24: Introduce yourself to everyone that doesn’t
already know who you are.

ya boy Nyte Shifta representing the bottom of the map for you all
that don’t know Dade County 305 Miami Florida to be exact. I’m an underground
artist trying to make it to the main stream. I’ve been on the grind 12 years
the youngest of 3 but the oldest in life’s hard journey. I’ve been through a
lot of hardship and struggles and my lyrics tell the story about my life.


24: Before we get into your
music, can you describe your history about how you got into the industry and
what inspired you?  

first off I was born in Haiti and raised in the streets of Brooklyn. Being in cyphers
inspired me to begin writing and rapping. My music comes from the heart it
helps me express myself. My lyrics are mainly about my life all my pain and
suffering where I’ve been, where I’m at and where I’m going.


24: What was the Hip hop
scene like growing up in Miami?

grew up listening to old school artist back when Hip Hop had less beef. Artist
such as Das EFX, KRS-1, LL Cool J and Method Man. Growing up I used to watch
the award shows and the music channels remember singing the lyrics and the
moves of some of the artists, wishing one day that would be me on the stage
with the audience rapping along to my music.


24: In your opinion, what do
you feel makes you unique as an artist compared to other rappers coming out?

I rap about I’ve lived it firsthand, it’s all facts and no fiction. I’m a go
getter and I feel I’m trying to perfect this rap game. I’m very dedicated to
it. A lot of underground artist put out a couple of songs and drop out of
sight. But I walk these streets with determination daily to get myself out
there and be heard. I have a story to tell and I’m gonna tell it to whoever choose
to listen and will continue to do it because I feel I haven’t even reached my
prime in this rap game.


24: As of right now, who in
the industry would you say you listen to on a regular and would probably like
to work with in the near future? 

have a lot of artist that comes to mind that I would like to work with but
hands down Jeezy would be the first artist that comes to mind because I
feel like I can relate to him. I feel his music speaks from the heart,
like he’s walked the paths that he rhymes about. A few more great artists would
be Billy Blue, Brisco and Trick Daddy being that they represent the 305 also.


24: What was your inspiration
for the hit single “This Is For My Love”?

fiancée’! She’s my love, my women, my friend, my supporter, my # 1 fan, my
present and most of all, my future! She’s my backbone she gives me the drive to
stay focused and that extra push to accomplish the things I’m striving for in
life. I feel without her by my side I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now. She’s
truly my inspiration!


24: Are you happy with the
feedback you’ve been getting from the song since its release?

I’m getting a lot of love from clubs and other establishments I’ve
performed in and also from a lot of people that’s listened to my music.
I’ve been asked to perform at lots of places because the streets talk good
about me. That motivates me to continue doing what I’m doing because there are
some people out there that can relate to the words I speak in my songs. 


24: In the beginning stages
of your debut album, what producers have you worked with or would like to work
with on this upcoming project?

an underground artist I’ve worked with local producers such as Future Trax and
The Thunda Katz. I would like to work with some big name producers
such as Timberland, Scott Storch and Jermaine Dupri just to name a few, I
love the beats and styles of their music and I know my lyrics mixed with their
style and beats would be something serious.


24: Can you give us an
estimation of a time period on when that album will grace the shelves and/or be
available for download?

haven’t officially came up with a date to release the album because it’s
been pushed back but in the mean time my songs are available
to listen to on my website. When my album does hit shelves it’s gonna
hit hard so all I can say is be ready. 


24: How do you feel about
the current state of music in general?

feel after the Biggie and 2pac situation Hip Hop has taken the wrong turn.
There’s a lot of beef in the industry. A lot of artists need to put
all this beef to the side and work together and spit something more positive to
the generations that are coming up under us.


24: What are you currently
working on? 

now I have a lot of things in the making but I don’t want to put that out
there yet. But 1 of my projects I’m working on is a mixtape with a couple of
features. I’m not going to get into too much detail but I’m working on it hard,
I’m very excited about it and I know it’s going to hit


24: How would the fans go
about contacting you?

my MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/nyteshifta91


24: Thank you for providing
24hourhiphop with this exclusive interview, do you have any last words for your
present and future fans?

road I’ve been traveling has been a long journey and I’ve seen a lot of things
but with God, Faith and much dedication I’ve learned that nothing is impossible
the sky is the limit just believe in yourself know who you are and don’t be
what the world wants you to be. I’m not giving up and I will continue to do
what I love to do and continue making the music my fans love to hear. So be on
the lookout for my upcoming projects and thanks for all your support.