24: Please tell 24hourhiphop readers where you’re from
and a little about your background:

I’m Wolfmane aka Dirty Jakk
born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. My nationality is Mexican. I have one baby girl
she 10 months old.  I’ve been rapping
since I was 11 but I started really when I was in prison. I went to prison in
2004 for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. It was a first offense and I
got reduced time. I spent two years in prison. While I was in prison I decided
to take it professionally. I’d rather use my talent that god gave me instead of
throwing it away.


24: How did you get your start?

 I got out of prison and I met up with a homeboy
that I went to school with. He had all the equipment at the house. We kept
making music. The game just started getting better and better. A lot of stuff I
wrote, I wrote in prison and that’s what you’re hearing now.


24: How would you compare your music to other artists?

I love music. I have been listening
to it ever since I was young. I like a lot of southern music that’s what I grew
up to. I grew up listening to Ghetto Boys, 8 Ball MJG, 2 Live Crew, Goodie Mob,
Spice 1 and Nas.


24: What projects do you have lined up?

I got five mix tapes lined
up right now that are already done. I’m just looking for a host. The first one
is called AZ Made, AZ raised tha AZ way!, the 2nd  Pandillero Musik and the 3rd Trill Estate.
I’m working on another mixtape right now called From the dirt to the purp.

What artist do you think
is hot right now? D.O.B and Gucci Man


24: How do you feel about the women rap artists right

I really like them. They
are doing a little better than the men. Nicki [Minaj] is real lyrical right


24: Where do you see yourself in the future? In the
next ten years?

 I see myself owning a record company or a NBA
franchise. Arizona needs a little more exposure. We need something here.
Tucson, AZ  was actually a city before
the US became the US. Miami was actually the first then it was us. We need some
shine down here. I’m trying to do that.


24: Tell the fans how/where we they can find your

They can find it in the
streets in Tuscon, AZ. Or look me up on Wolfmane Dirty Jakk on Myspace.


24: Any other words for the readers?

I’m just trying to get out
there and get my family fed and do something better. I am not feeling the
immigration status over here in Arizona. I want to tell City from Culture Shock
thanks for hooking me up with 24hourhiphop.com.