24: Introduce yourself to everyone and let them know where your representing?

Killa Kyleon: It’s your boy Killa Kyleon and I’m representing Houston, TX.

24: What do you feel your bringing to the music world and what separates you from other independent artist like yourself?

Killa Kyleon: I think I’m bringing a different sound that hasn’t been heard coming from Houston. What separates me from other artist is I do me. I’m not keeping up with the trends in rap. I’m setting my own trends and creating good music.

24: Who were some artist that influence you to want to become an artist yourself?

Killa Kyleon: Definitely, artist like N.W.A., Ghetto Boys, Big Daddy Kane, A Tribe Called Quest, Kool G Rap to Nas and the Screwed Up Click.

24: A lot of our readers may know you from being apart of Boss Hogg Outlaws and your connection with Slim Thug, so tell me what’s the current situation with you guys at the moment? Is the Group still together or is everyone just doing their solo thing right now?

Killa Kyleon: I’m not apart of the BHO(Boss Hogg Outlawz)anymore. Currently I’m an independent artist and as far as the BHO movement they’re doing their thing and we’re still cool.

24: Tell about some the projects your currently working on?

Killa Kyleon: I’m currently working on a few projects. Myself and Mouse from Trill Ent. have a mixture we just completed called “The Louisiana Fish Fry“. I’m wrapping up Pt.2 of my “Natural Born Killa” series and I’m also working on my EP called “White Cups: 40Z’s and Cigarellos”.

24: Who are some of the producers you have been working with and is their a producer out their that you really want to get into the studio with because you feel like you two guys together would be a special combination?

Killa Kyleon: I’ve worked with a lot of different producers form your popular ones to your not so popular ones. The main producers I’ve worked with are based in Houston and a few are outside of the state. Cardo of  Taylor Gang, CY-Fyre, Mr.Lee, GL Productions, Break Dem Boys Off productions, Sound Mob and Shape Shifta. I just started working with Cookin Soul out of Spain and my team have been connecting with some well known producers as well. I would love to work with Kanye in the future.

24: What should the readers be on the look out for from you for the rest of  2010 going into 2011?

Killa Kyleon: Just look out for everything, it’s going to be monumental! 

24: How can someone find out more about to and check out your music?

Killa Kyleon: Google me(lol)! Seriously, though just Google me or hit me up on my Twitter at www.twitter.com/KillaKyleon.

24: Any final words?

Killa Kyleon: #Run-It!

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