24: How did you guys come together and form this production team better known as the The Olmpicks?

The Olympicks: Well, we were already friends before even linking up as a production team. We were already like brothers and had great chemistry when working together and were all under the same management as separate producers. Even though we weren’t a team and was working towards our own individual goals, it always seemed and felt like we were a team so the transition for becoming a production team wasn’t hard at at all.

24: Describe your sound and style?

The Olympicks: It’s kinda of hard to really define our sound or style. We are very versatile! Each of us individually have a very wide range of creativity, so now working together as a team collectively it’s a bigger impact on our sound and especially style. It’s five of us so when you have five people with great chemistry a lot of great things happen but I would say we go for musicality big sounding tracks that  are very epic.

24: A lot of people may know you guys from Rick Ross records, so was Rick Ross you guys first actual placement?

The Olympicks: Yes and No. When we signed to Maybach Music Group we landed three placements on the Triple C’S album “Custom, Cars & Cycles“. Then we landed a placement on Birdman album “Priceless” before landing on Rick Ross’s “Teflon Don” album but we’ve worked with a lot of artist prior to the signing.

24: What was it like for you guys working with one of the best artist in the game right now and what was it about Maybach Music Group that made you guys want to sign with them as in-house producers?

The Olympicks: Well, it’s pretty damn exciting because Ross is a cool mellow guy and has ideas by the second so it’s been really dope. Plus Ross is one of the main artist we really wanted to work with. He’s one of the artist that has longevity, on top of being super talented and our production combine with his lyrical ability is just an awesome combination. So that’s mainly why we made our decision signing with him.

24: I know you recently worked with  Young Jeezy on “I’m Just Saying ” outside of working with Rick Ross and Triple C’s, so tell me who are some other artists you guys have been in the studio work?

The Olympicks: Well we’ve worked with Jeezy many times before the “I’m Just Saying” record. We’ve worked with his entire camp CTE, as well as Birdman, Rocko, Bei Maejor, Big Sean and Yung Berg just to name a few.

24: Name me your Top 5 Artist you would love to work with in the name future?

The Olympicks: It would be Chris Brown, Lady Ga Ga, Jay-Z, N.E.R.D. and Kanye West.

24: How do you approach making a beat, do you start with the drums first, kick etc?

The Olympicks: It’s always a different approach when we are producing a track. It depends on what hits us at the moment. Most of the time melodies play a factor when composing tracks from scratch but the drums are most important with any track whether it be a sample and you having to match the drums that best fit it, replaying samples, or just mainly key heavy tracks.

24: How is the industry treating you as far as being new producers coming into the game and what advise would you give to up and coming producers so far from your experience?

The Olympicks: Things are getting better by the day. Working with more bigger artist, landing bigger placements and meeting a lot of important contacts. But the advise we have for other producers is first and foremost make sure you work the hell out of your craft. Keep pushing yourself to more and more levels. Also you cant just sit around making a whole bunch of tracks and not networking or meeting people your music has to get out there.

24: What producer in the game at the moment makes you say damn! When you hear a beat they did and make you want to step up your production?

The Olympicks: Well, they are a lot of producers that we are fans of, but we always push ourselves up, beyond and outside of the box but we are big fans of Timbalnad, Johnny Juliano, The Runners, Shawty Redd, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. LEAGUE, The Tranzfomerz, Bei Maejor, Boi 1da, and The Neptunes just to name a few.

24: Tell the readers what’s the best way to keep up to date with everything your doing?

The Olympicks: You catch all of our updates by following us and our The Olympicks page on Twitter at www.twitter.com/The_Olympicks and our separate pages at  www.twitter.com/jayfab, www.twitter.com/iamknoxville, www.twitter.com/flawolympicks,  www.twitter.com/bptheproducer and www.twitter.com/olympickpc. An don’t forget to
check out our Youtube page at www.youtube.com/olympickTV.

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