24: Introduce
yourselves to everyone that doesn’t already know who you are.

Rich: We go by the name
Rich & Fameus. We’ve been out here grinding for a few years now. Originally
from the Bronx, New York, we moved to Miami after the passing
of our Mom in 2001. We make hip hop and pop music.


24: Before we get
into your music, can you describe your history about how you got into the
industry and what inspired you?

Fameus: We started
performing in Middle School in the Bronx for
school talent shows. Back then we were called Boys 2 Men II. Later on, we started to get more into sports at
school, so music was put on the back burner. In 2001, we graduated high school
but around the same time, our mom passed away after losing her fight with
Cancer. Even before her death we had goals to move to Miami and peruse a career in pro baseball yet
life took over and soon we were being influenced by local artists to get in the
booth. An artist named Teddy Rouger is responsible for my first studio session.
After hearing my voice over his a beat, I soon realized what I wanted to put my
efforts toward. Our name eventually came later thru a mutual friend at work who
just came up to us one day and said “your Rich & your Famous”. We love the
idea but we decided to change the spelling to Rich & Fameus because we
wanted to be different from just Rich & Famous. We wanted it to have a
different meaning than just having money and Fame!


24: What
makes Rich & Famous unique as a group from other groups that came before?

Fameus: What makes us
unique is that we make REAL music not music that we think people want to hear.
We put ourselves into it. Most of the lines we spit are real feelings that we
feel or have been exposed too. We don’t just glorify ourselves like we don’t
have issues like everyone else. We try to make you something every time you
press PLAY. More importantly, we really love what we do, its not just about how
much money we can make so I think when people feel the passion you have for
something, they respect you.


24: In the beginning
stages of your debut mixtape, what producers have you worked with or would like
to work with on this upcoming project?

Rich: On this new project
we worked with Show- BiZz out of New York,
Yung Chill out of Houston, Beta Productions out of LA, Carl G of Caco’s
Productions, Dre Major out of Jamaica
and local producers like Twinz Beatz, Ben Reid, Big Frank, Derrick Mix and DJ
Who Betta from the MIA. I would love to work with lots of producers in the game
but you know how political this game can be.


24: So what is the
creative process like for Rich & Fameus when your making a song?

Fameus: We sometimes have
melodies or phrases in our mind that we pair with music that matches that
feeling. But lots of the time we just listen to a beat and before you know it a
melody is being hummed or whispered. Later words form and then we just make
sense of the words so that it’s a complete thought. Its fun to make music that
embodies a true feeling or that evokes a feeling! Its seems like the best music
is created when you just let your feelings take over kind of like sports, you
know you gotta get in that zone!


24: Are you happy
with the feedback you’ve been getting from the songs you’ve released so far?

Fameus: Absolutely. Whenever
we perform, the response in always positive. We just finished the final touches
on this new project so now we are going into a big promo push. Most people wonder
why we are not signed yet.


24: You have a buzz
slowly building now in the streets. How are you going to keep it going?

Rich: There is no set
way to keep a buzz but wit the power of internet, we definitely are focusing on
that avenue. We are locally networking with DJ’s, Radio Personalities and club
promoters. Currently we are releasing a PROMO DVD called Road to Rich &
Fameus detailing our struggles in the game and in life. The DVD will include
footage of studio sessions, club shows, freestyle sessions and background info
on Rich & Fameus and its affiliates. We also have a demo with 5 tracks of
original music that we will be performing at local clubs. 


24: Can
you give us an estimation of a time period on when that album will (grace the
shelves/available for download)?

Fameus: Rich & Fameus “Confidence Rules The World” will be
ready for download in Late March on DatPiff, itunes etc. and “Road to Rich & Fameus” should
be done by Late February or early March. Look out for the single “Take My Hands
Off” featuring Yung Chill soon.


24: How do you feel
about the current state of music in general?

Rich: I love it. I know
people say its dead but I don’t believe it is. I think it’s just changing and
sometimes people looking at change as a bad thing. Is it perfect? No, but I
can’t say any industry is perfect. I feel like the industry is starting to go
back to when other groups and companies competed for fans but also respected
one another. Also I feel like lots of artist are stepping up the level of
vocabulary they are using so fans can get more from music then just a hot beat.


24: Do you feel
like the magazine-type websites or blogs are more valuable today to a new

Fameus: Oh yeah without a
doubt! As a new artist with blogs and websites, you can get yourself out there
on a small budget. Lots of people look for new music on the internet so it
really helps to have that presence but the hardest thing for a new artist is
radio play. Reason being is lots of people only listen to music when in their
car so if you’re not on the radio they won’t even know your name to search.


24: What are you
currently working on?

Rich: We are currently
finishing our demo “Confidence Rules The
along with the DVD “Road
to Rich & Fameus”


How would the fans
go about contacting you?

Fameus: We can be contacted
via Myspace.com/RichandFameusMusic or Twitter/RichandFameus or send tracks to RichandFameus@gmail.com