24: Tell the readers a little about yourself and let them know where your representing?

Mickey Factz: Mickey Factz, the Mc Extraodinaire from the Bronx, NY representing the GFC New York and the Black Apple.

24: What would you say your bringing to the music industry with your music?

Mickey Factz: I feel like with my music music it’s definitely not the typical New York rap movement that everyone is accustom too. I think what I’m bringing to the game is more in-depth Lyricism, Honest, Story Telling and I’m bringing inspiration as well. I really want people to follow their dreams after hearing my music because I’m someone who came from a different background and wanted to do something different in life. Hip-Hop has always been something I wanted to do since I was a kid and I followed my dreams and did it.

24: Growing up who would you say were some of your biggest musical influences?

Mickey Factz: I was inspired by a lot of great artist from Michael Jackson to James Brown. Also John P. Kee who’s an Gospel artist. If Michael Jackson is #1 then John P. Keith is #2. An when it comes to Hip-Hop artist like Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Biggie Smalls, Wu-Tang and that whole 90’s movement and that’s when I got into Hip-Hop. From their it was the late 90’s with that whole club “Tunnel” era and that’s when I really, really got into Hip-Hop!

24: You recently dropped “I’m Better Than You” which was a great project so tell me about the response you have been getting so far?

Mickey Factz: I think that project was probably the best project I put out to date. The response has been amazing and I have really gained a lot of fans outside of my regular fan base. For me what I think that helped me so much was being able to be on 106 & Park and me being on BET Cypher made people want to hear more of my music and find out what am I really about. An when they did, I think they were really impressed and shocked that someone of my caliber or from the Bronx could make music like that.  So for me I feel like it was a great response, but of course you will have a few people who don’t like it but if was an overwhelming amount of people who did like it.

24: Take me back to the day you wrote “Paradise” and tell me how that record came about because it’s definitely a personal favorite of mine. Also I wanted to talk about the remix you did adding Fat Joe and the legendary Bun B?

Mickey Factz: As far as the original goes we were int he studio and before I got signed to the label I had a lot of potential hit records. I have a lot of records that will becoming out later on down the line in 2011. The label wanted me to do a more Hip-Hop kind of record to make sure my fans are satisfied with what I’m doing and me being from the Bronx and I just love rapping, I was like alright cool it’s not a problem. An one day I was reading a interview about Rick Ross and he said we was going to see Kanye West in Hawaii and he said it’s like “Paradise” going their. I thought to myself like damn, that’s a dope title for a song “Paradise”. The beat is so hard and I just wrote it how I was feeling at the time. The remix came about because myself and Bun B are good friends and I have known him for about 2 years now. We had worked together before on some else project and he told me let’s do something together, I told him cool and got on the “Paradise” remix. He actually got on it first and had the first verse for the record. As far as Fat Joe, I’ve always been around him and seen him for a while now but I don’t think he knew how dope I was until Funk Master Flex was like Yo, what you think about that Mickey Factz dude and he was like I really like him you should throw on that “Paradise” and he was like you know what I’m jumping on the remix and he actually jumped on the remix. The crazy thing is that Bun B actually recorded his verses in New York and I recorded my verse for the remix while in Houston, how wild is that.

24: With this question I wanted to highlight some of the producers you have been working with because your production on everything you put out is always on another level from what the average artist is doing for example “Paradise” or “Skyscraper” from “I’m Better Than You“?

Mickey Factz: For the producers on “I’m Better Than You” and my previous stuff Precise has done a bulk of the music. He has been working with me for about 4 years now and I’ve seen him grow from nothing to something crazy. Other producers that were on the mixture were Cannon(Don Cannon)who’s a good friend of mine as well and Sean C & LV. Count Just who’s an engineer over at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta,GA he did some work on the project which came out really dope. I even got into some producing and I did two records that was on the mixtape which is kind of crazy. Big K.R.I.T. did a record on the joint as well as SoundSmith. All of these guys are producers who I literally respect them to the fullest and when I send them back a record and it’s something they don’t like they have the room to let me know and I’ll change it because at the end of the day music is a marriage of song and lyric. So I don’t feel like it should just be me laying down something and then that’s it. I want the producer to have their say in it as well.

24: You were apart of BET Music Matters and you got to take the stage at 106 & Park and shut it down so tell me how did that feel been chosen and then giving your fans a great show not to mention the fact that you gained a new fan base as well after your performance that night?

Mickey Factz: We’ll being chose for that program was absolutely amazing and I think it was definitely long overdue for me to be on 106 & Park as far as my fan base goes.  I was definitely nervous and excited at the same time because the kids their, they want to see Bow Wow or Trey Songz. So even though the crowd was excepting to me their I was like I hope the kids and the people that are watching are as well. It was a great look for me and I look forward to going back.

24: What should the readers be on the look out for from you in 2011?

Mickey Factz: We’ll we have 1 more month before it’s 2011 and myself and Cory Gunz are working on a mixtape together so hopefully we can finish that up and drop it before the New Years. Hopefully, they’ll be another mixtape from me hosted by DJ Drama and also the album will be coming out and I have a single coming at the top of the year with Marsha Ambrosius. I think a lot of people are going to love what I have coming out and just being from New York it’s will be a good look for us.

24: How can someone find out more about to and check out your music?

Mickey Factz: Yeah, Check me out at www.mickeyfatz.com and also they can check me out at www.twitter.com/MickeyFatcz.

24: Anything you would like to say to the readers until the next time we speak?

Mickey Factz: If your breathing, I do this for you!

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