Tell 24hourhiphop readers about yourself.

I’m a local rapper from down south South West Miami Dade my stage name is Knotty Knotty I’ve been rapping ever since I was 15 years and what inspired me was Kriss Kross because were the same age .. I thought they were cool… so you know I started practicing and practicing til I got better and now I’m here.

Did you always know you wanted to be a rapper?

Not really because when I was younger I stuttered really bad I never though I’d be a rapper and now I’m here. I had to teach myself how to control it. I still stutter a little now but back then it was terrible. I never thought I’d be rapping. I was 23/34 when I fully got started.. I use to write here and there and it started sounding really good. So I bought pro tools and got a nice set up and got really serious with it.

Do you remember your first rap?

I’ve got so many now.. I wish I did so I could just listen to it but no I don’t remember it.

How did you get your stage name?

Gin Seagram’s Gin.. Back in the hood they call it Knotty Head.. I drink that that’s my drink.. I dropped the head and kept Knotty.

Describe your style.

It’s different… you have to hear it. It’s more story telling than anything. That’s what the rap game is really missing… there’s not a lot of stuff like that out there now a days and most of my music is based on what I actually go through.. like today I might just go home and write about being here. I’d like to rap about things like that . Things that I’ve actually done. I can’t rap about things I’ve never done before because I’m not gonna have much to say but if I rap about something I know I did. I got a whole lot of stuff to say.

What sets you apart from other artists?

Creativity. I think that’s the key. There’s a lot artists out there today but what separates them is their creativity because they different.

Who did you grow up listening to?

I liked what Death Row had going on .. they had Pac and Snoop Dog and the Dog Pound and when that kind of faded  I fell in love with No Limit.. they were coming out with a c.d every month. I grew up off of Death Row no limit type of music. I got variety of different people that I like.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

In about 5/10 years ill probably have an award by then… when I finally get discovered.. I’ll have an award for something. I don’t care I’ll write a song about Harriet Tubman… I see myself with my own label or signed to a label.. or both. Whatever comes first for me I’ll be thankful.

Talk about your mix tapes.

I have a couple of them out. I have two..Kross Tha Track Volume I and II.. and I’m working on my third something totally different..I’m gonna be singing on some hooks it’s gonna be totally different from just rapping.. I’m gonna have a lot of different flavor  going on. I’ve got some posted on my MySpace and I’ve put some on YouTube so you just gotta check it out. I’m waiting on someone to just pick me up because I’m ready.. I’m always ready I got three new songs in my pocket right now. I’m just waiting on someone to give me a shot. I’ve been doing some open mics on South Beach.. Living room and others.. Booby Trap and others.

Whats sets hustle apart from every one else?

My music comes from the heart and not just going to rap about anything. My music comes from the struggle the tears and everything I been through. So what I bring to the rap game is real life. I’m gonna give them my life on a cd. My first album is gonna be the soundtrack of my life.  My grandmother passed away I told myself I have to do something and put my music out there instead of making music and playing around the house. That’s what inspired my first mix tape.. and it sounded so good I had to do it again. I got a good buzz from everyone.

How are the fans reacting to your music?

Oh they love it. They love me down here.

Would like to work with anyone in the future?

Yea  a lot of people.. I still bump old stuff the rap game is so wide open right now so I can’t just point out one person. I like the old stuff because right now so many people are doing the same type of music just with a different type of beat. It sounds all the same to me.

How do you feel about the female artists?

They alright. I’m waiting on Mia X to come back. I don’t what happened to her but she need to come back. She’s gutta.

What do you tell anyone that tries to stop you?

I haven’t heard anyone try.. but what would I say? You must haven’t heard my music.

Why should anyone listen to you?

Someone’s gonna relate to it. Knotty Knotty coming soon.

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