24: Introduce yourself to
everyone that doesn’t already know who you are.

up world! Dis ya boy Jase, 1/3 of “Kulture
.” I’m from the Virgin Islands now in the 305 holdin’ it down. What it


24: Before we get into your
music, can you briefly describe your history about how you got into the
industry and what inspired you to get to where you are today?

was always singing since I was a little kid. I had this little singing group
back in the day called “Four Sure”.
It was me and three of my homeboys, doing shows and what not. Through creative
differences and other commitments, the group broke up and I eventually moved to
the United States. I started creating music after I went to one of my homeboy’s
crib and he had the same type of musical background as myself. I saw him
producing his own stuff and recording right there at his house and I was like
“Damn, you can do all this from your bedroom?” So after he showed me the
equipment that I needed, I worked hard until I got my own. Around that same time,
there was a group out of St. Thomas by the name of Rock City, who were doing
their thing and had a few songs on the radio and I thought “man, this sound
real good coming from the Virgin Islands”. So it was more encouragement to see
people from the home team doing big things. So I took that and I ran with it.


24: How did your relationship
with Poe Boy come about and what was it that got their attention?

Boi and myself were working on our own project, more or less independent, but
it got put on ice because of some politics, you know the music industry is all
about politics. So me and City started dabbling into songwriting. We knew a
couple of producers, got into the studio with them and started knocking out
songs. We started doing ballads, hooks, basically music for different genres
like Hip Hop, R&B, Pop. One day we went to drop off a couple hooks over to
Big Chuck at Poe Boy. He actually wasn’t there so we left our CD with one of
his assistants that day. A couple days later, we were invited to a session
their artist Billy Blue was having with Drumma Boy and Chuck needed some
writers. I guess he liked what he heard on the CD. We started working on some
stuff with them and one of the tracks we did turned out to be “Story of My Life”. They got Akon to
resing the hook and it’s a smash right now so look out for that.


24: As of right now, who in
the industry would you say you listen to on a regular and would probably like
to work with in the near future?

whoever’s hot, I listen to it. It’s not that there’s not one specific style
that I cater too. I just try to stay updated on whatever’s hot out there so
once your bubblin’, I’m on it. Trust me.


24: In retrospect, being a
songwriter, would you consider writing songs for any of them if the opportunity
presented itself?

yea! Why not? If I could get The Dream, Drake or any artist that’s hot right
now to sing something of mines, or something that me and City Boi collaborated
on, that would be great. We already have a couple of placements on the way, so
God’s been really good to us this past year and things have been really coming
together. We’ve done some stuff with Lloyd, Akon, Juelz Santana and a couple
other people.


24: You have a buzz slowly building
now with your group Kulture Shock. How are you going to keep it going?

never stop working. We live in the studio. Continue writing, recording and
whatever we can do to make it hot, that’s what we are trying to do.


24: What producers would
like to work with on any upcoming projects?

willing to contribute to the project. You don’t have to be no big name
producer, of course those are going to help, but a lot of times, especially
being in the background, the best songs get overlooked because their not coming
from big name producers or artists. These labels keep going back to the same people
that they have, without realizing that their well has already gone dry and some
new jack coming up probably has some hotter stuff then that person has but just
because of their relationship, they keep going back to them. I can’t blame
them, but there is politics in this game. Whoever wants to work with us on a
project, holla at us.


24: What makes Kulture Shock
unique from other groups that have come before you?

man where do I start?! We have a great chemistry when we work. It’s not like we
were thrown together, we were working together from before when it was just me
and City Boi and then we started working with Steph who’s an amazing singer and
an amazing person. The type of music that we’re making is fun. You have the fly
and flashy aspect of it and we got the sex appeal goin’ on, but it is what it
is. Kulture Shock is gonna be a problem in 2010.


24: Are you happy with the
feedback you’ve been getting from the
songs you’ve released so far? 

still grinding it out so we only gonna keep get better but so far so good
everybody’s been loving what they’ve been hearing. We’ve heard nothing but good
things and we have a lot of people listening, looking out and supporting. Of
course we got the whole Poe Boy family behind us so we gon’ be good.


24: What are you currently
working on? 

now besides the Kulture Shock project, I’m working on some mixtape stuff to
showcase some of the stuff I’ve been working on, some of the songs we’ve been
writing and also showcase a more fun side of Jase. We’ve got a couple of tracks
already done and ready to go but we’re still working on it but the mixtape is
coming real soon so look out for that. We’re still working on writing for
different projects. Just because we got our own project, doesn’t mean we are
going to stop working on others. The whole Poe Boy family is coming and getting
ready to take over this year!


24: How would the fans go
about contacting you?

You can follow me
personally on twitter at
www.twitter.com/Jasepoeboy. You can follow the group Kulture Shock at www.twitter.com/KultureShock305. Hit me up on MySpace.com/Jasepoeboy, MySpace.com/KultureShock
or email me at
jasepoeboy@gmail.com or KultureShock305@gmail.com. Hit us up anyway you can.


24: Thank you for providing 24hourhiphop.com
with this exclusive interview, do you have any last words for your present and
future fans?

young, fly and flashy because that’s how we doin’ it. Everybody keep ya head in
2010 and stay positive. Stay away from the negativity and just have fun. Life
is too short, you gotta live it up.