24: Introduce yourself to everyone that doesn’t already know who you are.
If you don’t know by now Stress is the name Black Card is the alias, you may also know me as Dade County’s punch line king

24: Before we get into your music, can you describe your history about how you got into the industry and what inspired you?
Long story short, I got into the game after being pursued out of state by an independent label at the time called Akono Entertainment.
 The A&R at the time Chris City formerly of the popular R&B group Liberty City.  He heard some of the music I was doing locally and after a couple phone conversations with the CEO, they finally got me to listen to what they were saying about pursuing music professionally. At the time I had already been writing for years before ever taking rap seriously, So once they presented me with the opportunity it was a done deal signed on and launched a group called the City Slickuz. The shackle’s of a group was too much for me.  
I then looked for solo success with the launch of my first solo mixtape “Product of the Streets” hosted by DJ Epps of Gunit/Shadyville Records. What inspired me to pursue it was constantly hearing I’m better than this artist or I sound like that artist.  Then when I realized the money potential to take care of my family I went full fledge plus I always had a love for Hip Hop just never thought I would be a “Rapper”.  
24: What makes Stress different from other rappers?
I’m the first of many I like to call it hybrid rappers north and south combined in one and can do both at a high level, also the fact that I’ve gone through plenty of the same situations other artist have gone through but don’t have to rely or glorify it in my music to be successful or to feel relevant. My flow and delivery can change as the tempo of a beat does but my sharpest assets are my punch lines and metaphors. I feel like I’m 2 steps ahead of my class lyrically. Plus I don’t sound like the typical artist from Miami artist which is my gift and my curse.    

24: Have you ever felt like too much time passes in the game where you have to make it and that window is closing?
I feel like the window closes daily its always someone better or smarter or that does something out of the norm to give them that much of a chance to take the one spot you could of had. But I feel like I am all of those people wrapped in one and my time will come the window never closes when you break molds and stereo types. When it all boils down my will and determination will get me to my ultimate dream goal of signing that dotted line. I feel gimmicks don’t last but creativity and talent and hard work will always prevail.  

24: As of right now, who in the industry would you say you listen to on a regular and would probably like to work with in the near future?
 I think every dude from Dade looks up to and respects Rick Ross ,I would love to work with him in the near future also my all time favorite artist Jay-Z himself.  I’m a fan of the game first and foremost but those would probably be the two I listen to the most and would want to work with sorry I had to give two.

24: In retrospect, being a songwriter, would you consider writing songs for any of them if the opportunity presented itself?
As long as it got exposure and I’m credited, I would write a song for anyone. I feel like I adapt to the person I’m writing the record for, I can even write RnB from a male and female perspective so sky’s the limit. So yes I definitely would.    

24: In the beginning stages of Industry Intervention, what producers have you worked with or would like to work with on this upcoming project?
I’ve always had great in house producers so the production came from a lot of in house dudes or producers who just wanted to work with me. But Miami is known for some of the best producers in the country. I would love to work with Cool-N-Dre, Gorilla Tek, Jim Jonson, Big D and Streetrunner. I can’t forget The Runners.

24: Can you give us an estimation of a time period on when that album will (grace the shelves/available for download)?
Well after the mixtape promo in full I feel like the attention I will get from it will put me into another bracket to start working with the bigger producers for a album but as for now I’m still recording building my catalog to some day soon have a album for the shelves.

24: Are you happy with the feedback you’ve been getting from the mixtape you’ve released so far?
Honestly I love it, I’m humbled by the fact that people in other states that I don’t know me from a hole in the wall can quote and spit my lines better then me.  I get hit up on twitter daily with one of my punchlines or somebody that finally understood a metaphor, Its crazy you never know how many people really vibe with you until you put something out and get so much love from people you didn’t even think would feel you…It just shows that hard work and talent pays off also to drop a project virally and to get over 1000 downloads in a matter of hours with no major buzz or even promotion …shows me the worlds waiting for a new face….

24: Was it conscious decision not to have a lot of features on the mixtape?
Not really, the one feature I chose on the mixtape was mutual and I felt like the homie Phatz would be perfect for the record “Hate On” so the homie DJ Sylent linked it up and we smashed the record. The other features are dudes from my team Tycoon Group Ent, plus I wanted to prove I can be hot on my own not off the strengths of somebody else’s success thus the decision to go on my own. However, I will work with more artist on future and upcoming projects.

24: When you put Industry Intervention up for free download, does it bother you at all that you’re giving out the music for free or do you look at that as something that you have to do at this point in your career?
I definitely look at it as something that will get me where I want and need to be. I feel like what I put out free now will have me stress free later, no pun intended.  
24: You have a buzz slowly building now with Industry Intervention. How are you going to keep it going?
Keep the quality of work high and often I’m also shooting several videos for the project so you will see me out and about a lot, doing a mixture of things such as my mixtape release party scheduled to be at club Dream located on South Beach, Miami for the official street release. I let my loyal twitter and web fam get it first. Also, I’ll be pushing my Louie Shades record…real big record picking up a lot of attention already played on several of the underground radio station locally, Virginia and New York. So the grind don’t never let up.
24: Where do your career going in 2010?
Only Lord knows.  I always hope for the worst and pray for the best.  Stay humble and give thanks and pray 2010 gets me closer to that ultimate goal.

24: In today’s free download age, what do you need that you don’t have to make yourself a household name?
Exposure some times is not what you know or what you can do, its who you know and some times all it takes is a certified co sign.  Let Ross come out tomorrow and say Stress the next big thing in Dade County best believe tomorrow Stress gone be the next big thing.  
24: Do you feel like the magazine-type websites or blogs are more valuable today to a new artist?
I wouldn’t say more valuable, but definitely the web covers way more ground then foot. So it’s always a great look the more your talked about whether good or bad is always good to have your name is somebody’s mouth.

24: How do you feel about the current state of music in general?
The current state of the game is just fine. Hip Hop ain’t dead it’s just different. You got artist doing things artist of old never have done. Like, selling a million records in a week normally was unheard of in the past but not now. As long there’s always great artist around the game will never die. It is always refreshing when somebody goes left field like a Drake just to keep the game balanced.

24: What are you currently working on?
Right now already back in the lab getting my catalog ready for A&Rs and Labels that may possibly want a variety of music apart from my mixtapes.
I’ll have a series of mi tapes dropping shortly.  “Blood On My Notepad” coming soon….

24: How would the fans go about contacting you?
I’m every where man follow me on  twitter.com/stressgotbars also my official mix tape website www.industryintervention.com stay tuned for Webisodes coming shortly from there you can get to any one of my pages from Twitter to Facebook  

24: Thank you for providing 24hourhiphop.com with this exclusive interview, do you have any last words for your present and future fan
No, first and foremost I want to thank ya’ll for giving me this opportunity I really appreciate it. Last words for the fans is stay humble, hungry, keep God first and sky’s the limit. This da kid Stress aka Black Card signing out …..