For those who don’t know of you please tell the readers about yourself.

My name is Wilo.. It’s an acronym for While I Live On.  I’ve been at this for over like 12 years.. I’m the president and co founder of Blind Side Inc. I been slaying sucker Mc’s for 12 years..Some say I’m gangster, some say I’m spiritual.. Some say I’m political… I’m all that.. I’m street.. Political… spiritual and gangster .. I wouldn’t categorize myself in one way.

 I lost 5 I rap for them..I rap for my hood Richmond Heights, I rap for my homies on lockdown, and the youth that need the guidance..I feel that you should say something if you have a voice and a vehicle to do so..

Did you always know you wanted to be a rap artist?

When I was in elementary school my brother gave me this record by Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five and when I heard that sh*t that’s when I knew I wanted to be a part of hip hop… When I heard the song “the message” I fell in love with hip hop. From then on I use to rap around my neighborhood and as time went on… I was into football as well and that’s when I got hurt… playing ball.. That’s what really made me get into rap more.  I was always violating other little dudes in the streets.. in the other neighborhoods.. From then on I noticed I really wanted to rap even more. My homeboy told me I had talent and I had to pursue this to the fullest.

Tell me about your style/ Who did you group listening to? Who did you admire the most?

I’m just me at the end of day .. I was influenced by Scareface, Ice Cube, EPMD, Geto Boyz, DMX and a lot of old school rap like NWA..I plan to take over I’m my own enterprise I’m the next big thing.. the plan is to take over!

In ten yrs I see BLINDSIDE INC. as one of the biggest labels in the game..tryin to put the music back in the control of the Artist- artist on Blindside-WILO, Hoeknapper, Young Action, Killa Klown to name a few..In the next ten years..  I see myself taking over hip hop honestly being a real big part of hip hop…

How many mix tapes do you have out right now?

 I got a mixtape coming out soon! Its called “Built To Last” this will be my third mixtape’s part of a five volume series … this is my 3rd one in the last four months so you know I’m on my Grind! DJ Epps will be hosting this next one..My album will be coming later on this year in November/December entitled “The Enterprise”.

How do you feel about the artists today?

To be real I think a lot of artists are wack… because they rap with no substance no content.. I feel if you got the mic and u have control over saying something then you should go ahead and do that.. say something.. and forget about this all bubba gump sh*t. And I feel I rap with I said some people say I’m spiritual, some say I’m political, some say gangsta,. I say all of the above. …in short can’t keep my style in a “category box”.

Im feeling Big Boi.. Sir Luscious Leftfoot, Snoop Dogg, Big Boi, Ludacris… im definitely feeling the south in I like where brothers are going I’m feeling the whole south movement. There aren’t too many out there that I am feeling honestly.

There’s a lot of competition today. Everyone wants to be a rapper. What set’s you apart?

What sets me apart is that I believe I rap about more things. I like to touch on a variety of different topics.. im not caught up.. not just about drugs or the streets.. I rap about everything.. from heaven to hell and everything in between from the sky to the ocean and everything in between…

What label are you feeling?

I wouldn’t mind f*ckin with E Class .. Poe Boy.. Def Jam would definitely be a dream of mine.. Universal… Rap-a-Lot, Grand Hustle….

I would like to worth with Scarface…im feeling Brisco .. I would like to with a lot of artists… Snoop, Scarface, Outlawz, andFat Joe

How do you feel about the female rap game?

The female artist definitely are on the grind.. they bout their business they still don’t have the voice they deserve.. but because it’s a male dominated game its always gonna be like that..

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?/ How can we find your music?

I see myself as the one of the top not only rappers and apart of the black entrepreneurs as well as a conglomerate… I see myself on a cash money type level.. like Death Row meets Def Jam that’s how my label is gonna be..You can find my music on the streets with DJ’s.. check me on facebook..and get ready! Shots out to my hood..Richmond Heights in this mofo; Shots Out to Deep Down South..South Dade County ..Richmond Heights, Perrine, Goulds, Florida City Stand Up! 

BLINDSIDE INC..YOU BET NOT BLINK…we coming for the industry..everybody is a target..

Contact info-

3 MIXTAPES IN 4 MONTHS with 2 more coming soon.. Title: Built to Last Vol I THRU 5