Written by Zenn | Transcribed by Serge

24: Introduce yourself to everyone who doesn’t already know you are.

YellaBoi: Well it’s YellaBoi from Wreckordz Entertainment out of Delray Beach, Florida man. Born and raised, 22 years old. Yeah, I’ve been spitting for about 2 ½ to 3 years now, going hard at it. I’m a Delray business man, West Palm Beach.

24: Can you describe your beginnings and what inspired you to go into the music?

YellaBoi: Honestly, I find it as a good way of expressing myself. One thing I’m about is understanding. I love it when people could relate to me in a lot of other ways, but I just started doing this, I’m just seeing myself going, and I’m trying to go ahead and get better with it.

24: So as the years passed since you were a youth to where you are now, would you say that the Hip-Hop scene has changed, or has it stayed the same?

YellaBoi: I look at it like, ‘go out there and do what it do’ to me. It’s a bunch of different views in this world and people have their own kind of fan bases everywhere for pop to rock and everything. I listen to all types of music. I love music, you know? So it’s like sometimes people may not be feeling something man, but I’m pretty sure they got their own fan base for it, and somebody that’s really listening to them. That’s what it’s about to me, connecting in this game. It hasn’t changed much to me, but it’s always gonna do what it does, like evolve in its own way.

24: So as a child growing up, who did you like to listen to and who were your role models?

YellaBoi: Yeah, my daddy had me on Tupac real hard man. He had me on Tupac real hard. I look to a person and what they’re speaking, and he taught me way back in the day. I always liked all types of music, but apart from that Tupac every day man.

24: So let’s get into your music. Can you tell us about the mixtape you’re working on and what you’re planning to incorporate into it?

YellaBoi: The mixtape that’s getting ready to drop right now, I got it under my nick name right, which is really just something that I go by. I got it under Pimp Willy, and the term pimp I break it down as ‘Paper in my Pocket’ letter by letter. I don’t put any discrimination towards females at all, but you already know I love women. You know with the music end though, I’m putting my style on. What I’m going through day by day, I’m one of these types of dudes that day by day you gotta on and feed your kids. I got two beautiful daughters that I got live for, so every day is serious.

24: So what producers did you work with on that mixtape that you can talk about?

YellaBoi: You know what, actually man, I have my own team that I started running with since I started rapping. We finally got licensed and incorporated, and we got our little record label. You know we’ve been growing with it, I got my CEO and manager, they structured everything for me, and I do what I have to do from an artist standpoint.

24: So let’s say you get to a level where you want to be, what producers would you like to work with in the future?

YellaBoi: Oh man, I’d love to work with all types. Let me see, what main producers would I really, really like to work with? If I had a chance, I’d say Zaytoven. I always dug his music, and I thought he was a really cool dude. I went to Core DJs one time in Miami and I met him, and that dude’s real cool man.

24: Anyone else?

YellaBoi: I’m open. I’ll work with anyone and show them what I can do from an artists’ standpoint.

24: What about features? Who would you like to work with when it comes to music?

YellaBoi: There’s one thing I can’t lie about, I got a dream that I’d be able to do a track with I-20. That’s one person I listen to from day to day. That’s one person definitely. If I get big enough, I’ll work with a bunch of artists. And Brisco, that’s one dude that I’ve been on for a long time, that’s one person that caught my ear, and got me into the rap game. He did a mixtape, I can’t really remember the name, but I used to play that in my first little car, man. I used to play that every day.

24: Can you describe your music, like what type of rap would you say you do? Political rap, conscious rap, hood rap, inspirational rap?

YellaBoi: I’d say conscious hood rap, cuz I’m a dude from the hood and I ain’t gonna ever deny that, but I always been about my wicks man. What I’m trying to get, I come real with I got to say, and I give the hood a conscious rap.

24: So how do you feel about today’s download age? Do you think it helps or hurts the artist?

YellaBoi: I feel it could structure it in a way that they can get your name out like that, but as far as downloading things, I’m not a big fan of that. I believe in going to buy the album at the store you know. I believe in that, but I look at it, everybody gonna a piece of your music though, so it really can’t hurt.

24: So outside of your music what else are you currently working on? Any other projects?

YellaBoi: Nothing major, we had a couple other things going on, like we started a bench. Other than that though, just making music. We’re just trying to get popular, we have a lot flowing into the music, as far as individually going drives and one movement.

24: Where do you see yourself going through the rest of 2011 into 2012, and how do you plan on incorporating yourself with the other artists out there to get the recognition that you feel you deserve?

YellaBoi: I just have to talk to my people and networking is the key right now. Right now, we’re trying to fire on all cylinders at once, keep everything moving as far as our self-projects and the necessary steps for networking. If we want to do that, we gonna have to do that, we have to get people to hear our music, holler at other artists. We just have to take a few steps to will get to that one.

24: So before we close out, is there a single that you’re about to push that’s about to hit the radio that the fans should know about?

YellaBoi: Yeah, there’s single off my mixtape called ‘Straight Like That’. We performed one time before in Orlando, and we got some very nice feedback. That’s one single that we’re gonna need to push off the mixtape.

24: And what’s the name of the mixtape again?

YelloBoi: The mixtape is ‘PimpWilly’. Paper in my Pocket.

24: So how do the fans go about contacting you?

YelloBoi: You can look me on twitter.com/IamWEyellaboi. And you could look up most of my boys at Wreckcordz Entertainment. As far as anything youtube wise, Wreckordz Entertainment. If you contact me on twitter, I’ll give you the direct link to the mixtape.

24: Thank you for your exclusive interview with 24HourHipHop.com. Do you have any last words for your present and future fans?

YellaBoi: All I gotta say man, is thank ya’ll. I appreciate it very much, and our fans get ready, cuz it’s time to put in work, and we gonna give ya’ll results that come with hard work. So we’ll give them what they’re looking for.

24: Shout outs?

YellaBoi: Yeah, especially to that boy CityBoy, that boy did his thing with my name, and we gonna get him that jersey signed and everything. Shout out to that boy Young Luck out of Dade. He’s with us under Wreckcordz, he ain’t directly under us, but he get down with us a little bit when he come out of Dade. That’s one shout out I need to get out there.

Download the Mixtape:

I AM WE mixtape hosted by DJ Red Child