24: Introduce yourself to everyone that doesn’t
already know who you are.


Hey world! It’s ya boy
Young Trap. I was born in Greensboro, NC and now I reside in Tallahassee, FL. I
moved to FL to get myself established. I’m a rapper and a songwriter I do pop
music. I’m also a harmonizer!! Yea did you get that!! Not singer! Harmonizer! lol that’s right
people!! I write fire hooks too!! TRAPPA!!!


24: What was the inspiration behind the name “Young


 Let’s see here!! Well
the name “Trap” came from the word
struggle. When I was back home, it was very hard to come up. I was always
searching and finding new ways to come up. Doin’ music is hard when you have a
9 to 5 everyday and that was my own Trap so I’ve been through a lot of struggle
to get to where I’m at today!! I thank God my hard work is paying off!! lol


24: Before we get into your music, can you describe
your history about how you got into the industry and what inspired you?


A little history about how
I got into the industry…lets see ok it started when I was in high school just
freestyling with my cousins..I started getting better as the years went by. I
then started writing songs. Me and my sister would stay up all night writing
music and recording on a little karaoke machine (laughs) those were the days! I
got my break in 2008 when I came to Florida and met producer T-Berry (former slip-n-slide
producer) who produced tracks for Lil’ Flip, Rick Ross, Plies and a lot of
other major artists. He heard me rap and made me a fire beat wit Trick Daddy on
the hook, which is now buzzing crazy!! lol. Hunger for the game inspired me, my
family and the love for music! TRAPPA!!!


24: What was the Hip hop scene like growing up in your


The hip hop scene wasn’t
that good. It was pretty straight I guess. You know why tho? Because we had no
Jay-Z, no 2 Pac, no Andre 3000, no Lil’ Wayne! We had no big time rappers from
our city to really make it big. Our biggest joy was when Petey Pablo took off! Then
came along Fantasia! That gave all of us hope! North Carolina is so overlooked
when it comes to music! But the world is started to see that NC has a lot of
good talent. I’m proof as well lol TRAPPA!!!


24: What makes Young Trap unique as an artist and
different from other rappers?


Wow! I’ve been waiting on
this question! (laughs) What makes me a unique artist is that I rap, sing (no
harmonize), dance and the biggest attribute is that I do pop music! Now you
name an artist today that has all 5! Lol jk yea but, I really feel I’ma make a
huge impact on the game and I’m here to prove there are rappers today that don’t
sound the same, that have originality in their music! So shout out to musicians
who have originality! That’s what I’m bringing to the table! Straight up!!


24: As of right now, who in the industry would you say
you listen to on a regular and would probably like to work with in the near


I listen to mostly Lil’ Wayne,
Drake, T-pain, Rick Ross, and Flo Rida!!! I love pop music! Lol I didn’t just
say Flo Rida to earn Poe Boy cool points either people! Lol yea but, I would
love to work with T-Pain, Flo Rida, Lil’ Wayne Ne-Yo, Jay-Z or Young Jeezy. Dang,
let’s just say everybody that has platinum hits, I wanna work with! You know
who they are! lol ….TRAPPA!!!


24: What projects are you currently working on?


Currently I’m working on
my mixtape titled ”TRAPPA”! Now u
see why I say that so much!! lol I’m planning to drop it really soon. Maybe
mid-February. I’m also working on some hooks for a couple of heavy hitters in
the game!! I won’t say any names but you will definitely know!!! TRAPPA!!!!!


24: Are you happy with the feedback you’ve been
getting from the songs you’ve released so far? 


Yep I sure am! I’ve been
getting good feedback! I thank everyone for that too!! Keep supporting ya boy
TRAPPA!!!! lol 


24: What is the name of the single you currently have
out now?


I have two singles out
now! My breakout single which was ”Bowlegged” with Trick daddy and Strizzo
and the new single “Club Life” featuring Mcklezie from


24: You have a buzz slowly building now. How are you
going to keep it up 2010?


Oh yea my buzz is growing
very strong! I plan to keep it by building relationships with DJ’s, networking,
internet blasting and traveling to different areas, passing out CD’s, going to
different events!!! Pretty much GRIND EXTRA HARD!!  I will not let my buzz
die!!! I refuse!!! It’s only one way for me to go!! UP….TRAPPA!!!


24: How do you feel about the current state of music
in general?


The current state of music
is pretty good! I would say it lacks a little creativity and originality tho,
just a little lol relax people! But you know everybody wanna use auto-tune
now!! Not sayin’ there’s anything wrong wit it but everybody music is starting
to sound the same. We gotta step up together and keep hip hop versatile u feel
me. Come on somebody! Lol Music as a whole tho, I love it! We need more new
artist too! Hey labels you guys need to look hard for that new sound okay?! TRAPPA!!!


24: Do you feel like the magazine-type websites or
blogs are more valuable today to a new artist? 


Yea, they sure are! The
internet is the world! Everybody is on internet now! I think Souljaboy proved
this question to be really relevant, don’t you think? So yea it’s very
valuable. TRAPPA!!!


24: You’re also coming from Tallahassee. Have you had
a good experience building with other Tallahassee-bred artists? 

Yes I have relationships with
all the local artist here. I’m very outgoing so I try to link up with any hot
artist I meet! Especially if there in talla!! There’s a lot of talent here and
competition as well.


24: How would the fans go about contacting you?


Fans, labels, A&R’s,
etc. if you wanna contact me hit me up on Twitter: @Youngtrapmusik,
facebook-Youngtrapmusik@gmail.com, or myspace.com/youngtrapmusik  


24: Thank you for providing 24hourhiphop.com with this
interview, do you have any last words for your present and future fans?

Everybody please get ready
for Young Trap! I’m coming with different sounding music! Pop and hip hop, I do
it all!! I will not let you down!
Shout out to my whole GBE family. We next – Trigga
Slik, Bayb Kay, T-mann, Dred Head, Yum-E, Black Diamond, JIMI, DJ Magik, Big
Boy Swag and Jay aka Alaska!  We Up Homie!
And you should know what I’ma end this with!
TRAPPA!!!!!!! (Laughs) Peace and thanks for reading