24: Please introduce
yourself to everyone that doesn’t already know who you are.

the people who don’t know me, my name is Jimmy Dade. Dade as in Dade County. Descendant
of my beautiful mother, Miami Dade.

24: Can you briefly describe how
you got into the music industry and who were some of the artist that inspired

I got into music fueled by the “I can do it to” factor. I was in the
6th grade and the lost boys were always on the radio. Their swag &
lifestyle matched the way my brothers & I were living. I didn’t just like
their music, I started to mimic & practice the style. I went a while
without a favorite rapper until people like: Missy Elliot, Eminem, Ludacris,
& Will-I-Am started to emerge.

24: Your latest project, Breakin’ All The Rules Vol. 2, is out
and is doing big things. Tell us about how the project came together and were
you able to do everything you wanted to on it?

2 are the stories happening exactly the same time while in the studio. For
example, I wake up with a hangover; I make a record, baby mamma trippin’, I
make a record. It’s Breakin’ All The Rules, so I have been, and always will do
what I want on this mixtape series.

24: What was your inspiration
for the hit singles Vulture & Get It

Idea of a “Vulture” was thought of years ago. It’s basically another
category that a young struggling black man would proudly call himself. For
example 2Pac is to a thug as Plies is to a goon. Not every man represents the
same thing. If we did, this nation wouldn’t be called America. “Get It
In” explains my demeanor at this stage in my life. “Get IT In”,
work hard, we’ve made it this far. Grind.

24: What producers have you
worked with or would like to work with on this upcoming project?

worked with producers like Cool & Dre, Moody Montana & Paper Boy. I’m
gonna keep an open ear but being my own producer, someone else with beats will
have to come hard like my partners mentioned above. I’m not picky, I just know
what I’m looking for, & what matches my creativity.

24: Are you happy with the
feedback you’ve been getting from the
songs you’ve released so far? 

I’m never happy when it comes to song quality. My fans love the work I’m
putting out, but I’m always working at making my records bigger & better.

24: What makes Jimmy Dade
different from other rappers coming out of Miami?

what makes me different? For one I lack the fear of expression. I’m never to
cool, to record exactly what I’m feeling. My lyrics come from the heart. You
can count on Jimmy Dade to sound highly distinctive compared to the rest.


24: How do you feel about
the current
305 Renaissance movement that’s happening
right now?

new 305 is strong & well rounded. We have a very dangerous array of
talented young men & women with enough different styles to entertain the
world. When it becomes our turn, out predecessors will be more than proud.

24: Who are some of your favorite unsigned artists
that you think people should be looking out for?

favorite unsigned artists are Black Prince of Keep It 100 Records, my man
C-Ride who give me lots of advice, & Reggie Cashflow, & Zah Allah of
Dreadwood Entertainment. Very talented men who acknowledge & respect both
the creative & business side of the Hip Hop industry.

24: What’s next for
Jimmy Dade in 2010?

next for me is hitting the road. The title “Local Artist” has an
expiration date, and if an artists does take it to the next level in good timing,
the results can be drastic for his/her career.


24: How can fans go about
contacting you?

fans can either text me at the Dreadwood Hotline @ 304-825-DADE or at
www.Twitter.com or myspace.com/dreadwoodent or email me at jimmydade@gmail.com

24: Thank you for providing
24hourhiphop with this exclusive interview, do you have any last words for your
present and future fans?

Toy present &
future fans just remember I said this: I will never let you down. This all we
good so we gone lock it down! Whooooossssshhhh!!!

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