24: Introduce yourself to everyone and let them know where you’re representing?

Kirby: Hello World! I go by the name of Kirby Maurier(pronounced “Mah ree ay”)and I am a singer/songwriter for Valholla Entertainment. I am proudly representing the entire South Florida music scene. Some of you might already be familiar with my vocals from several appearances on Valholla Entertainment projects including Valholla Is The Future: Volume 1, Phatz: Dope Boi Phresh, Phatz: Palm Trees and Bomb Weed Volume 1, and Ramzez: The Formula 2 as well as the collaboration with South Florida artist ATG on his smash single “Drunk Sex Part 3.” Not to mention “Look at me now” which was a collaboration I did  with GhostWridah for his recent album “In Love With My Future” and “Royal Flush” with Murph for his up coming album “Realer Than Most Vol 1.5“.

24: What do you feel you’re bringing to the music world and what separates you from other upcoming R&B Artists?

Kirby: I’ve always felt that being a musician first and an artist second has allowed me to offer so much more of myself to my work and my fans. A true musician knows that music is more than just lyrics or catchy hooks. I create my music just as I would prepare a meal. Each ingredient affects the overall taste of the main course and I am always hoping you come back for seconds! I’m bringing that mentality into the music world, that the final product isn’t complete without all the right elements.

24: Who were some of your biggest musical influences growing up and who would you say pushes you these days musically?

Kirby: My family has definitely played a large role in my career. My mother sang opera and was a member of the church choir. My two older brothers and I played instruments in both church and school. They taught me how to express myself through music allowing me to become the creative person I am today. As far as influences within the music industry I have to say Mariah Carey. Her first single “Vision of Love” was the first real song I remember singing. Since then, music has been the love of my life.

24: Tell us about some of the projects you’re currently working on?

Kirby: Presently, I’m in the studio working on my debut EP “Solid” and we haven’t confirmed an official release date because of the constant creation of new music. We’re really working to find the perfect chemistry before we put it out for the world to hear. In the meantime, I’m still collaborating on projects with local, national and even international talent.

24: Who are some of the producers you have been working with and who would you love to work with in the near future that you think would help bring you to a whole different level?

Kirby: Thank you to the man above for blessing me and allowing me to work with some of the hottest producers in the South Florida market. I’m currently working with Jackpot who recently produced songs for Mario, Rick Ross, Neyo, Michelle Williams, Teairra Marie and many more. Also, SupaNova who produced Billy Blue’s “Ball Like a Dawg” and Track Burnaz. Looking forward, I would love to work with Timbaland as a producer and as a writer I aspire to work with Rico Love.

24: At a time when the music industry is at an Up & Down state do you have any plans of signing to a major or just keep building up your buzz at this moment?

Kirby: Signing to a major would be great! However, my focus is on consistently making quality music. Many artists focus on getting signed and not on their actual craft. Those artists eventually burn out or are placed on the shelf once they sign. I’m confident that when the time is right, a major label will contact my management team and make an offer.

24: After seeing what Drake did on his own and caught the attention of the world as a new artist does that help inspire you when it seemed like we were just headed for another year of “Auto-Tune” records and “Ringtone Music”?

Kirby: Popular music is like fashion. It’s always changing. I knew that Auto-Tune/Ringtone records would eventually fade from the airwaves. It’s not hard to catch the attention of the world when you are focused on making good music. I believe the key is to “Do You” and keep dropping dope music, ultimately the world will open up with opportunity.

24: What should the readers look out for from you in 2010?

Kirby: Most recently, my debut single “You” was released and is currently available on iTunes. I’m shooting a video for the single in late July, and this Fall I’m looking forward to performances throughout Florida as well as California.

24: How can someone find out more about to and check out your music?

Kirby: For music, news and updates, you can check me out at www.kirbymaurier.com  and also support the movement by checking out my amazing label at www.valholla.com!

24: Is there anything you want to say to the readers?

Kirby: If you want to pursue your dream, whether it’s music, owning your own business, or even getting a College Degree: Work Hard, Play Later!

Download Kirby Single “You” Now on iTunes:http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/you-radio-edit/id377858545

Images Shot By: Russo