24-First and foremost please introduce yourselves to our readers online and around the world.

YB-What’s good this your boy Quata, what it do this your boy K-Gutta, ya’ll already know who this is its ya boy Yae’ez and this is Kilo We are YB. 

 24-Tell me a bit about how you guys came together to create the rap group known as YB.
(Quata) We all grew up together, we are all from the same neighborhood, growing up we all shared the similar struggles and had the same dreams. It all came together one day, After being heard by a close friend we got the oppurtunity to begin recording, it all began in the back of a tattoo shop lol a couple years later the rest was history. 

24-How has Miami’s culture influenced you in your rap careers.

(Quata) Where should i start. Miami’s culture has influenced our rap career’s in a major way. From seeing local hustlers grind every day, to single mothers raising four and five kids alone, to seeing only a select few of people actually make it out the hood. Miami’s a diverse community. There’s so much too see, which gives us a lot to talk about within our music.

24-How would you describe your style and can you touch on some of the topics you guys touch on in your music.

(K-Gutta) Our style of music is most definitely hip hop with a slight touch of everything else. We can do the songs for the ladies, the streets, clubs, hustlers, we can make music for the young teenagers, etc.

(Quata) Some of the topics we touch on in our music is for one reality, the up’s & down’s we all go through, past & present situations, futures goals & dreams. We express ourselves through our music, rather its something we’ve seen or heard, our music covers a variety of topics.

24-Your debut mixtape  is set to be released early 2011 tell me a bit about the project and what your future fans can expect from this project.

(Yae’ez) They can expect realness, loyalty, class, real mc’s, lyrics and most of all fun.. Something you can bounce to, shake your head too, some mainstream tracks, radio play tracks,a very diverse playlist.
24-In your opinion what separates you from other upincoming groups right now.

YB-What separates us from other groups right now is that we’re for the people. We do it for the people, we make music the people can feel and relate too. Other groups tend to follow trends, do what’s hot, put too much on it, we just do us. 

24-Describe to me what a studio session with YB might be like. Is there any particular format you guys take when it comes to recording music is there a leader someone who writes the hooks primarily or likes to take lead verse on songs.

(Kilo) A studio session with us is just straight vibing! Getting into a comfort zone, go hard or go home. (Group) We don’t have a particular format because we’re always trying new things in the studio. On songs we go with whoever comes up with the best hook or ideas for a song. The person who takes lead is usually the person who came up with the hook. That way the entire group can feed off his energy, allow him to set tempo and atmosphere for the song.
24-What goals do you plan to achieve in the near future.

YB-Goals we plan on achieving in the near future is to keep putting out good music, land a record deal, open up the doors of opportunity. We also like to be considered as one of the best groups to ever do it, build a music empire, open businesses and give back to communities. Bless other’s the same way we were blessed.

24-Who are some of the artist you have been inspired by coming up in your careers past or present

YB-Everybody from 2pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, 8ball & Mjg, NWA, Common, Bone Thugs, Young Jeezy, T.I, No Limit, Cash Money, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Young Dro, Ludacris, Trick Daddy, JT Money, Uncle Al, DipSet, State Property, etc.  

24-Before we conclude this interview where could people get in contact with you for booking, hear new music and stay in touch with everything YB!!!

YB-Before we conclude thank you for this interview, we appreciate it, thank you to all the readers, fans and future fans. to booking us you can contact E-Fresh (786)469-9883; or hit up the email @ Yungboi47@gmail.com

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