24-First and Foremost introduce yourself t our readers online and around the world?

What’s shaking it’s your boy Jerms Black straight out of Brooklyn that stays on Da Blenda. Da Blenda is the new worked for grinding. I been putting it down independently for 7 years and now I’m pushing towards radio with my new single Da Paper available for purchase in ITunes, Amazon, and where ever digital music is sold.

24-How long have you been rapping for and how did you get into the music business?

I have been rapping for 7 years, putting my blood, sweat and tears into the music business. I have sold my music in the snow, rain, basically trapping my money for a better life. I got into music just wanting a better life, making hip hop music, and enjoying the hip hop culture.

24-How would you describe your style?

I don’t really have a style. Everybody from the hood basically has the same story, people going through hardship trying to make a better life. It’s just the way we interpret it and put it down musically. I give it up hard like a woody in the morning.

24-Tell me a bit about your single My Life produced by the Heatmakerz.

My Life is a track that I felt I gave my story on. I gave what I was about at the time and how I was feeling at the time. I got the track when I was selling my music in Union Square, a popular shopping area in New York City. He bought my music, called me later telling me he liked it. We hooked up, spoke for a while and then he gave me the beat that would become the song “My Life.” I was excited because a platinum producer gave me a beat for free.

24-I’m aware there was a moment in time where you almost lost it all and where you were going away; tell me about that situation and how the music has impacted you now in your everyday life?

Around that time there was a lot of aggression, ignorance, and immaturity that I was engaged in, around, and consumed by. I was consumed with the gangster propaganda: busting guns, selling drugs, and pimping hoes. The District Attorney and the detectives on the case wanted me to do hard time but God interfered in that and I was able to be free and change my life.  As of now music is my stop. pause and think. It helps me realize what I am trying to accomplish. Music keeps me from going back to the streets because it’s in my blood. I still sometimes indulge in the street but before I get consumed by it, I remember my music so I stop, pause, and think.

24-What are you currently working on?

I am working on pushing my new single Da Paper and getting as much exposure as I can for it. Da Paper is produced by a producer out of Maryland named June. It has been getting some play on radio and internet radio, it was first broken on radio by DJ Self of Power 105.1 and a lot of internet radio shows and internet radio stations have been keeping it on rotation. Da Paper is available on stores like ITunes, Amazon, Spotify wherever you can buy music.

24-What do you feel separates you from other rap artists coming out of New York?

It’s kind of hard to say what separates me. Every rapper feels they have the best swag, nicest jewels, or spits the hardest. It’s up to the consumer to determine what makes me hot and separate me from other rap artists out of New York. I’m here to be myself and be a dope mc and artist because I am a fan before an artist.

24-In your opinion what does it take for an artist to really make an impact in the music industry, how do you feel about the current hip hop music coming out of New York?

 I feel for an artist to make an impact being able to relate to the average person and being able to help him/her through a situation through your music if he/she is sad, happy, and ready to fight whatever it is. The New York hip hop scene is still good. Artists like 50cent, Jayz are still making good music. I don’t know about some of the new cats but I hear JermsBlack is doing his thing.

24-Was there ever a defining moment in your career where you realized music is what you wanted to pursue?

Getting shot in my mouth was the moment. The bullet shattered in my mouth and I thought music was over for me. Luckily the scar healed up good to the point where you can’t see the bullet wound.  I also got some staples in my mouth and the doctor said I was good to go and that kept me going.

24-Before we conclude, this interview let you’re already fans and the readers checking you out where they can hear more music, check out your videos, and reach you for everything Jerms Black?

You can listen to more of my music on Myspace.com/jermsletsgo. You can check out my videos onYoutube.com/jermsblizzle. You can follow me on Twitter.com/jermsblack and you can friend me and become a fan onFacebook.com/jermsblack. Anything else you want to know google and you will find it.

Support my song Da Paper and my other song My Life in stores like ITunes, Amazon, Spotify and support independent artists.
http://www.zshare.net/audio/81738337bcd1a67f/ -Download Link for Da Paper
http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/da-paper/id381316095 -Da Paper
http://www.amazon.com/My-Life-Prod-By-Heatmakerz/dp/B001B9DAZ6 -My Life