24: What made you want to produce compared to being an artist or singer, manager, etc?

Midus: Honestly, I started off rapping at the age of 6 and that’s the same time I was introduce to musical instruments. My first instrument was a violin and my main instrument is the saxophone. Creating and playing music runs in the family. From Jazz musicians, Funk bands to Opera. I actually stopped rapping completely so I can pursue being a Music Producer. So becoming a producer wasn’t hard, its in my blood.

24: Describe your style?

Midus: Well, my styles varies. I can get into what ever style is thrown at me from Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B to Rock. I try to make my records stand out with a different tone from the music that’s out now. It wouldn’t hurt two bring some Jazz chords back in style(lol). I never had a chance to make country record before but there’s no doubt in my mind, that I couldn’t create a banging ass country record together(lol).

24: Do you consider yourself a producer or a beat maker and explain why for your answer?

Midus: Definitely a “Producer”. I feel like if you consider yourself a beat maker then that’s what you are a “Beat Maker” you just simply make beats. I call myself a producer because I am creating records from the beat to the hook. From the beginning of my records to the end there’s a structure. When it comes to producing a record everything matters to me from the In’s & Out’s. The music, lyrics has to compliment each other. That’s how I feel when I make a “MonstaPiece” so “I don’t make “Beats” I make “Music”.

24: You have recently worked with up and coming artist such as Webbz on record like “Hellvaday” ft Flo Rida, Do Da Damn Thang Pt.2, PhatzGrown Man” ft Garry AdamsNove “Check Me Out” ft Brisco and Webzz, to Murph “Tell It Like It Iz” ft Shonie. Not tomention artist such  Benzino ft.RayJ “Amazing”, Xplicit ft.Pleasure P “I Want You”. An I can’t forget records for singer/songwriter Shonie, Flo Rida, Gunplay, Young Breed, Smitty and Trina that you co-wrote so tell me who are some other artists you’re trying to work with in the future?

Midus: I really wanna get in with Drake he’s sick with it! From his melodies to his style of writing is amazing. I know for a fact we’ll make a MonstaPiece if given the chance. I would love to work with Nipsey Hussle as well. He has more of a laid back flow but he’s goes in! Not to mention the beautiful Alicia Keys. Her sound has always caught my attention, her sound is very classical I enjoy classical music, so I think we can put out a creative record.  I would really like to step out the Hip-Hop/ R&B and expand to the Pop and Rock World. I would love the chance to work with a Lady Gaga, Corrine Bailey, Kesha and my personal favorites Pink and Avril Lavigne.

24: How do you approach making a beat, do you start with the drums first or a kick?

Midus: It all depends on how I’m feeling. It can be days that I will start with the music as far as the lyrics and melodies, but then there’s days I’ll come up with my drums and bass line first.

24: How is the industry treating you as far as being an up and coming producer trying to get into the game?

Midus: Fair but a few people are really sleeping on me. I guess knocking at the door isn’t enough. So I might as well get the  sledge hammer and start knocking down these walls(lol). In all honesty though it just makes me stronger and fuels the fire for me to create these amazing records.

24: What producer in the game at the moment makes you say damn! When you hear a beat they did and make you want to step up your production?

Midus: That’s tough one because I have more than one. Boi1da is bringing some heat right now. crazy ass hip hop drum an percussion line. His records has that sound of a live orchestrated instrumentation and it’s unbelievable. Secondly,  I’ll say Polow Da Don. He has been killing the airways and topping the charts for the past for years now with single after single. He kind of  reminds me of a younger Timbaland. There’s Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and Dr Luke. Rodney has been in this game for a minute and he’s a musician! I’ve always been a fan his work. Dr Luke is another  genius with his Pop/Dance records. He always has a new sound that’s different from the normal records that you hear on an average record.

24: Do you have any plans of starting a label later on and have artist or do you just want to keep focusing on being the best producer possible because I know that you are working on putting out a Street Album with all record that was produced by you called “I Am Midus” which will show a lot of Labels and artist what you can bring to the table?

Midus: Well, you already know Jay my goal is to be named one of the “Best” when it’s all said and done! I still have a lot of work to put in, but I do plan on having a big production label that will include that next generation of artist and a new sound that’s very unique. A outlet for some of the best up and coming producers and writers, similar to the “Clutch” and “Underdogs”. I want to go a step further than both of those companies have went so far though. I want their to be “No Limits” with my production and thats something I will always teach, but right now I am focusing on my project I’m putting together called “I am Midus“. It’s a mixiture of various artist with a direction that represents the meaning of music. It’s chance for me to give the listeners a taste of what I got! You can say “I am Midus” is a wake up call letting everyone know don’t sleep because I’m coming and when I come I go hard.

24: What’s some up and coming moves your trying to make in the near future that everyone should look out for?

Midus: First off you can check out Trina‘s album Amazing, I Co-wrote a song called “On Da Hush” ft Shonie. Definitely look out for my  “I am Midus” street album coming soon. You can also hear me on Webbz mixtape called “Gods Plan” which I executive produced along with Dade Dilla of South Side Bombers. I have out two videos right now that I think can be huge from Murph and the record i s called “Tell it Like It Iz” ft Shonie produced by myself. An the second is from Phatz and the record is called “Grown Man” ft Gary Adams. Also look out for new records I did for Young Breed of Tripple C’s, Scotti Boi who is signed to Maybach Music Group and Empress Raw ft AJ The R&B GeneralFantasy.

24: How can someone get in contact with you about some business or keep up to date with everything your doing?

Midus: They can hit me up on Twitter at www.twitter.com/IamMidus.

Images By: The Carter Photography(@Jay_Carter)