24: Introduce yourself to everyone and let them know where your representing?

Stalley: I’m from Massillon, Ohio representing for the Midwest.

24: How did you and Dame Dash link up?

Stalley: I got hooked up with Dame Dash through a mutual friend, he brought through DD172 to shoot a music video with Coodie & Chike of Creative Control. I shot a video for my song “Autobiography” and Dame seen and heard my music and he really just took into what I was doing.  He genuinely thought that I had the potential to be a star and he wanted to help in any possible way he could help. An so far he has been helping through the outlets he has created with DD172 and being able to work with Ski Beatz and Creative Control.

24: Who were some of your biggest musical influences growing up?

Stalley: My biggest influences growing up were artist like Nas, Common, Outkast and then you have Marvin Gay, Curtis Mayfield, Bruce Springsteen to Travis Trent. It’s definitely a wide variety of artist that influenced me to want to get into music.

24: What would you say your bringing to the music world that pretty much separates you from other new artist?

Stalley: What separates me is that I’m just myself. I’m just a Midwest boy an All-American boy. I come from a small town that’s really self-made and a real blue-collar town with hardworking people where I’m from and that’s what I bring with my music. I just represent myself as well as America and all of the small towns and city that get overlooked but really make this country move and are definitely unique.

24: Let the readers know about some of the projects you currently have out right now as well as what your working on at the moment?

Stalley: Currently, I have out a mixtape called “Goin Ape” and “MadStalley: The Autobiography“. Right now in stores I’m on Curren$y album “Pilot Talk” I’m featured on a song called “Address” as well as Ski Beatz album “24Hour Karate School” which I’m featured on three records. Also I’m working on “ITM” which will be my third free album. I’m very excited about this project because it’s an whole different sound and I’m just very excited for everybody to check it out so stay tuned for that.

24: You just mentioned Ski Beatz, so how is it it working with him because you guys have definitely been making some great records together?

Stalley: We definitely just vibe out and we are and are firm believers in Hip-Hop and have very similar taste in music all the way to Jazz music to soul music and that really helps us to create great records. He’s really a great producer and anyone can check his track record so it’s not much more I can say.

24: You recently shot a video for your song “Babblin” which the entire internet has been loving so tell me how did that record came about and where did you want to go for the video concept because from the response it’s been getting you definitely got it right?

Stalley: That’s my favorite song on “Autobiography”  because it was something that came so natural. I did that record in about 5 minutes and it took me back to when I first started doing music. When I first started creating music I would turn on beats and just start babbling and let me thoughts go where they wanted to go until I put my thoughts on paper. The record just felt like New Orleans with the vibe of the record and with the things that’s been going on with New Orleans from the good things to the bad we wanted to highlight that in the video. The song is also about letting people know that in the beginning thing may come about that frustrate you and get you down but you have to keep going on and that’s what the city of New Orleans represents.

24: From your experience so far in the music world what advice would you give to an up and coming artist?

Stalley: I would give the advice of just do you. Don’t worry about what other people are doing or saying and be you and create your art. Do it from the heart and be free with it.

24: What should the readers look out for from you for the rest  2010 going into 2011?

Stalley: We’ll they definitely should look out for “ITM” that’s going to be an incredible project and a few of my videos are out on MTV Jams right now as well as XXL Magazine/Dime Magazine which I’m featured in. I did the commercial for Def Jam Rap Star recently so check that out. An for 2011 it’s just going to get bigger with a lot of more projects and good music. I’m on Twitter(@Stalley)now so you can follow me for anyone who’s interested in my movement and my growth.

24: What’s the best way someone can find out more about you and check out your music as well as keep up to date with everything your doing?

Stalley: They can definitely check me out on social networks such as Twitter at www.twitter.com/Stalley, Myspace at www.myspace.com/madstalley, Creative Control TV at www.creativecontrol.tv/www/Facebook at www.facebookd/stalleymusic, Stalley BandCamp: http://stalley330.bandcamp.com/
The Milq at Creative Control:http://www.creativecontrol.tv/www/#/shows/the-milq/,
Stalley’s Blog at HighSnobiety:http://highsnobiety.com/columns/stalley/ and lastly
Stalley’s Blog at Slam Online: http://www.slamonline.com/online/category/blogs/milqandrookies/.

24: Any final words you want to leave with the readers?

Stalley: I would just like to stay please keep on supporting I vibe and I feed off of that and I will continue to try to make timeless and classic music. I appreciate all the love and support from my fans, friends and family and I just want to say thank you.

Photos By: Jan Ferrer

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