For those who don’t know of you please tell the readers about yourself.

I from east side North Miami I grew up around there. I grew up around a lot cats around there. I’ve been rapping for a long time from when I was 13. It’s just been in my life.  The whole time I just took another route another situation chasin money thinking that microphone is too far not knowing that music is an element its how you use it. Basically that’s what I’ve been doing I write a lot and I visual a lot that’s just what it is. Qua lu is not my government name it came from the hood you don’t make up a name in the hood it’s given to you.  It was given to me by my homeboys we were always tryna get money.. we were in the trap trapping.. we use to run a little candy store shop for a dude named JD he basically gave us an opportunity .. it ain’t no where you will have your kids around.. like yo momma say if you come off that porch you better be prepared to deal with situations around the corner.. once you leave home you on your own… I learned my game from the streets .. strictly from the streets

Did you always know you wanted to be a rap artist?

I always wanted to be a rapper but I didn’t know the format .. They say when you jump into something you gotta learn the history. It’s like planting a seed in the soil and growing it, My mom is from Brooklyn, NY she’s Haitian and Dominican and my dad is Cuban but I was born in Miami. Being that my mom is from New York I use to go up there in the summer time and from my uncles I use to hear all the old records like Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane,, LL Cool J… Just a lot of rappers… but out of all of them out of Pac, Biggie, and Jay-z… Big L caught my attention just hearing everything he was saying just blew my mind away.. Forget the money and the fame.. he was talking about his life experience … I was like wow this is what I wanna do … I was like 12 or 13. My first rap.. was using his hook 8 iz enuff…if you listen to what he was saying … I understood it all. It was a lot what he was saying even white America could relate. I made my first Demo at the age of fifteen my mom paid for it of course … it was at a studio at the time that was coming up called Studio B.. the core engineer asked me where did I get this from cuz he know what was coming out of my mouth .. and I told him Big L .. I wrote my own rhymes but the hook was from Big L.. he asked me what did I know about Big L.. I said knew he was apart of a crew called DITC Digging In The Crates Lord Finest… Out of that click was  Big Pun, Fat Joe, Mase,  Camron … I liked Mase too lyrically wise I liked mase.. much as I like JT Money and Trick Daddy of course for putting the foundation down in Miami so much as Luke and them…

Tell me about your style/ Who did you group listening to? Who did you admire the most?

Jay-Z and Big L…Trick..Im lyrical I’m not ABC rapping .. not that I’m trying to diss those who are ABC rapping I’m basically saying if you telling me something I want to hear something different from what the next person said.. if you listen to “look at this money” I’m not just only talking about money money in content I’m talking about what’s really going on like money do make the world go around but why should it change an individual.. you know what im sayin.. you have to have strong bones im making myself different from this rapper and that rapper   While everybody is partying and having a good time I’m plotting you to come up. I’m always in the lab like Dexter’s Laboratory I’m always writing. If you tell me it sounds good I’m going to feel like that good is alright and that makes me wanna go in and go even harder and keep on going. I be up to like 7 sometimes 8 in the morning.

What are you plans for the future?

In the next five years … I hope to see myself in the music industry doing something… bringing the message across different from what everyone else is doing .. Like when Eazy E took everyone to through Compton through Crenhsaw and all that.. he said it.. he talked about what’s going on in his environment. Rap is a reflection on America.. so I see myself open in the industry..

How many mix tapes do you have out right now?

I have a mixtape called “Bout To Drop” I’m just on their experimenting on beats.. It’s the first one ever. I’m pushing “look at this money”.. talking about behind the money, money, power respect.. when you hear it… just listen to it. You will hear what I’m saying.. I’m bringing the’s not like what everyone else talking about .. it’s self explanatory. Money makes the world go around.

There’s a lot of competition today. Everyone wants to be a rapper. What set’s you apart?

Of course I mean there’s competition when you see Serena Williams going at the other opponents.. you want to be number one.. you just giving it your all if you really want it. It makes me go deep in the dirt and really dig it out and make me go for everything. I’m going to introduce the crowd about Qua Lu … where I come from .. I’m not just another face. I GOT A MESSAGE. Not too many people know I’m doing this. I stay to myself. So what sets me apart ..I try and stay on top of things including my lyrics.

What label are you feeling?

I like Poe Boy not because of the name… I like Poe Boy because they believe in their artists and they let them do what they do.. they believe in them.. I like Brisco and Billy Blue because they are themselves… they take risks.. some record labels don’t take risks. I like this new dude that came out of Roc Nation named J Cole he’s nice .. I like that … I like all that he always talking about a message.

What do you want to tell fans and up-and-coming fans?


Stay tuned and watch LOYALTY IS FIRST ..Before love.. If you wanna see what’s going on with him I say stay tuned because your gonna get something… follow me.. im not gonna give up..

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