by word of mouth. That’s what I want; I want the people to do the talking. It doesn’t stop there though; I want the people to feel more and more attracted to each body of work I put out as time goes on.

24HHH: In todays free download age, what do you need to do to make your self a household name?

JS: To be honest, it’s hard to break the ice nowadays. This is due to the fact there is so much music being put out there on a daily basis and honestly, most of it is garbage. You can barely send links to people because people see them as more of pop-up advertisement instead of an opportunity to hear refreshing new music. To become a household name, you must bring originality and talent/skill together. You have to make the people hear what you’re saying word for word and connect with you spiritually.

24HHH: How do you feel about the current state of the hiphop scene?

JS: I feel Hip Hop stopped breathing for a minute. But it’s back to life. The way I see the people as well as the industry are taking a lyrical turn and beginning to favor music with deep meaning again. This is very good for the culture because it will cause those condom rappers to think outside the box or get kicked to the curb.

24HHH: Outside of the music what else are you currently working on?

JS: Other than the music, building the brand. I see Dark Space becoming an empire, a dynasty. Under Dark Space Music Group, I am also looking forward to creating a clothing line with some of my designers to bring “Charp & Hartless” to the Public. As well as creations of different seasonings brought to you by my man Soufflé.

Check out the official video for James $pencer – Damage below

24HHH: Where do you see yourself going in 2012 and how do you plan to separate yourself from the other artist out today to get the recognition you feel you deserve?

JS: 2014 could be a good year for my team and me. Without giving away too much, I plan to make strategic moves in the industry to go along with smart business decisions I’ll be making – all while making the brand stand out to the people.

24HHH: How can fans go about contacting you?

JS: Fans can follow me on instagram and twitter @JSpencerMusic or look James $pencer up on facebook. For booking, beat submissions, or anything of that nature email .

24HHH: Thank you for providing 24hourhiphop with this exclusive interview, do you have any lastwords for your present and future fans?

JS: Thank you for having me. I just want to say expect big things from me this upcoming year and years to come. Keep an eye on DSMG and try not to blink.