24: Introduce yourself to everyone and let them know where your representing?

Ro Spit: I go by the name Ro Spit, I’m the neighborhood “Dope” kid. I’m reaping Burn Rubber all day!

24: What do you feel your bringing to the music world and what separates you from other up and coming artist?

Ro Spit: I think I’m bringing a “Breathe of Fresh Air” to the music world. I have a different perspective on most things, even from a fashion stand point. I can talk about three sides of retail, buying, selling & owning. I
also try to go a little deeper with my lyrics, I’m somewhere in the middle. I’m not right on the surface, but I’m not too deep that you can’t understand.

24: Who were some of your musical influences growing up?

Ro Spit: Growing up, some of my musical influences were NWA, Biggie, Nas, Luther Vandross, Anita Baker, Slum Village, Outkast, Tupac and Jay-Z to name a few.

24: Outside of being an artist you are also a businessman, tell the readers that may not know about “Burn Rubber“?

Ro Spit: Well, Burn Rubber is the greatest boutique in the history of the world. All pail in comparison. Lol, but for real, we just want to bring a positive light to the Metro Detroit area. Detroit get’s such a bad rep around the country, we just want people to know that we are here as well and we get fresh and make some of the best music in the world, point blank period. The readers can check us out at www.burnrubberdetroit.com.

24: The video you did over Jay-ZEmpire State Of Mind” that actually made me notice you and pay attention so tell me what made you decide to do that record over and take it a step further then more up and coming artist and shoot the video as well and a quality video. I have to add that because a lot of artist think just shooting a video counts when it doesn’t?

Ro Spit: Once again, it came about from me wanting to do something positive for the place that I love and hold so dear to my heart. I’m not actually from Detroit, I’m from Pontiac. It’s about 20 miles North of Detroit, so I was waiting for an actual “Detroit” artist to step to the plate and do the song, but after a couple weeks went by, nobody did the song. The reason why is because there was never an instrumental released. I went to the extent of having a producer name DBit, find the original sample and re-make the beat. The first time I heard the song I was like, this is gonna be the most re-mixed song in the history of the world, for obvious reasons, (lol). So after it wasn’t, I figured why not “Knock it Out”, and I can flip it because I’m from a smaller city but when I travel people don’t care about exactly where I’m from. They’ll say, forget that fam, your from the “D“. Only in Detroit, will you hear somebody say, he ain’t from the “D“. It’s crazy like that. So, the way that I flipped it, you had no choice but to respect it. I’m not saying I grew up on Puritan or Plymouth, I’m saying I’m from Pontiac and I rep The City I love to the fullest. It’s all the same struggle. Other than that, Alicia Keys Murdered the “Empire State of Mind” track, so I figured I had to find somebody that could match her intensity. Somebody that has a just as powerful voice and the first person that came to mind was Monica Blaire. She spazzed out on it and the rest is history. As for the video, like with everything I do I have very high standards, especially when dealing with a song that Jay-Z rapped on and A. Keys sang on not to mention that Hype Williams directed the video. So we went all out and my man Gerard had a vision for it and made it happen, because you can’t just “Shoot a Video”, you gotta do it right.

24: Tell about some the projects your currently working on?

Ro Spit: Right now I’m working on two projects. Both are basically done, it’s just about set up and knock down on the marketing tip. The first project that will drop is “Rosee Gold” produced entirely by my man 14kt of AML/A-Side Worldwide. That’s an EP, it should have about 9 songs on it. I got a couple crazy features on it, it should blow peoples minds(lol). Then after that I’m working on my 1st solo “Album” It’s called “The Closest Thing To Him” and it’s completely produced by Koen Buiter from the Netherlands. Shout out to the Blocnotes! That album is a year in the works already, I got joints with Black Milk, Marv Won, One Be Lo, Fat Ray, Monica Blaire, Fatt Father, Guilty Simpson, Elzhi, Bigtone and my dude iLLiTe. That’s gone change lives when it drops(all Detroit features).

24: At a time when the music industry is at an Up & Down state do you have any plans of signing to a major or just keep building up your buzz at this moment?

Ro Spit: If it’s a good deal, yeah I’m in. But it has to be right for me and my team. I’m already making certain moves, so I have to have some say so in my career. I’m not one of these young cats that just got out of high school and started rapping. I know the game and how it’s played. If I can’t “Be Me” you can keep the deal, I’ll keep moving how I’m moving.

24: Besides yourself who are some other artist out of Detroit that the readers should tune in too or be on the look out for?

Ro Spit: Other than the obvious Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Big Herk, Marv Won, Big Sean  and Monica Blaire. The world needs to get ready for Stretch Money, Jwan, Earlly Mac, PL and  this young cat JFin they’re “All Stars”.

24: What should the readers look out for from you in 2009?

Ro Spit: I’m not going to stop. So be looking for me in Fortune Magazines, Forbes, Sports Illustrated & Time magazines. I have an ad in those magazines that should run all year long. I’m dropping those two CD’s this year and shows galore. Hopefully I’ll be in a city near you soon. I have my foot on the gas and I took the brakes out so I’ll be where you are in a minute(lol).

24: How can someone find out more about to and check out your music?

Ro Spit: The best place to go is www.rospit.com for all info regarding myself. To download the “Oh S#!t Project” for free, you can go to www.rospit.bandcamp.com. Other than that, you can always stay up on me and get fly over at www.burnrubberdetroit.com.

24: Is there anything you want to say to the readers?

Ro Spit: Thank you to everybody who has ever enjoyed anything that I was ever a part of. I humbly appreciate the support and I promise I won’t let you down. That’s my word!