24: Introduce yourself to the readers and let them know where your from?

Mills Miller: My name is Mills Miller of Mills Miller Media. I’m from the Bronx,New York.

24: What made you want to get into directing?

Mills Miller: I started out as an actor. I would go to castings and I was taking head shots for auditioning roles, etc. But the excitement to be in front of the camera wasn’t the same as to when I moved behind the scenes. Things just kind of took off once I began creating.

24: Did you go the school for film or was it more of a passion that you always had and you taught yourself and got pointers from other directors etc?
Mills Miller: I went to school for film, but it has always been a passion for me to get involved with the film and entertainment business. I had the opportunity to intern with one of the biggest production companies Partizan NY. Which has shot some of the most recognized artists and videos for the last several years for artists like Janet Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Kanye West, Jay-Z etc. I was blessed at the time I was there to actually have the chance to work with directors like Michel Gondry(director of Be Kind Rewind movie, Bjork Music videos)and Phillip Andelman. He just directed Rihanna’s new music video for “What’s My Name” with Drake.

24: With Video’s becoming the new “Mixtape” and having a video here up on “24HourHipHop.com” or “WorldstarHipHop.com“, “OnSmash.com” means everything as far as promotion for a up and coming artist with dreams of getting a record deal. So I wanted to know how do you feel when you see these low budget videos that’s  done wrong with no concept or vision what so ever?

Mills Miller: I salute anyone with enough courage to go out there and create something from nothing. But we all as Filmmaker’s have to strive to have each of our projects be better than our last one. By that I mean progressing, learning from our mistakes and taking criticism. Taking criticism may be the most important because if your not going to listen, then you’re stunting your growth. It’s always to good to see a visual from your peers that actually had a plan and was executed well.

24: Who would you say inspires you and makes you say I have to take my videos to another level?

Mills Miller: I get inspired from many different things. But video directors who inspire me are Hype Williams and his use of colors. Joseph Kahn, Michel Gondry and Jonathan Glazer. Just to name a few, because when I watch their work it makes me realize that there are many things that I still want to implement in my own work that these guys have done ten times over. You can never stop learning.

24: Which music video you wish you had done and why?

Mills Miller: This is a good one, I would have to go with “Street Lights” off  of Kanye West album “808’s & Heartbreak“. I say that because I directed a spec music video for that song with the purpose in mind to direct a that Kanye video. The video actually did really well gaining a lot of attention and views. Kanye even put the video on his website. That’s actually the reason I shot the video in hopes to shoot something for Kanye. I didn’t get to shoot that for Kanye(lol), but I don’t believe he shot a video for that song so I guess that’s saying something.

24: What would you say you bring to the table that separates you from other directors?

Mills Miller: What’s different about me is that I approach every single project passionately and creatively as I would with any budget. I’m versatile within each genre of music, as I’ve done videos for R&B pop artists, hip hop and rock. So I def bring a vision to the table in which I think outside the box for each particular artist.

24: You recently shot a Mini Movie with up and coming artist Fred The Godson and Remo The Hitmaker called “A Big Bronx Story” for his new single “Street Money” so tell me how that came about and how happy are you with the response you have been getting because the internet has been buzzing?

Mills Miller: It’s been a great response from the Big Bronx Story project. It’s good to actually be working with an artist that I knew before all this. So it feels good to be coming up together so to speak. Fred has been working hard so he deserves all the credit he gets.

24: Tell me about some of your next projects your working on right now?

Mills Miller: Wow, I have a lot upcoming projects. At the top of the year January 22, 2011. I have a feature documentary set to premiere with my partner and producer/creator of the project Kaven Brown. As for music videos, I’m always writing for upcoming projects. I Just shot a behind the cover shoot, making of the album cover for Chrisette Michelle‘s new album being released called Let Freedom Reign. Next up is another Fred the Godson collabo for his single “Too Fat” and other upcoming music videos brewing now with Lloyd Banks, Jae Millz, Vado and Square Off. My team and I are also working on a set of short films series called the spec series.

24: What’s the best way for Label’s, Artist, etc to view more of your videos and get in contact with you?

Mills Miller: The best way to get in touch with me and take a look at our portfolio is through the website www.millsmiller.com. The contact email is in the contact section.

24: Any finals words before we get out of here?

Mills Miller: Yes, definitely big shout to Jay Carter and 24hourhiphop.com for letting me share my story. Big shout to all the artists I’ve worked with for allowing me to paint with the camera. The biggest shout to my team, because I wouldn’t be hear without ya’ll.

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