24: Introduce yourselves to our readers online and around the world and let them know from where you represent.
 Vocalz: Hey what up world, it’s your boy Vocalz along with my brothers YC and Mack Daddy and together we are known as TREY SMOOV.  The three of us are now on your computer screens, coming from that lovely 310 district aka city of Carson located in the best state on the map California, and we are here to let you all know that your boys are in building like a swat team, with our aim towards the top, and a mission to only be successful and show a new vibe, face, and style of R&B.
24: So I’m aware you guys originate from Samoan Decent. Tell me a little bit more about your background and about the video you guys released early in your career titled “Samoans Singing”, and how that video impacted your career.
Mack Daddy: Well our background means a lot to us! First and foremost it all starts with God and Jesus Christ. Secondly, my family and then music was a major part of our church. We were born and raised in the choir.
Our video, Samoans Singing was actually our first video and we just put it on youtube.com. It was just us singing and basically trying to see where we were musically. Based on the positive comments from the people on the internet, it was very successful.
24: Who would you guys say are some of the artists that have inspired your music career coming up as an R&B group?
Vocalz: Well some of the artist that have inspired me are Lauren Hill, Bob Marley,  Nate Dogg, Q-Tip, J Holiday, Pharrell, Bobby Valentino, Ray J, Jodeci, Maroon 5, Latif, Raheem DeVaughn, Jasmine Sullivan, Sean Kingston, Estelle, Luther Vandross, Black Street, Ryan Leslie, R Kelly, and Usher just to name a few.
Mack Daddy: Well I would have to say some of the music artists that inspired my musical career coming up as an R&B group are Ne-Yo, The Dream, Trey Songz and Usher.
YC: Well the artists who have inspired me are Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson because of their soulful voices and the way they arrange music. Polynesian artists like Fiji and Aziel Toeaina because I love the way they put it down for my culture.
24: How did you guys get your start in this music industry?
Mack Daddy: We got our start in our music industry actually by uploading the Samoans Singing Youtube video; that really kicked things off for us. Not long after that we got booked on a show and ended up being the headliner.
24: Tell me a bit about your debut album “Misconception” and what you guys personally wanted to reflect to your audience and fans with this project.
YC: This album Misconception is basically a fun, soothing and straight-up vibe of what we feel. We want our audience to know that we feel their pain and know what they going through. We also want to let the industry know that we (Polynesians) work hard and can do the great music too.
24: Your latest video “The Flyest” which is one of your singles off the album features cameos from Mack 10 and Friday’s very own Dee Bo. Tell me a bit about this video and how you guys linked up with Mack 10.
Vocalz: Well we got linked up with Mack 10 through our really good friend Danny from 44dawgs, who actually was one of the video producers for our first single off Misconception, “The Flyest.” The whole experience with this video shoot was a roller coaster ride of hard work, laughter, and everyone getting along, making the video shoot one to remember. We shot the video at a mansion in Malibu high above the hills. It was something driving up those narrow roads by steep cliffs, but the amazing view made those winding roads worth it. We finally got to experience how it really feels to have a video shoot with the whole nine yards and all I can say is that hopefully there are more video shoots like this to come.
24: I got around to hearing “Sad Love Song” and the song is amazing. Tell me where you guys pulled from for that idea and concept for that song.
YC: “Sad Love Song” is a real deep song. Everyone goes through hardships, up and downs and sometimes they feel no one listening. This is a song was a basic idea with a powerful message and a song to mend a broken heart.
24: Besides the album and the promotions behind that project is there other things you guys are currently working on as group or individually?
Vocalz: Well we are currently working on our studio making some changes as far as updating our equipment and we are having constant writing sessions and voice lessons with our vocal coach Tim Carter to better are craft as far our singing and breathing techniques. We do these things to better prepare us for upcoming events including our upcoming performance on August 30, 2010 at the Congo Room in LA for Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole Live, setting up an upcoming tour in the works and of course material for our next album.
24: So is there a lead singer in the group or is it someone different out of the group on any given day or song?
Vocalz: The three of us actually wanted to make a group that didn’t have a lead singer and that’s why we take the time to write all our songs together, from the verses, hooks, and bridges on every song so that everyone gets there fair share of the spotlight.
24: Where do you guys see your career going in the next 5 years?
YC: In the next 5 years I see us building an empire and still doing what we love which is writing and producing. God willing, writing and producing for other artists and to just getting better at what we do best…and that’s making good music.
24: Before we conclude this interview let the fans know where they can go and pick up your debut album “Misconception” and where they can stay on top of everything TREY SMOOV!!!
Misconception is available on www.TREYSMOOV.COM, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, 101 Distribution.com, Midnight Records (Los Angeles), Magic Disc Records (Los Angeles) VIP Long Beach and other fine national retailers.
Trey Smoov