24: Introduce yourself to
everyone that doesn’t already know who you are.

 What Up world it’s your boy Big Swazy Styles, Mr. Birthday Suit. Make
sure you request “Birthday Suit” on your favorite radio stations and
log on to


24: Before we get into your
music, can you describe your history about how you got into the industry and
what inspired you?

started out freestyle battling on the block in New York. I was real animated
with my flow and delivery. I used to eat a lot of dudes up. I saw I could put
together songs, so my crew and I put together a nice home-based studio. People
started liking our music, so promoters started booking us for shows. At the time
I was in a group called Amped Up with
another artist called Precise. We continued on our journey for about 5 or 6
years and then I went solo. I dropped my first single “Pockets Full Of
Green” going in with DJ Epps, shutting everything down. Then I linked up
DJ Def & DJ Laz and now I’m Signed to VIP Music.


24: What makes Swazy Styles
unique as an artist and different from other rappers?

I do is censored or planned. I make my music in the hope that my fans will like
it and accept it, but I don’t make it and say this they’re going to like. I say
what I think they need to hear.


24: Have you ever felt like
too much time passes in the game where you have to make it and that window is

The window doesn’t close unless I close it and the only thing that can defeat
me is me. Time will always be on my side.


24: In the beginning stages
of your current mixtape, what producers have you worked with or would like to
work with on this upcoming project?

producers I have worked with so far are up-and-coming producers, with the
exception of Cp Hollywood and Lavi, the producer of my hit song that’s in
rotation in 20 cities (Birthday Suit), I’m just looking for that fresh new
sound to coexist with my style of music.


24: Can you give us an
estimation of a time period on when that album will (grace the
shelves/available for download)?

now you can find my singles on iTunes. “Birthday Suit” is the single
we are going in heavy with right now so make sure y’all download it. Also you’ll
find the Pockets Full of Green EP on there and the single “Sounds Like
Money”. Right now I’m dropping singles & I’ll push out the album
summer of next year.


24: What was your
inspiration for the hit single Birthday Suit?

 The story behind “Birthday Suit”
goes back a century and a half to its origin in Russia. This melody was taken
from an old Russian song called “Korobeyniki,” meaning
“Peddlers”. The song tells the story of a young Korobeinik (peddler)
trying to sell his goods to a dark-eyed girl named Katya. He kisses her, then
takes her to a rye field. She mysteriously ends up taking a turquoise ring from
him. The events that lead to her getting this ring are expressed through the
metaphor portrayed in this song. Due to its increasing tempo and the dance
style associated with it, “Korobeyniki” quickly became a popular
Russian folk song. One hundred and fifty
years later, the same peddler is back with the same intentions; getting the girls
into their Birthday Suit. The song came together quite quickly. I just wanted
it to be a record that everybody could feel.


24: Are you happy with the
feedback you’ve been getting from the songs you’ve released so far?

 I am very happy with the feedback, positive
and negative. All feedback is positive and I appreciate the listeners for even
taking the time to listen and supporting me, making my song the #3 most
requested song on Power 96. By this I think I’ve gained the people’s approval.
I think they are starting to believe that the path that I have chosen in life,
to be that best new artist that everyone loves, is the right way to go. I just
have to stay at it, and make that a reality, God willing.


24: What do you think of how
so many things are digital with labels today, from iTunes to digital-only releases?  

think that it’s the wave of century. It makes things so much easier for the
listeners.  CD’s just clutter and take up space. Nowadays people want
things at their finger tips and at the click of a button so it’s not such a bad

24: How would
you describe the changes from when you entered the game to now?

game needs to go in a different direction. The style of music went from Hip Hop
to Dance Hop. People want to move and dance to fast pace songs and if
you’re not following the movement then you will fall behind. Also I’d say that
there’s a crisis as far as album sales, a lot of artists are not getting there
cut as far as music sales, the money is in shows and endorsements.


24: You have a buzz slowly
building now with Birthday Suit. How are you going to keep

Going? I’m going to continue to make good music and grow as an artist and put
out the best music possible as much as possible.  There is a new Miami
Movement bubbling and I want to contribute to it as much possible in my own
unique way.





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