24: Give the readers a brief update about some of the things you have been up to because when we last spoke it was before you released your single “Celebration” as well as the Music Video and then dropped two mixtapes “Dope Boi Phresh” & “Palm Tree’s & Bomb Weed Vol.1“?

Phatz: Well, Celebration took off and got some great reviews. It showed up on a lot of Mixtapes, Websites and eventually got some radio spins on a few top stations. So we had to give the people a visual of the record. I really think when you watch the video it speaks for itself. As far as DopeBoiPhresh it really introduced me to a whole new audience and helped get my name out there more. After that came the infamous “Palm Tree’s & Bomb Weed Vol.1” mixtape Hosted by DJ Smokey Bear(that mixtape in my opinion took it to a whole new level).

24: What do you feel separated the two mixtapes from each other and what was the responses like that you got back from the listeners about “Palm Trees & Bomb Weed Vol.1“?

Phatz: I think growth separates the two tapes. With each mixtape I put out I try to make it better then the last one. I’ve grown lyrically and with “Palm Tree’s & Bomb Weed Vol.1“, I just wanted to do a tape where I could just let loose and give out “Bars”. I wanted to not get caught up in concepts and themes on this mixture. Just Hot fucking bar after bar. But those who heard the tape love it as are as the feedback I got. I got a lot of great feedback from Palm Trees & Bomb Weed Vol.1.

24: You also got into directing and actually directed “Celebration” as well as came up with the treatment not only for that video but videos such as “Angels Freestyle” and your New Single “Grown Man” ft Gary Adams so tell me  how did that come about and has it always been a passion of yours?

Phatz: I’m so hands on with everything I do musically, so when it came time too shot a visual I figured nobody could capture it but me. So I said “Fuck it I’ll do it”. It’s always been something I’ve wanted to try my hand at and thought I could pull it off. So once the “Celebration” video got the type of response that it did that just gave me the confidence to write treatment’s and keep shooting my own shit.

24: A lot of people who watched the video has felt like your Music Video for “Celebration” set the bar as the standard for an up and coming artist coming out of Miami,FL so I wanted to know how do you feel about that statement and do you feel any added pressure because of it?

Phatz: Yeah, I won’t lie to you I do feel the pressure from it. Every time I meet someone who follows my music the first thing they mention to me is the “Celebration” music video. Everything from how it looks so crispy and like a video they would usually see on BET or MTV Jams, etc. They couldn’t believe we shot it ourselves and I directed it(lol). But it makes me want to work more harder and go bigger on every next project. That includes from a music stand point too. As far as setting the bar, I take that as a compliment. As a up and coming artist I’m competing with a lot of people because exit’s a lot of great talent in the city. So to have a video that I directed be mentioned as a “Bar Setter” is definitely a step in the right direction for me and where I’m trying to go with my career.

24: Just a few weeks ago you seem to have taken over OnSmash.com with 4 Music Videos and OnSmash.com is by far a hole in the wall Video Website, so how much of an honor was that for you?

Phatz: It was definitely a big deal to me. For them to recognize the work me and my team has been putting out is a great look. Not only were they the first to premiere my new music video “Grown Man” ft Gary Adams, but they even reached back and grab the whole Phatz Video Catalog and blasted them off at the same time. So once again it was a great look for my team and Shout Out to OnSmash.com!

24: Getting back to the music side of things “Overdose” will be the name of your EP your looking to drop soon so tell the readers what they should expect from you on this album?

Phatz: You can expect to hear a new sound from Phatz. New material and not coming from a mixtape point of view. Records that are coming from a real life experience and with a bigger sound. This will be my first EP of original music so I want to give the listener something they can relate too. Not just Bar’s but Lyrics they can see.

24: Will you look to be more personal on this album because on the local scene it seems to be a stigma where some people think you can only rap about the Good Life, Fast Cars and Women?

Phatz: Yeah, I plan on getting deeper then I’ve ever gone before lyrically. I’m a little wiser now and I realize that the listener wants to be able to relate to what they hear. They want to be moved, they want to be able to put themselves in your shoes as if it happened to them. Not everybody can relate to the fast life or partying like we do down here in Miami,FL. So with “The Overdose” EP I want to get a lot more personal. But don’t expect me to ditch my “Good Life” flow or to stop talking about the ladies(lol).

24: With your Music Video for “Grown Man” ft Gary Adams(Prod By: Midus)being released and the single soon to follow what can the listeners look out for from Phatz for the rest of 2010?

Phatz: Look out for a lot more music and a new sound from me. “The Overdose” EP will be coming out later this year so be ready for that. More Fly or Die Films to be made. Also look out for a Valholla Entertainment take over. My teams more focused then we’ve ever been.

24: What’s the best way for the readers to keep in touch with you and stay updated?

Phatz: Go to www.Valholla.com and www.Phatzworld.com for any and everything dealing with myself. download “Palm Trees & Bomb Weed Vol.1“(Mixtape Download Link:http://bit.ly/palmtrees ) if you have not already and also follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/PhatzMfly.

24: Any last words for the readers?

Phatz: In GOD We Trust, Everyone Else Must Pay Cash!

Photos By: The Carter Photography(@Jay_Carter)