She is the acclaimed Princess of the South, the original
Candy Girl before she even became an adolescent teen. All across the nation Lil Brianna has been imprinting her
name all over the industry. Even at such a young age, the talent she possesses
is what most artists only dream of. Her lyrical talent and unique motivation of
delivery was even noticed by one of the best in the industry, Missy Elliott. She was also the first young
female talent to ever appear on BET’s
“Rap City: The Basement,”
winning “Best of the Booth.” After several years, she is finally on the verge
of releasing her debut album and giving the south her own voice for the younger
generation. had a
chance to vibe one on one with the Princess of the South and find out what’s
new and what’s next for the one and only Candy Girl.

On a hot Monday afternoon, met with Lil
Brianna and her manager in a business district of Carol City, Florida. Get to know the Candy Girl, as she
shows you her sweet humble side and understand how she made her rise into the
industry with hard work and dedication. This is an exclusive one on one with
Lil Brianna that you’ll only read here.

24: First off,
thank you for taking the time from your busy recording schedule to give us this
exclusive, so what’s going on lately with the Princess of the South, Ms.

Lil Brianna:
Right now, I’m just grinding out here in these streets for the summer. I have a
mixtape that we’ll be hitting the streets real soon. I got a few shows this
summer, its going crazy, a few movies that I’m working on, it’s gonna be major.
But yeah, I’m just grinding right now.

24: You mentioned
movies; can you give us a little about that?

Lil Brianna:
Yeah, I can give you a little about that. Frankie
, he’s a great guy. There was a movie being filmed, the whole family
and I, we went over there, chilled on the set. I did a few parts, it’s gonna
be big. It’s gonna be major.

24: I know fans
are curious to know, can you give us a brief history into the beginning of your
famed music career?

Lil Brianna:
Well, it’s like I was raised in the studio. I’m real close to Poe Boy Entertainment; they’re like my
family and every day I would go over there and just hang out. I thought rapping
was just something that you did cause you saw everyone else doing it, so I was
like, hey, this is something I want to do more.

24: At first, how
did you take the sudden fame?

Lil Brianna:  I fell in love with it, I really did. I mean
I’ve been performing since I was three years old, from dancing to acting, to school
plays. I did all of it, I just love entertainment.

24: Who would you
say inspired you to step into the industry?

Lil Brianna: It
has to be Missy Elliott, Lil Wayne, Eve & Beyonce. I remember when I
was younger running around singing Hot
. It wasn’t just that song, it was my involvement with Poe Boy and
being able to be around the music and I just fell in love with it, like I
mentioned earlier.

24: Who have you
worked with so far and how was that experience?

Lil Brianna: I
worked with many artists, but Missy is like, when you get in the studio with
her, it’s on a whole other level. Her creativity, she just takes your mind to
another place and she brings things out of you like you never knew you had,
it’s real crazy.

24: I understand
you’ve been on tour with several different artists, in several different venues;
can you give us a visual of how you feel when you first step on stage and hear
the fans cheering for you?

Lil Brianna: Oh
man, when you get on stage and they just go crazy. It makes me feel like all
the hard work paid off. That’s what you work hard for, just so they can feel
you and you get that vibe from the crowd, it just makes you do it all over
again in the next city, and the city after that. You just love it.

24: So how does
the mother feel when she hears the crowd scream her daughter’s name all over
the stage?

Ms. Kiki: Well, I
feel like it’s a blessing, you put in so much hard work and you hear people
actually feeling what you do or vibing with you, so I’m just blessed for her.
I’m just so happy for her. Just to see her doing her thing, fulfilling her
dream. It’s just an exciting feeling, it’s an adrenaline rush and every time I
see her perform, it’s like always watching her for the first time. It’s crazy
and we are blessed. I think the most important thing is seeing all the hard
work we put into it pay off. 

24: This is a
question for the mother, so you are officially her manager and how many years
have you been doing it so far? 

Ms. Kiki: Well, I
guess, I’ve really been there since the first of it. As a mother, I’ve been
there along with other people, cause officially I wasn’t her manager when she
first came into the game, but from hanging around, being around different
artists, at the shows, that just gave me the sense of a manager, so I just kind
of fell into the role. Then, I began following all the big names, like Mona Scott (Violator Management) and watched what she does, so I kind of learn
from the best.

24: Recently,
we’ve been hearing about the buzz that
Mama has been receiving and her debut album as the “Voice of the Young
People,” what are your feelings on that and what sets you aside from her?

Lil Brianna: Oh
well, I’m loving it right now. I really love it, cause what it’s doing is
opening a door for young female rappers and as soon as that door opens all the
way, we’ll be through it completely, so it’s a blessing. I’m happy.

24: So if the
chance came about, would you do a collaboration with her?

Lil Brianna: Of
course I would, it’s all about exposure. But you know, it’s all a business. So
let’s do it.

24: I was lucky
enough to listen in on one of your recording sessions and honestly, I was
amazed at the lyrical talent you possess, what exactly flows through your mind
when you begin to write a song, when you begin to feel the beat? How does the
subject matter come about?

Lil Brianna: The
subject just comes through the beat; it’s like the beat talks to you and tells
you what to say. Just listen to the beat, it’ll tell you every little word,
every little adlib and just everything you need to say. You can feel that
strong connection, that vibe.

24:  Lil Brianna fans have been patiently awaiting
a debut album from the Princess of the South, when can we finally expect that?

Lil Brianna: I
don’t have an exact date, but I’m working on it. I’ve been going at it for a
long time and you can expect something real soon, I’ve been working real hard.
When you hear it, I guarantee it’s going to be real fire.

24: So you want
to plug your mixtape that you mentioned earlier?

Lil Brianna:
Mixtape, Young Rich Bandit, dropping real soon, we going to bless the streets.
That’s coming real soon. Until then, you can find my hot tracks and remixes on You can check out the Tambourine
on there right now, it’s crazy. Eve is rocking it right now, you
know, shout outs to Eve.

24: Can you give
us a glimpse into that anticipated album?

Lil Brianna:
There’s going to be a lot of hot producers like Missy and Timbaland will probably bless the album. There are a lot of party
tracks on there, it’s going to be crazy. It’s going to be for the hood as well,
everybody can just listen to it, and everybody can appreciate it.

24: Every artist
when they finish recording several tracks, there is always one they seem to
favor the most, what would you say is your most favorite track on that debut so

Lil Brianna: Wow,
I can’t really say, I love all of them. I mean, it’s like asking a mother which
child she loves the most, it can’t be answered. They’re all my favorites.

24: What does the
Candy Girl do on her free time and does your busy recording and performing
schedule allow for some free time?

Lil Brianna: The
free time that I do get, I do appreciate, yes I do. But, you know, normal
stuff, I play my Playstation 3, I chill with my brother, Loose Change, in the backyard, and we just hang out. I go to the
mall, hang out with my friends or go to the movies, but then it’s back to the
studio and doing interviews.

24: So as of
right now, you’re leading a normal life, no one is really bothering you yet,
but then the sudden fame hits and you’re at a point where you won’t be able to
walk out of your front door without fans screaming your name, do you want that?
Are you ready for it?

Lil Brianna: I’m
confident, I’m ready for it, I like it, who doesn’t? It’s just a blessing. I’m
a real humble kind of person. You gotta realize, there could be a point where
no one is screaming your name, where no one wants to talk to you, ask you for
autographs. I mean every little autograph matters, you want me to sign your
poster, I got you. You know, that’s how I see it.

24: How could the
fans get in contact with you?

Lil Brianna: They
can always hit me up on myspace, or my official

24: Well, thank
you for taking the time out to provide us with this exclusive interview, do you
have any last words you want to leave your fans?

Lil Brianna: Just
look out for Lil Brianna, coming real soon. I got the mixtape on the way, it’s
gonna be fire. Check me out, Lil Brianna’s here.