24hourhiphop.com gets a chance to sit down with Texas  rap group Untamed Click (Kev-D & Cat). Untamed Click  is an upcoming group on the rise in the music industry.  Untamed Click tells us about how they came up, also life growing up in there neighborhood. We also learn about their musical influences, current projects out, and future projects. We also get to check out z dope video for their single “Pick Up” as well. Make sure to check out Untamed Click and let us know what you think!

Introduce yourself to everyone that doesn’t already know who you are?

KevD: My name is Kevin Durham also known as Kev-D of Untamed click

Cat: my name is Cat…Cat Pop Out The Cage and we are Untamed

•How did you come up with your Producer/Artist name? Tell us about it.

Cat: Life my name really a family name I’m originally from Louisiana so everybody had a different name

KevD: Its actually just a sort of abbreviation to my actual name. I believe cat gave it to me when we met.

• Where are you from, and what was it like growing up there?

KevD: Im from Killeen texas. Military town so alot of soldiers and military families. camo is probably one of my favorite colors or prints.

Cat: born in Louisiana raised in killeen like for middle school and high school

• Who were you raised by? Tell us your family situation. Got any brothers, sisters, or any siblings? Tell us about your childhood, and how it impacted your music?

KevD: Im the youngest of three. my sister kenyetta is 4 years older than me, my brother Rayson (Free him) is 4 years older than her. We all real close. Parents seperated when i was in elementary school, i think like 4th grade.

Before my parents seperated my pops was a preacher so we couldnt even realy listen to rap like at all, unless it was christian rap. but i even listend to that.

When my parents separated my brother kinda looked after me an sis and moms. He was thuggin and gang bangin but he made sure i never went down that route but still taught me everything he knew about it.

He had a rap group as well called playas dynasty and they pretty much legends where im from so of course i was just a prodigy under him, learning. He gave me my first rap cd wich was from “Bone Thugs N harmony” so they are still till this day one of my favorites. He also wrote me my first rap. I still remember it. those moments definitely started the mold of my rap interest.

Cat: Raised by my mother and father. Im the middle child of 3 brothers. My parents instilled a good work ethic in me at an early age. They let me know anything worth having and holding on to requires hard to obtain. The also gave me those morals and family values that enabled me to surround myself with similar people. They started the foundation and without that i would be nothing. The group of people i surround myself with now are all close childhood friends so that why you here us refer to morals and values frequently in our music.

• What age did you start making music?

Cat: Started making music at maybe like ten or eleven. Like actually writing songs and all. At about 15 i started recording those songs and just never gave it up.

KevD: I started writing at 10-11

• What inspired you to pursue making music?

Cat: I wouldnt say just one thing inspired me i just liked music and did it. It just came natural.

KevD: The feeling itself; that music gave me when i listend to something i realy liked. The feeling inspired me to create.

• What artists/producers do you work with? Or rubbed shoulders with?

Producer wise Matt Houston, Cash Jordan, huge salute to MarcD…artist we haven’t Collab with artist shoutout to our youngins Stupid Fashions and a couple of our panta’s in the NFL we see you Bino…and Dip

• What else you got coming out? New Album? or Mixtape/EP?
Right now we have the “Pick Up” single out. Our next single “100MPH” is from our upcoming EP “Front Row Seat” but you can check out all our pass work at LiveMixtapes.com

• Tell us about your newest single “Pick Up”, how did you come up with that, share us the story?

KevD: Gotta ask Cat lol He had the hook and the verse. I just added my final touches. Far as my verse, i based it on a particualar night wit my familia. along with a couple s/o of those who inspire me or helped my group out in a major way.

Cat: We come up with everything the same way. Just feel it and go. No elaborate explanation just hear beat and go.

Check out Untamed Click – Pick Up (Official Music Video)

• Any new travel plans, what you got going on?

We will be taking our talents to austin. Got a large fan base out there. plus its one of our favorite places to be.

• What is the biggest thing to happen in your career?

Feel like it’s yet to come

• Where can people find you?

Twitter: @UntamedClick @CatPop32 @kevdofuntamed Instagram: UntamedClick

Where do you see yourself going in 2014 and how do you plan to separate yourself from the other artist out today to get the recognition you feel you deserve?

Higher and higher. The #OutDaCage concept always stood for being yourself instead of following the masses. Thats what we tend to do to stand out.

• Any last words or shout outs?

KevD: S/o GOD. I would not t be here. Hey Mom. Whats up Pops. Love you Yet. Free my Brother Real. Treco is my go to guy. Rob D wut up bro. Killeen Tex. Cory P, Bino, Fu yall awready know how we rocking. #KBB #BapNation one love.

Cat: salute to KBB the BAP Free Goonie I love all our fans I’m a fan of a fan huge shoutout to marquis and Maley