24: Introduce yourself: Who is Swazy Baby?

Swazy: A down to earth young artist from Cordele, GA who tryna make my mark in this music thang. I rap, sang, make beats, produce, whatever. Thats why I say Im an artist and not just a rapper.

24:Before we get into your music, can you describe your history about how you got into the industry and what inspired you?

 Swazy: I got in the industry through Bigga Rankin, VP of CTE, Slipnslide Dj, Cool Runnings Dj, Hittmen Dj, etc. My uncle influenced me to rap when I was a git, bout nine years old. He wrote my first rap and from then I jus took off on my own. It started out as a hobby and ended up being a career fa’ me cause the football thang didnt work out. After high school I tried the college thang fa’ bout a month and I aint like it so I left and told myself I was gone make it rappin, and I was gone be able to get my grandma a crib wit’ a fishin pond in the back ya feel me. My grandma really inspired me to keep goin because she workin and dont need to be. I dont want my grandma to have to wake up every mornin’ at 5 to go to work. I want her to be able to wake up at 11 and go fishin, ya feel me?

 24: Have you ever felt like too much time passes in the game where you have to make it and that window is closing? 

 Swazy: You know what, I have thought like that but at the same time I done heard of the best in the game and how long it took them to get hot, so I contain my patience, ya feel me? I aint gone lie doe, Im only patient when some money in my pocket cause if not then frustration occurs and when that happen shit dont get done.

 24: As of right now, who in the industry would you say you listen to on a regular and would probably like to work with in the near future?

 Swazy: I listen to Jeezy. Im talm bout “Trap or Die” mixtape to da “Trap or Die II” mixtape. Plies is another rappa I listen to on da regular. I listen to myself and R&B the most doe. As far as collaborations, I’d rather do a collaboration wit’ an R&B artist like Trey Songz or Pleasure P. I wannna do some shit wit Jeezy but I gotta step my game up first.

 24: What was your inspiration for your hit single(s) “I Sang” and “So Much It”?

 Swazy: I came up wit’ my single “I Sang”, produced by my lil cuz J, by havin a regular conversation wit’ my patna. He was fuckin’ wit me bout my underground half R&B, half Rap mixtape and I told dat bi’, “So what,. I bet dem females like it.” Then I had already been havin’ haters talm bout, “ahh dat sangin’ ass nigga”, but them same people didnt say shit when I came round, ya feel me ? So thats how the “I Sang” single came along. Now the “So Much It” song, produced by Midnight Black, I got high and went in the booth and thats what came out. I aint really think it could be a single until I heard the mastered version and Midnight Black did all the beat changes and effects and that bi’ sounded real good ta me. The “So Much It” song was really a confident booster. I know a lotta people feel like they got a lot of whatever it is. Whether its swag, clothes, money, hoes, etc. “It” could be whatever, ya feel me?

 24: Are you happy with the feedback you’ve been getting from the songs you’ve released so far?

 Swazy: Oh yea man. Like I said, I know it takes time to really get heard in this industry, but as long as my pockets good, Im good and Imma continue to wait on that moment when its my time to show out.

 24: You have a buzz slowly building now with “I Sang.” How are you going to keep it going?

 Swazy: When Im out I play my music a lot, plus I got Slip-N-Slide shippin’ cd’s and singles to my label Im tryna get off the ground, Slumb Ent, and a radio dj I fuck wit’ round the way who know other djs from other cities and so on ya feel me. We jus’ gone push it till we cant no mo. More in the streets and colleges doe.

 24: How long have you been in the game? How would you describe the changes from when you entered the game to now?

 Swazy: I been in the industry for bout a year and half, two years now. I came in humble. Recorded a song called “Fuck How You Dance,” which I hated after hearin’ it the second time, and I start buckin’ from then. I use to go to clubs fa runthroughs and if I had a problem at the door, it was a wrap. I went back to my room and smoked bout 20 blunts. Somebody had to explain to me again what I had to do in the game to be successful as far as communicatin wit’ DJ’s and doin’ drops and jus’ being somebody that was easy to talk to. Being somebody who the DJ’s respected and felt like was a good dude, ya feel me?

 24: What are you currently working on?

 Swazy: Im workin’ on a mixtape called, “Follow Me @DaRealSwazyBaby”, which gone be hosted by Bigga Rankin. It was his idea to name it that. He thought it would be a good way to get my followers up and my music heard at the same time.

 24: How would the fans go about contacting you?

 Swazy: These all my links right here: