24: Introduce yourself to the readers and let them know where your from and what made you start your company Valholla Entertainment?

Vince: Most people call me Vince or Vinnie Chase. I’m a music producer, arranger, all around entrepreneur and most importantly CEO of Valholla Entertainment. My background in the industry is promotion and management and in 2005 I was ready to take my abilities to the next level which is when I founded Valholla Entertainment. Also, I was born and raised in Miami, Florida.

24: For the readers that may not be familiar with Valholla Entertainment let them know who are some of the artist that’s on the label?

Vince: I’ll touch briefly on the current roster of talent we have at Valholla and tell you what I saw in them that caused me to recruit them. Firstly, Phatz– a name not too unfamiliar over here at 24HourHipHop, he’s definitely been featured and a lot of love has been shown. Before I even heard him on a track, I believed in him. I recognized immediately he had the “It” factor. Secondly, Ramzez, a stand up dude I became familiar with before I even knew he was an artist. It just so happened I heard some of his material and knew I wanted to work with him because it was unlike anything I was hearing at the time. An last but definitely not least, the Valholla songstress Kirby Maurier. She’s like our secret weapon right there. The story is funny because we met at a party and I introduced myself, and thought nothing of it at the time, but she ended up sending me some of her material and I was literally shocked at the quality and potential in her voice. I signed her the first chance I got.

24: These days it seems as though just about everyone has a record label/production company so what would you say separates Valholla Entertainment from the rest?

Vince: Two key points: talent and content. It’s easy for any CEO of a label to boast about what they have, but we can show you what we do and what we “Will Do“. My goal when I began Valholla was to not only have a music label but build an empire. Similar to the way Motown changed the game of music for an entire generation, I feel we are capable of doing that for the new era that is emerging- the digitalization of the music industry is upon us. I am big on quality! And good music is simply that: Good music, it’s undeniable. We’re putting out consistent, quality material not just to make that bank deposit but to make history. That’s my motivation. The financial gain will come, but the motive has to be genuine because the key to this game is longevity.

24: Which Major Label CEO would you say inspired you the most and why?

Vince: Good question, although I can’t limit it to just one major label CEO. When I think of inspiration I think of Barry Gordy, Russell Simmons, Lyor Cohen, SeanDiddyCombs and LA Reid. I truly believe the only way to master this game is to study the greats and become even greater. That pattern provides the opportunity for you to grow professional and personally while keeping the trend to expand knowledge to the next generation.

24: Tell the readers about some of the projects Valholla has put out in the past as well as some future projects that your working on?

Vince: Previous product from Valholla has consisted of Phatz debut mixtape “It’s So Easy, a Caveman Can Do It” followed by Ramzez’s “Epidemic” double-disc mixtape. We then decided on a compilation effort hosted by DJ Sylent  titled Valholla Is The Future Vol.1, which I co-hosted. Most recently, Phatz released the heavy hitter DopeBoiPhresh with a huge follow up Palm Trees & Bomb Weed Vol.1. Ramzez dropped his tapes Formula 1 & Formula 2 and is currently scheduled to begin development on his next project, as is the entire Valholla roster.

24: What would you say are the keys to success in the music world from your experiences so far?

Vince: Remember this: Consistency is key. Never quit. The music industry is full of people who want to succeed, it comes down to who really has what it takes how bad they want it. Often, the less talented out grind some of the most talented and that has been proven by the current state of consumer driven hip-hop music. If you’ve got talent- surround yourself with a great team and make moves!

24: What would you say is the hardest part of running your own indie label?

Vince: The challenge of starting from scratch. It’s easy to jump on a train that is already in motion but it’s a completely different process to get it into motion.

24: 10 years from now what would you like the music world to say that Valholla Entertainment brought to the music industry?

Vince: I don’t want to necessarily rewrite history but there is no denying I feel as if Valholla Entertainment has the potential to be ranked with the greats in their glory days. Names like Def Jam, Roc-a-Fella, and Bad Boy when they were launching and developing- that is where all roads lead!

24: What’s the best way for the readers to keep up to date with Valholla Entertainment and everything your doing?

Vince: Twitter! Follow the label at @Valholla and keep up with us on the web via www.valholla.com and www.valhollaisthefuture.com. I keep a personal blog at www.vinniechase.com and my Twitter page is @vincevalholla. All of Valholla’s artists are available via Twitter: @PhatzMcfly, @Ramzmatic and @KirbyMaurier. Keep in touch and we will definitely hit you back.

24: Any finals words for the readers?

Vince: Honestly, I just want to let people know that if they really want to make their dreams come true “Make It Your Focus“. I personally have no Plan B, I have plenty of business ventures that I could have pursued but my love of music reinforced the fact I can succeed. There is no maybe. It’s all or nothing. On a personal note, I want to shout out my team and everyone with a dream! I also want to shout out all the DJ’s who break our records, the blogs that are so detrimental to our existence, and the websites that show Valholla love!