I’m joined right now by
Traedonya! One of the hottest up and coming female R&B acts in the
game. Even though she might be new to some, Traedonya has been in the industry
for some years now and his been going hard. On a global scale, she has toured
the United Kingdom and has made a name for herself in Russia and parts of
Europe. We sit down with the songstress Traedonya to ask her a few questions
and learn more about this rising diva!


24: Introduce yourself
to our readers around the world who might not be familiar with you just yet.

Hi everyone. Some of you
know of me and some of you don’t. A few things about me, I was raised in New
York City among other places. I’m an artist that stays out of any box and I
pretty much does what I wants when it comes to self expression. I’ve done
several things to get to this point in my career. I’ve done background for
other artists, as well as touring. My song “Beloved” which
hit the National Club Chart, was critically acclaimed, and allowed me to do and
see some amazing things. Right now I have a new song out called “I’ll Give It 2 U”, which
is gaining a lot of ground and people really seem to like it. I’ll Give It 2 U is accompanied with a global
remix package from mixes that cross a few continents. People can check it out
on iTunes.


24: How long have you
been recording music?

Professionally, I’ve been
recording since I was 13 years old.


24: I’m aware you are
also a songwriter. Tell me a bit about what goes into your songwriting process?

Sometimes, a lot of
thinking and some days are easier than others. It all depends on my mood.
Sometimes, you’ll hear some sadness, while other times you’ll hear some fun,
joy. In reference to recording though, now that is a lot of work. Recording is
pretty time consuming.


24: After hearing your
music, I see you have a really distinct sound. How would you describe your

My style encompasses many
different things. Though I have seen my music listed in several different
sections, I don’t believe that the Traedonya
sound belongs to any one genre of music, I‘m very out of the box.
I’m an artsy type of girl, with a street edge. You’ll hear some beat machines
as well as live instrumentation. I really can’t describe my sound, besides
saying that it’s a little of this and a little of that.


24: How did the
nickname “The Bride of New Funk Hip Opera” come about?

The European Press gave it
to me.


24: I’m aware you got a
new EP Remix. Tell me a bit about the new single “I’ll Give It 2 U”,
how did that record come about? What can the fans expect from the EP Remix

“I’ll Give It 2 U” was produced by Beats Galore and is a story about me, my ex and his new
girlfriend. It came about after the new girlfriend kept sending me wild emails
about my ex. The song started out as a response letter to her, then I recorded
it. The words are pretty funny, I get a ton of comments about the lyrics, the
ladies and the guys both love them.

The EP Remix project for “I’ll Give It 2 U”, is global. Producers from different
parts of the globe, with different ears touch the song and add some incredible
energies. From France, Italy to Indonesia, Texas to The UK and a few other
parts, the single is touched with different points of view. I love the approach
that they all took, all equally coming from someplace else.


24: You currently have
a video out for a single titled “Beloved” tell me the concept behind
the video

and where it took

The single “Beloved” hit the National Club Chart at Number 28, yet it’s not a new
single. “Beloved” is a song that allowed me to run
around the globe to all types of parties and hit various stages. The video is
set as a gothic urban, Medieval times theme. The video was filmed in
several different places, because there are two versions to the video. One
video was filmed in Upstate New York, the other version was filmed in Europe.
I’m actually protecting my castle and grounds in the video. I had a lot of fun
doing both videos.


24: Who would say
inspired you musically coming up in the music industry?

My family and mother were
the most inspiration for me.


24: What do you feel
seperates you from other artists?

I’m not afraid to do
what’s not the “in” thing, or to “not do” what‘s popular at the moment.


24: Tell me a bit about
your touring experiences. Is there a big difference in fans acceptance outside
of the states compared to the United States in your opinion?

With my touring
experiences, it’s crazy. I haven’t been every place, but I’ve been quite a few
places. My band has been kicked out of hotels, I’ve been ripped off by
promoters after a full day of flying and traveling to get there. Yet and still,
I’ve played some ultra exclusive events and I have fun doing it all.

In my opinion, the
difference in the fans outside of the United States compared to those in the
States is simple, the energy. In Europe, you can say what you want as an
artist, in the States you can’t be as honest in your approach to press. The
fans in the US, are more into the marketing and who you come through the door
with, the polishing. The US is still very conservative with a lot of things,
including music, even though people believe that it’s the total opposite.


What’s next for Traedonya?

you guys make sure the you subscribe to my Pod/Vodcast on iTunes. It’s called “Backstage Pass”. The “Backstage Pass” Podcast takes the
fans on the road with me and my crazy ass crew. The new single “Don’t Forget My Love” will be out
soon, we just filmed a beautiful new video. Also the film “The Making of Elemental Change” is
due in specialty stores soon. The film is about the process and all the
“doings” that go into creating the Traedonya Experience. It’s pretty awesome


Before we check out let the readers around the world know, where they can check
out more of your videos, check out more of your music and stay on top of
everything TRAEDONYA!