24: Introduce yourself to
everyone that doesn’t already know who you are.

name is Joe Boom and I am from Palm Beach County, Florida.


24: Can you describe your
history about how you got into the industry?

My first placement was
through these producers from Orlando, Oddz N Endz. That was my first crack
through the door and then from there other opportunities popped up but that was
my start. We did a song for J.R. Writer back in the day called “Make A Move” and that was the
first record I sold. It was really the first record I wrote to sell. Since then
the rest is history.


24: For those who are
unfamiliar, can you please let

did two songs on B.G.’s latest album, I wrote the hooks for
Back To The Money and Keep It 100. I
did a song on Fat Joe’s last album on a song that featured T-Pain called
Put You In The Game. I wrote and was featured on Black Shades with Brisco, Billy Blue and BallGreezy. I did two
song on Trina’s latest album. I did another song on the Live From The 305
album. I have a huge record about to drop soon with an artist signed to
Universal named Money Mal that I’m actually featured on so that’ gonna be good
because they have a budget behind so it should work and it’s co-produced by Jim
Jonsin so that’s definitely a good look.


24: As of right now, who in
the industry would you say you listen to on a regular and would probably like
to work with in the near future?

list would be so long of people that I would love to work with that I’m fans
of, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I’m a fan of so much music, the Beyoncés, the Usher’s, Rihanna,
Jeezy, T.I., Fabolous, Flo Rida, a bunch of people.


24: What would you say has
been your biggest accomplishment in the game so far?

would have to say from a writer’s standpoint have T-Pain sing one of my hooks.
That was a big accomplishment because he is a writer himself. A renown writer
at that so that was big and the Black Shades because it really reflects the
whole nightlife culture in Miami and South Florida period with the jook dancing and so forth. It was a big
record on that level and to be a part of that with artist that are big in Miami
and that I happen to like, that was a big accomplishment.


24: With you being white in
an a mainly urban dominated music genre, has that helped you or held you back
in certain cases?

don’t think it’s really held me back and I don’t think it’s helped me either.
It’s hurt me in certain cases because it’s hard for people to take direction
from somebody like me. An artist doesn’t want to see me with ponytail and
flip-flops walk into the studio and be like
this is how it should be. This is hot” whether it be on some pop shit or
gutta shit. I think people have trouble sometimes stomaching me being to do
what I can do so in a way, it hasn’t held me back but it’s definitely made it
to where I have to prove myself more then someone else would but it hasn’t hurt
me either because at the end of the day, the boss doesn’t care where the shit
comes from as long as it’s hot. It’s definitely been an obstacle but it hasn’t
been something I haven’t been able to overcome.


24: When it’s all said and
done, what would Joe Boom like to be remembered for?

good music. Not just any specific genre of music either. Just for being able to
make great music period and be a part of successful projects. Don’t get me
wrong, I’ve been a part of some great things up to this point in my career but
I have yet to be a part of something that have been super successful so and the
end of the day, I’d like people to say
guy was great” and that would be enough for me.


24: Who are some songwriters
that you feel people need to look out for?

this point and time in the game, I definitely have to say Rico Love. He’s
amazing. You got people like Polow Da Don, KC, Ne-Yo and The Dream as well as a
few other artists that are also writers but as far as writers, the people I
strive to same level with are The Dreams and Ne-Yo’s of our generation.


24: With all the songwriting
that you do, is there any plans for Joe Boom to follow in the footsteps of
those songwriters you look up too, becoming an artist an releasing your own

It’s not a priority to me but what’s happening is, some of the references I do,
I sound dope on. For instance, Black Shades; I didn’t intend to stay on the
record. I wrote that with somebody like Flo Rida in mind. I didn’t write that
for me to be on that nor did I with this artist coming out on Universal. I’m
not going to say who it was but there was a big, very well-known rapper who
originally did the hook but due to certain circumstances, they took him off and
kept me on so I think as things like that start to happen more often, it’ll
open the door for me to be able to do my thing. I can sing fairly well and can
rap good. I believe if my focus was on that, I could put together a very quality
album but right now it’s definitely not my priority. If the chips fall on that
part of the table where I get the opportunity to be an artist, I’m definitely
going to be all for that. But right now, things are good how they are.


24: Are you currently signed to anyone?

I am not signed to anybody. I have a couple things I’m working on but I’m just
freelancing basically. I work with a lot of different people, a lot of labels
so I’m just chillin’ as a free agent right now.


How would the fans go about contacting

Fans or anyone in general
who want to get at about some business, hit me up on twitter at
www.twitter.com/Josephpboom or Facebook.com/willwriteforfood and that’s pretty
much it. I’m not a hard person to get in contact with.


24: Thank you for providing
24hourhiphop.com with this exclusive interview, do you have any last words for
your present and future fans?

definitely want to let people know I’ve been blessed. I’ve had a lot of
opportunities that maybe haven’t been afforded to a lot of people. There’s a
lot of people who came from my position trying to make a way in this music
industry and haven’t been able to and I’ve been fortunate enough to start
taking them steps towards really being a part of  this life so I’m definitely appreciative of
that. I want to thank everybody I’ve had the chance to work with, everybody whose
given me a chance to show what I’m about and what I can do. At the end of the
day, without artists, I’m just a dude with a computer full of songs for myself.


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