24: Introduce yourself to
our readers around the world.

world. Lo-Boy in yo chest. 40 zone G. Str8 Drop till the casket drop. Fuck wit


24: So how did you get into
music and how long have you been recording for?

use to be freestyling on the block when i was a jit and my dawgs were like
“you playin, you need to get in the booth and record that shit for


24: What is your current
label situation are you signed with Straight drop Records through a venture
with a major or is that your primary label?



24: The streets took notice
of you when your first single “Git Ghetto” which featured Git Fresh
first debuted. Tell me a bit about how that record came about and how you feel
about the outcome of that record.

linked up with platinum producer Bigg D, he played a couple of tracks for me
and I was feeling that one. Git Fresh did the damn thing and showed they ass on
there they killed it! Shout out to Git Fresh. That record is still growing and
getting bigger to this day.


24: Are you currently
working on an album?

always in the studio recording some new shit. I try to stay consistent. Every
record I cut I treat as if it were goin on an album.

24: You recently just released a new
song featuring the boss himself Ricky Ross titled “Get it In” which is
burning up the airwaves. Tell me how that particular song took place and what
you expect to accomplish off that success.

record was already buzzing in the hood and stripclubs. DJ Sam Sneak (Rick Ross’
DJ) was like “Yooooo y’all need to get ross on dat joint!”. Sneak
played it for Ross, he got on it, and the rest is history. The record is on
heavy rotation on WEDR 99 Jamz, south Florida’s #1 station for hip-hop and
R&B and spreading throughout Florida and the southeast. Shout out to
Derrick B. Y’all support my dawg Sam Sneak every Tuesday night at Take One Lounge
in Miami.

24: What artist’s would you say
inspired you coming up in your music career past or present?

the artist who I can relate to, who have been through the same struggles.
Artist who grind hard and are very successful like Jay-Z and Snoop who been in
the game for 20 years and still gettin it in.

24: Tell me a bit about your new mixtape
The First 48

aint really a mixtape, it’s a street album. We didn’t do any jackin for beats. Production
is all done by platinum producer Bigg D, Balistic, Nick Rio, C4bombsquad and
Gmuzik. It’s a classic once you pop it in. It aint gon leave your CD player or
iPod for a hot minute. Got features from Rick Ross, Git Fresh, Charles Reid and
my label mates Yung Streetz and D-Mac. The whole shit ridin from beginning to
the end. Its str8 drop…..yo ass gon be hooked.

24: People want to know your nationality.

people from the islands

24: What can the fan’s expect from Lo
Boy in the months to come?

lot more heat. I aint finna stop. The streets got a demand and I’m finna supply
it. The Streets tired of the whipped-up watered down shit in the game today. We
comin with that str8 drop…..muzik fiends get ready.

24: Before we check out let all the
people online on 24hourhiphop and around the world where they can download the
new mix tape check out more music and stay on top of everything LO BOY!

it now on Myspace.com/loboy305 . Thanks for the support and be on the lookout
for D-Mac and Yung Streetz. R.I.P. my nig Lil Larry. Gone but never forgotten.