24: Introduce yourself to everyone that doesn’t
already know who you are.

What it do Hip Hop, my
name is NAK, and I am an up and coming artist reigning from the 305. Also known
as what you call Miami’s Best Kept Secret. I was born in Dade and raised in
Dade. Music is my life, and I put my life inside my music. I’ve been doing
music professionally for about 6 years now, and I do not plan on stopping
anytime soon. This is what I do, and from a fan’s point of view…I do it well.


24: Before we get into your music, can you describe
your history about how you got into the industry and what inspired you?  

It all started back in
middle school. A bunch of friends and I started our own rap group and we use to
write songs every day. But as we grew older, their interest towards music
started to drift away and my ambition towards it only grew stronger. Being an
entertainer has always been that Big Dream for me and just the art behind music
itself drives me to pursue it as a career.


24: There are a lot of up-and-coming artists coming
out of Dade County. Why do feel as those your one of the few who stands out
amongst the rest?

My sound is different. If
I dropped an album out in the UK right now, the consumers would hurt their
heads trying to figure out where I’m from. My mission is to give the people
something they can feel and imagine, versus something they can listen to.


24: As of right now, who in the industry would you say
you listen to on a regular and would probably like to work with in the near

I’m a huge OutKast fan, and
working with them would be a blessing. There are plenty of other artists that
I’d love to work with also, but OutKast is definitely as the top of the list.


 24: Tell us
about your mixtape “Half Man, Half
and the meaning behind the title.

Half Man, Half Cadillac is my first official solo mixtape and the title mostly
reflects on my history of cars. Every vehicle I have ever owned was a Cadillac,
and right now I’m on my 5th. Back in the day, a black man driving a
Cadillac was unbelievable. It was the taste of success. So why not put it in a


24: In the beginning stages of the mixtape, what
producers did you work with or wanted to work with but didn’t get the opportunity
to on the project?

Yay Traks is a personal
producer I have been working closely with for quite some time now. He arranged
the Intro and Outro on my mixtape and will probably be producing the majority
of my first official album. The music we create together is incredible and I
can’t wait till the world becomes familiar with it.


24: The overall feel on the mixtape was similar to
that of an EP or an album with a lot of soulful records and samples. Why did
you go that route as opposed to the usual jacking-for-beats/freestyle format on
most mixtapes?

You said it right there.
One of my biggest goals when doing the Half
Man Half Cadillac
project was definitely presenting the listeners with
something that felt like an album. This is my first official mixtape and since
I’m really trying to get this fire started, why not go all out and give the
people “Music” instead of Freestyles. First impression is everything.


24: Was it conscious decision not to have a lot of
features on the mixtape?

 Of course, Half
Man, Half Cadillac
isn’t a compilation mixtape, it’s a NAK mixtape. It
would have been a very big disappointment to know that NAK has a new project out
but he’s only 60% apart of it


24: Songs like “Whatever
You Want,
The Actress and My Queen” on the mixtape speak on
various relationships topics with women. Are these from personal experience or things
you’ve witnessed from those around you?

Yes, they are. I’ve been
in love, I’ve been in lust, and I’ve been cheated on. It’s a part of life and
it’s even greater when you could put it in a song for that one person that
might be going through it as we speak.


24: Are fans responding to
your new music the way you want them to?

Definitely, I mean it’s a blessing you know. To know that something
you’ve put a lot of time and effort into is being appreciated. From people
reciting my lyrics on twitter, to sending me text messages saying they still
haven’t changed CD’s a week later after receiving mine. It’s Amazing. I think
I’ve gained the People’s approval. I think they are starting to believe that
the path that I have chosen in life, to be that Best New Artist that everyone
loves, is the right way to go. I just have to stay at it, and make that a
reality, God willing.


24: Does it hurt you giving
this project away for free download when you’ve worked so hard on it?

Even though I’ve put so much effort into this project, it doesn’t hurt at
all that it is for free. What would hurt is if my hard work went unnoticed.


24: Tell us about your upcoming mixtapes Feat. Nakand the self-titled Nak?

Featuring Nak is a series
of mixtapes that I will be doing that are leaning more towards the
interest of DJs. If there’s a hot song out and its burning up the charts, I’m slapping a verse on it. This
would be giving every DJ the option to play my verse on the track along
with the original. Almost as if I was actually featured on the track. But “NAK” the self-titled
mixtape, I used the same formula I used for “Half Man, Half Cadillac”
which sounds more like an album than a mixtape.


 24: What did you do on this mixtape differently
that you didn’t do on your previous projects?

On “NAK”. this
time I worked with more local producers than usual. Since I dropped “Half
Man, Half Cadillac”, people are more familiar with what I do and
producers are much more interested. Tell you the truth, I planned on it to
happen that way, that’s why I didn’t stress on having original production
on my last.


24: Have any labels showed interest in your brand and

A few local labels have
been asking representatives about me and letting them know that they were
paying attention. But Once I drop my first single (which is a certified
banger), I’m confident enough to say
that the doors will be knocking like crazy and the phones will
be ringing off the hook.


24: What other upcoming projects do you have in the

Currently, I’m working
on my first independent LP. I have a title for it but I’m not going to announce
it just yet. But I will say this, I bit the title from a scene in a very
popular movie that came out a few years back and its

a motto I’ve been living by ever sense.


 24: What is
your relationship like with some of Miami’s up-and-coming talent and how
important is having unity amongst you all?

It’s great, we all support
each other and do whatever we can to assist each other. One hand washes the
other and if we really want this Miami Market to go somewhere we have to work
together. You’ll see a lot more unity in 2010, believe that.


24: What direction do you feel Miami hip hop is headed
heading into 2010?

I feel like tables are going to really turn this upcoming year. That
old saying, “Out with the Old, In with the New” is going to be in full effect
in 2010. If you look at it, it’s the end of a decade, and the 00s are over.
It’s time for something fresh, and that something is done waiting.


24: When it is all said and done, how would Nak like
to be remembered?

As someone that did everything
he could for his Culture with the time that he had. Bury me a G, and the G is


24: How would the fans go about contacting you?

Easy, they could follow me
on Twitter.com/Nak305 and contact me there. I never miss a tweet. Also check
out my Blog site at www.Nak4DaGame.com


24: Thank you for providing 24hourhiphop.com with this
exclusive interview, do you have any last words for your present and future

Everything happens for a reason,
and you have to live a nightmare before you get to your dreams.