24: Introduce yourself to everyone that doesn’t already know who you are.

Mirko: I am the one and only Mirko aka Mirkomilk tweet me @MirkoMilk. I rep Boston, Mass and give birth to “Life” music, music you can touch and feel and which is the soundtrack of life. I got theme music and background music for you and every situation you have experienced or shall encounter. Let me music ease your pain and make you joy more worthwhile as you move through the everyday grind. I am the hood and beyond on the hood, the original righteous hypocrite firing close range at all righteous hypocrites. I’m in here people. check me out or miss out, ya digg!

24: Before we get into your music, can you describe your history about how you got into and what inspired you?

Mirko: Music was always an escape for me. I was to help me deal with and process my life as well as the dream unfolding around me. Music game me words and melodies to express myself when I lacked clear means of expressing or understanding what was going on around and within me. Becoming an artist for me was taking that to the next level and using my music to distress and creatively share my life and my world.

24: What was the Hip-Hop scene like for you growing up where you’re from?

Mirko: It was all about hood life and Hip-Hop was how we communicated that experience. This was during 2Pac’s prime, Biggie’s prime, Wu-Tang, and Mobb Deep’s prime. This was before Hip-Hop became focused on balling-out, back when thugs and hustlers ruled the game.

24: What makes you Unique as a artist and different from other rappers out now?

Mirko: My style of music is different from others artists in your genre in that, it is not my desire to glorify reckless lifestyles. Part of the motivation behind my artistry is the fact that I desire to be a role model/example for the youth of this generation. I want my exampleship to show them that they can be true to who they are while still be successful and not compromising their integrity. In my current real world life, I’m a High School Vice-Principal and those who I desire to speak the most to are people who are like my students. I want to sure them what it means to be a successful black man and that doing such does not mean that you have to sell out or get far from your roots, also that keeping it real does not mean that you have to be wreck lass and that you can be hood if that’s what you know, but not be condemned to the hood.

24: Tell us about what you are working on.

Mirko: A new album entitled “Tabloids & Filth.” It’s a follow-up to my last project “Righteous Hypocrite.” The title is self explanatory our world has become tabloids and filth. It’s disturbing and disgusting, but you keep on watching. What does this say about what your looking at and what does it say about you?

24: What producers have you worked with and who would you like to work with in the future?

Mirko: I have worked with HD Productions, Theory Hazit, John the Baptist, Rudiment, DJ Thriumph, DJ Triple Threat, Unearth, B. Tate. those are all I can think of right now. I’d love to work with 9th Wonder, Kanye, Dre, Just Blaze, Primo, Swizz Beatz, just to name a few.

24: Are you happy with the feedback you have been getting from people on material you have released?

Mirko: Hell yeah, I’ve been getting made love, but I need more. I even spent time with an A&R at Sony, but haven’t settled on a deal yet. I need more support from ya’ll so that I can get the type of offer/deal I want. I’m not trying to settle for less. My destinies to get to the top so keep pushing me as I push myself and we gonna get there.

24: In today’s free download age, what do you need to do to make your self a household name?

Mirko: Exposure, exposure, exposure that is the only key word. I need more people to know about the movement and I’ll be fine. Those who are tapped in have shown much love and I’m sure as more come in contact with it they will too. Get at me for features, get at me for collabs, get at me for shows, get at me on twitter just to kick it @MirkoMilk.

24: How do you feel about the current state of the Hip-Hop scene?

Mirko: It’s kinda soft. They some good music out there, but it’s not as good as it could or should be, plus too many ain’t being original right now. They making hits, but not classics, time to allow new blood to get to the head of the class and elevate the game, ni-mean?

24: If you had to choose to work with anyone in the music industry, who may that be?

Mirko: I would work with just about anybody, I definitely do not discriminate and I
appreciate all creative people. That said the top of my list as crazy as he is, would probably include: Kayne, Lecrae, GhostFace, Anthony Hamilton, Janelle Monae, Wayne, Wale, and Common.

24: What is the inspiration behind your most recent album?

Mirko: The inspiration behind the album “Righteous Hypocrite” was three-fold. Initially, I thought it was going to be for the religious type, specifically meaning Christians who don’t practice what they preach, then as I got into it, I thought, nah this is for society, then as I got deeper I realized nah this is me exposing my heart and how I wrestle with being both a righteous and hypocritical man.

24: Describe one of your most memorable collaboration projects.

Mirko: Two words “Cram Session,” I’ve been doing the cram session for 7 years now. It’s an annual project where my crew and I invite in artist from all over the world and we write and record and album together over a three day span. We’re up for 72 hours straight in the studio, everything thing mus be written and recorded there, no pre-written stuff not preconceived concepts. It’s a grind, but it’s creative expression at its best, plus just a great time of networking with other artists who love music.

24: How did you come up with the performance name?]

Mirko: Mirko is my real name

24: What type of message do you speak through your music?

Mirko: Life. I believe in the concept of life music and although I believe that I keep it real in my music, I try to keep it positive. Lots of people say they just about keeping it real, but they preach pure negativity, I don’t believe in that. Life music to me is music that can serve as the soundtrack to your life, you know the same as the background music that fills the void in films when we watch movies, that said, that void shouldn’t be filled with music that brings people
down, we gotta consistently be moving up.

24: Outside of the music, what else are you currently working on?

Mirko: I’m all over the place, I’m a Principal, I’m also dumb into cars, I buy ’em, hook ’em up and sell ’em. I’ve had over 46 cars in my lifetime and am a silent partner in a very small dealership, I also am a co-owner of a skate shop/urban appeal store called “ChildhoodRec” & a clothing line “Bosque Ink.” I think that’s about it, but I know there maybe other stuff that I can’t think of right now.

24: Where do you see yourself going in 2012 and how do you plan to separate yourself from the other artists out today to get the recognition you feel you deserve?

Mirko: I’m going hard to get a deal. That’s the focus, that’s the goal. To get there I gotta keep doing what I’m doing, grinding, making fresh music, networking, doing lots of
shows and promo and asking folks like ya’ll to get the word out, ya’ digg?

24: How can fans go about contacting you?

Mirko: REVERBNATION: http://www.reverbnation.com/mirkoaamg
YouTube: http://youtu.be/NPy78-m07bA
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/MirkoMilk (@MirkoMilk)
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mirko/204080362949954

24: Thank you for providing 24HourHipHop with this exclusive interview, do you have any last words for your present and future fans?

Mirko: Look for me on twitter @MirkoMilk, watch my current
vid: http://youtu.be/NPy78-m07bA, buy my music: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/righteous-hypocite/id444771022 and keep on supporting the movement!

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