24: Introduce yourself to everyone that doesn’t already know who you are.

Natalac: I’m Natalac born Sheldon Davis C.E.O. of Natalac Records / Natalac Express and a Southern Rapper, I’ve also been tagged with street names of Pimp of the City, The Original Step Daddy, or Just Nat for short.

24: Before we get into your music, can you describe your history about how you got into and what inspired you?

Natalac: I got into music by just rappin with my brothers making silly songs as a kid… Left it alone, till i grew up and got some bread. got out of the Marines and some real time to think while Riding 18 wheelers exchanging ideas with other truckers and my girlfriends… at the time.

24: What was the Hip-Hop scene like for you growing up where you’re from?

Natalac: The scene was we used get all the New York music late in Florida. My cousin who lived in New Jersey had a LL cool j fetish and used to clown us cause we got up north music late, but when 2 live Crew came out and i gotta say what ever they put out even the xmas album i got it. We in florida had something we could say they got late..and every body was bumpin Throw the D*** on boom boxes..then i was walkin to the corner store and i saw a white tape ran over by a car with Too Short on it. I fixed the tape..and played it Christmas morning and i was getting a understanding of real rap and saying what you wanted and could careless about judgement..it was on. I picked up everything then rapping wise then..from all different rappers then…oh yeah hold up. We had DJ Dewayne Wayne and the palm daleposse, the dogs.

24: What makes you Unique as a artist and different from other Rappers out now?

Natalac: I would say I’m different from other artist cause I’ve lived and experienced two different hip hop scenes from the northeast and the south and I bring both together. I live what I speak, what I rhyme, there’s no bullshit!

24: Tell us about what you are working on.

Natalac: I’m working on my camp and some unknown Carolina Artists the latest is Cadillac Switchin Lanes single distributed through Def jam digital bringing them to the for front cause everyone deserves a chance to be heard at least once and if its garbage i wont be mad at them they’ll know the realest in this game gave them a shot.CAUSE SOUTH CAROLINA AND JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA AIN’T WHERE IT SHOULD BE it’s called operation hood freedom..it will be released this year..and i’m still pushing Natalac – The Answers….This album brings what’s needed to mind while..still draggin these bitches like a god damn train..strait..FIRE… and for the ones afraid to take a chance on spendin that dollar in this recession i released a Best of Natalac…to get familliar wit me..in digital download age.

24: What producers have you worked with and who would you like to work with in the future?

Natalac: I’ve bought music from the outcasts and the nobody’s the ones still in the struggle to be heard. I’ve made it this far by riding with them cause if I like your sound, fuck what someone else say, I’m wit ya!!! I’d like to work Jazze Phe, and i would have loved to have worked with the Late Pimp C.

24: Are you happy with the feedback you have been getting from people on material you have released?

Natalac: I am very happy with the feedback from people especially when i can hear me and my Dad bump all yo shit from Natalac Step Daddy Superman Papie, or i hear man if the country would have heard the song hurricane 911 bout sept. 11th or Fire in Florida before or while Florida votes were being thrown out we wouldnt be paying 3 plus for gas at the pump…to Natalac – Money girl

24: In today’s free download age, what do you need to do to make yourself a household name?

Natalac: One you need GOOD music to last through the ages that’s what i create. If you ever play killing my heart your children will be playing it. I make music to tug at your soul like Marvin Gaye in his prime..IN RAP MUSIC…and to add i don’t have to be in everybody’s house just the house that’s doing the best they can…it ain’t win or lose its how you play the game for me.

24: How do you feel about the current state of the Hip-Hop scene?

Natalac: I feel like rap music needs me like a light in the mist of darkness trying to walk through a maze of thorns..need to know where you are..and how to get out..

24: Outside of the music, what else are you currently working on.

Natalac: Natalac Express, a truck company so my kids can always make a living for themselves and Natalac Lawn Service one biz for my son and one for my daughter.

24: Where do you see yourself going in 2012 and how do you plan to separate yourself from the other artists out today to get the recognition you feel you deserve?

Natalac: Well I’m certainly not going to follow the norm…Im gonna trust GOD and stick wit the real…and TELL THE TRUTH…OR ILL WALK OUT WILLINGLY…oh yeah no rented rolls royce’s in my videos if it ain’t mine NO SHINE!!

24: How can fans go about contacting you?

Natalac: CONTACT ME or BOOK ME OR ANY NATALAC RECORDS ARTIST TEXT 803 238 5955, www.youtube.com/natalac74, twitter.com/natalacrecords, facebook.com/natalarecordslabel, [email protected], man they can just Google “Natalac” there’s only one in the whole world not to mention they just named a drug after me called Natalac it make women breast bigger I think…Now ain’t that some braggin’ rights for The Pimp of the City..Natalac out..lol

24: Thank you for providing 24HourHipHop.com with this exclusive interview, do you have any last words for your present and future fans?

Natalac: My last words, I’m the Pimp of the City and You Can’t Fuck Wit Me!!! Cause I’m proud of Me!!!

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