24: For those who aren’t familiar with your work, can you list some of the songs and artists you’ve worked with in the past?

I just recently finished Young Sox’s “Sorry for the Weight” mixtape. “The Savior” and “3 Part Eulogy” by Mally who reps Minneapolis. Sunni Ali Ber’s “Yuguru”, Fayn ft. OZ “Go Harder”, “Breathe of Fresh Air” Twins ft. Spook “LaLa”


24: What made you want to produce compared to being an artist or singer, manager, etc?

There really was no choice in the matter; I practically just grew into it. But there was a time when I did wake up one day, I think around 2006, and told myself this is what I want to do forever and I never looked back since then. 


24: As a matter of fact, how did the situation with Ghostwridah & The L.Y.F.E. come about, what was it that got their attention?

It’s crazy because a lot of people go through life without paying attention to small but specific details so they miss out on so many opportunities. Simply put, Ghost was performing at DXC alongside Plus Givens which is another MC I’ve worked with, so I decided to hit him up on Myspace. He told me to send him some tracks and around that time, he just started working on the “In Love with my Future” project. He put me on to the idea of the project, and I immediately got the feel for it and sent him a couple of beats. I’ve been LYFE ever since.


24: How would you describe your style?

Everything I do is fueled by emotions, that’s my little secret lol. Whether it’s producing or songwriting, it has to have that effect on people. As soon as you hear it, some kind of feeling should arise or even memories attached to a certain emotion. If I’m working on a song, and the topic is, for example, a woman dealing with a cheating spouse, I try to put myself in that vulnerable and fragile state of mind to know exactly where she’s coming from. The same way actors research a role and actually might live that life for a moment just to accurately portray it on film. Even a song that gets heavy rotation in clubs has to “feel” a certain way whether you are dancing or just feel good.


24: Do you both consider yourself a producer or a beat maker and explain why for either answer?

I definitely consider myself as a producer because when it comes to actually making a track, I like to be involved till the end. There’s no other feeling than being in the studio and sharing a vision with an artist or band and bringing that idea to life. Of course, a producer also has to give the artist some breathing room and the keeping of that balance is an important part of the producing side of things


Who are some other artists you’re trying to work with in the future?

Well first and foremost, I really want to work with a lot of the talented up and coming artists and bands we have here in South Florida. The Miami music scene is really starting to make some major waves when it comes to creativity and I would love to be a part of that. From Mayday! to Jigg to Pitbull, things are really looking up. My dream collaboration though outside of Florida would have to be working on a Gorrilaz album. I’ve never been one to stick to one genre so they would be a perfect fit due to their immense versatility.


How do you approach making your beats? Is there a certain way that you go about creating music?

 I just start with whatever is in front of me and just start messing with sounds. I usually don’t remember when or how I make a beat a day after it’s been done, and it’s not because I’m under the influence of anything but because I’m just so much in my zone when I make a beat that I don’t think, I just do.


What producer(s) in the game at the moment makes you say damn! When you hear a beat they did and make you want to step up your production?

 I mean, as far as major producers, definitely DJ Khalil, Boi-1da, Jake One are really doing some dope stuff. But there are a couple producers that I personally know and work with that have amazing beats like LowKey, Alexis Carrington, Antman Wonder, iiL MeeL and every time I hear something of theirs it always makes me want to take it to a much higher level.


Do you have any plans to venture outside of the studio and try other aspects of the industry like starting a label and have artist(s) or is producing the main thing your focusing on?

 My focus will always be to make great music but it’s always been an interest of mines to run a label and develop artists. The one problem with that is I would have to treat it solely as a business and whatever business ventures that would not seem profitable, I would not be able to make happen. I wouldn’t want to control any one artists or band’s destiny and push my agendas on them just to make my ventures a success or for me to profit from. Anything is possible though so if I was able to find the right balance between artistic creativity and commercial success, I would not hesitate to make it happen.


What are you currently working on? 

Of course, GhostWridah’s “In Love with my Future” which is shaping up to be an amazing work of art. Also working on a project called “The Essence” with Mally which I’m also very excited about, and I’m producing a couple tracks on Sunni Ali Ber’s “Candle Wax and Cake”.


How do you feel about the current state of music in general?

I’m cool with what’s going on in music right now. It’s great to see artist like Waka Flocka and/or OJ doing different things and achieving such a fan base. Many people might think that it’s insane acknowledging them for bringing something new to the table but there’s only one Waka Flocka out there. I think it shows other artists that you can’t half ass it anymore and you really have to work hard for your fans because they do pay your bills…


24: What’s some up and coming moves you’re trying to make in the near future that everyone should look out for?

A Grammy! (laughs).


24: How can the readers keep up to date with everything your doing?

I don’t use it as much as I should, well at least as much as others but you can hit me on twitter at twitter.com/justrem


24: Thank you for providing 24hourhiphop.com with this exclusive interview, any last words?

Yeah, just want to give a big thanks to you guys for this interview, it’s greatly appreciated and I also want to give a shouts to the L.Y.F.E. fam, B, Big O, Nat, Sox, Fayn, Sunni, Mally, Twins, Front Page News, Marcus Banks and Alexis Carrington for keeping me on my toes.

I also want to shout out UnkleLuc and the whole Slut Time fam. Also check me out on Sox “Sorry for the Weight” and Fayn “Reminisce: Contemplated Thoughts” out now! The L.Y.F.E. presents GhostWridah In Love with My Future coming soon!