24: Tell us your name, where you are from and what area do you represent?

Ya Boi Chad:  My name is Ya Boi Chad fresh out of dade county Goulds is where im from Goulds is where i rep.

24: How did you come up with your name?

Ya Boi Chad: Basically I couldnt find nothing catchy that would catch the ears of a whole bunch of people. So I just use my government and put a Ya Boi in front of it. I ain’t use Young Chad or Killa Chad. I just kept it authentic.

24: How long have you been pursuing a career in the music industry?

Ya Boi Chad: All my life I been in the music, but it’s been 2 years since I been taking it serious trying to make some money from it. One of my peers told me I sound cool doing it. Why not get paid from it?

24: What were you into before pursuing a career in music?

Ya Boi Chad: I was in the airforce for a lil over year. It didnt work out. I didn’t like it, I hated it. I got out here and I got into a lil real estate with my cousin and pushing that chance til music popped off.

24: As an artist how would you describe your sound and why?

Ya Boi Chad: I describe my sound as branded. Most of the time try to stay away from the average thing that rappers do as far as beats and the kinda thing they rap about. I try to make mine a branded sound, so that way when somebody try to rap like or get on the beat like me they’ll say that sound like a Ya Boi Chad beat or Ya Boi Chad type of verse. I’m trying to have a branded sound as mush as possible.

What label are you signed to?


Who in your future would you want to collaborate with and why?

Ya Boi Chad:
My dream collabo would be with Donald Trump. I’ll have Donald Trump just commentating thru my hooks and intro and outro. While I’m spitting something going hard thru the verses. Because moguls and tycoons and personel like that, they’re not put on a lot of music so thats a real original thing to do.

24: What are you working on now, and when can we expect to hear more of you?

Ya Boi Chad: I’m working on this album to put together for deal purposes. Also I’m working on a mixtape, its called Tropical Depressions Category 5. look out for it that.

24: What do you think about the hip hop game today?

Ya Boi Chad: I think artist are at there most fun. A lot of people are not focused on siting down tryna be focused on lyrics and metaphors and similies, everybody is trying to have fun which is a good thing. On the contrary with that I think alot of people are too image struck, they a lil bit afraid to be themselves in front of the camera. If you a gangsta be a gangsta and if you know you not a gangsta dont be trying to pursue some type of facade that you know you dont fit. A lot of that been going on in the hip hop industry more the I ever seen since i been attracted to hip hop.

24: What will you do with your first royalty check?

Ya Boi Chad: Wow. Well I definetely do believe in the man upstairs you gotta give him his portion, I’m a pay my ties then take the rest and invest.

When you get to national artist status, what car will you first purchase?

Ya Boi Chad: I got my car already. I’ll probably get three more. But I would purchase a 1998 Cadillac Deville. Thats is my dream car, it aint real expensive it ain’t like Rolls Royce Phantom. But that would be it. I got a Caddilac fetish.

Who would you say is your celebrity crush and why?

Ya Boi Chad: My celebrity crush is Aaliyah. R.I.P


How can fans and future business heads contact you in the future?

Ya Boi Chad:
  They can contact me through Bucketheadentertainment.com or my myspace which is Myspace.com/Yaboichad or Myspace.com/Bucketheadent

24: You got Any Shout outs

Ya Boi Chad: Big ups to Bucket Head Entertainment and all staff, big ups to 100 Band Enertainment and all staff, big ups to myself. Big ups to my homeboy Db, my dog thats been with me before I had any type of cheese in my pocket and still been trying to be my homeboy today whether im a give em any type of money or not. big up to all them cats. Big ups to my artist big ups to 24hourhiphop.com big ups to Dade County and Goulds.